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Mac Demarco, MGMT, Josh Dun (Twenty One Pilots), Melanie Martinez, Kevin Parker (Tame Impala), Lindsey Stirling, Brendon Urie (Panic! At The Disco), Ryan Ross (Panic! At The Disco), Dent May, Mark Pontius (Foster the People)


No, You Move

Just a reminder that sometimes you have to plant your feet and take a stand. 

You may now return to your regularly scheduled dashboard scrolling

In need of blogs.

hey guys,

I’m fairly new to tumblr and my dash is quite empty to say the least. I was wondering if you post things to do with theses ships/bands, you could like/reblog this post and ill check out your blog:




joshler (or any type of TOP blog)

motionless in white


thank you!

I love panic! But...

I hope Blink 182 wins the Grammy because they had a COMEBACK.
They lost Tom. A founding member. And came back stronger than ever.

While I love Death of a Bachelor… it was nothing special.

Now onto the petty reasonings:

I don’t want Brendon’s ego to grow anymore than it already has.

I want Tom to be salty as fuck that Blink got that award.