ryan maceachern


stop motion piece I created in class using pictures of a can.

An Obsessive-Compulsive’s Prayer Before Death

Here lies me, a victim of my own success. I was so good at my habits, I had my shit down to a T. I was lord mayor of compulsion, never did I slip..not once did I forget or re-do, it was instinctual, primitive. a running commentary that controlled my life. Always whispering away in the background. Germs weren’t  a big deal, I wasn’t constantly cleaning my hands, althoughstudying how a surgeon preps was a major part of this. Once you know the technique to  a sterile pair of hand its one you wont forget. Any germophobe will tell you the nail is the area that separates clean people from compulsives.. I was fairly untidy, I wasn’t arranging things in alphabetical order. In fact dishes were left for days. But I would usually sort these out with a sink of boiling water and a good overnight soaking in bleach. Highly effective for the removal of mold and dirt. Eliminating worry.

When crossing the road, there is a specific procedure and time limit. In my mind as I cross and a car is in the distance..as I hear it get closer..150 yards…100 yards..50 yards.. at around the seventy five yard mark..if my foot is not on the pavement..scraping the curb..then I don’t feel safe, I feel panicked, vulnerable. A drama plays out in my head im sat in court, in a wheel chair and neck brace…also holding crutches..which seems unnecessary now I think about it. The driver of the car at the 75 yard mark stood behind the glass on trial. “BUT” the prosecutor says “ the victim had his foot on the curb…you made an extreme effort to accelerate up to him.” The prosecutor rests his case..the jury nod and mutter in approval. I win my compensation and the driver goes down. So my fear is if my foot isn’t on that curb….i will get run over and be deemed a clumsy pedestrian, one who must get to the drain on the pavement before the car driving along side me else something bad will happen….one who must, MUST listen to the tv on even level volume..40 never 39, 18, never 17. One who must get up stairs before the advert playing in the front room changes. It’s a discipline, not a burden. Im motivated..i achieve 100 goals a day..i am the most successful and fulfilled person in history. 

so why do I lie here….well it seems boiling water and bleach create an almost home made chlorine gas, and in a small unventilated flat, eight years of exposure can cause fairly extensive damage to the respiratory system. But ….they were some clean fucking dishes. As I said, a victim of my own success.



Futura’s Greatest Moments in Popular Culture

I, along with two others, were given the task of creating a ten minute presentation on a font of our choice. This is a film I edited together highlighting futura’s varied use across media and film I created all the blue and white text and used Final Cut Pro 10 to edit it.