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My Thoughts on Creative Control in Movies

Hello guys!!!! 

It is I, yours truly!!!! 

Today I am going over a controversial topic when it comes to the movie industry, and that is … creative control.

When it comes to creative control, it is rare in Hollywood for a director to make a movie that HE or SHE wants to make. 

Because in the Hollywood movie industry today, it is always about franchises.

Sequels, reboots/remakes, and adaptations. That is what Hollywood is all about. 

And when it comes to film directors working in Hollywood, they rarely get control … ever!!!

Directors in the film industry want to make films because they love movies, and they want to display their unique styles for moviegoers to see!!! 

But yet again, directors have very little control of the movies they are suppose to make!!! So little control that the movie that they are “making” is far different from what he or she has envisioned it to be. 

Recently, it has been confirmed that filmmakers Phil Lord and Chris Miller, directors of “The Lego Movie” and “21 Jump Street” have been fired from the untitled Han Solo movie. 

And then Kathleen Kennedy, the head of Lucasfilm

immediately hired Academy Award winning director, Ron Howard.

To me, this is bullshit. 

It makes little to no sense.

According to many online sources from movie related websites, Phil and Chris have been making the movie for four months, with three weeks left in production! So Kathleen Kennedy and Lawrence Kasdan, the writer of the spinoff movie, had “creative differences” with the two directors. Then Kathleen made a statement about how her and the directors had creative differences for the spinoff.

So even though she hired them to make the movie and it has been four months into production … NOW SHE DECIDES TO FIRE THEM?!

Like, when a studio exec or producer hires a director or directors, that should mean that the directors make the movie! But if the exec does not like it, he or she fires the directors?! 

It’s just a very harsh truth in the movie industry today! 

If you, a producer, hire a director to make THEIR movie, then let them show their talent for the whole world to see!!! 

So instead of taking risks and letting independent filmmakers shine, you just take over!!! 

Some examples also include Ryan Reynolds, who stars as Deadpool and the producer of it, firing director Tim Miller over creative differences!

Also from the upcoming Flash movie, where Warner Brothers fired two directors, Seth Grahame Smith and Rick Famuyiwa over the same thing! 

An example of a successful franchise that gives control to directors is Marvel Studios!

I believe that Marvel is doing great because they are hiring not so well known directors making these big comic book movies and the directors showcase their styles! 

James Gunn of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1 and 2 showcases his love of music and science fiction while also developing outsiders and rejects in his films! 

Ryan Coogler, the director of “Fruitvale Station” and “Creed” is making the upcoming Black Panther movie!! He is known for directing character driven dramas focusing on black people! And I think he will showcase that in that upcoming movie!! 

And Joss Whedon, creator of “Firefly” and “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” directed the first two Avengers movie! He is known for showcasing strong female characters and also is known for his quirky dialogue and direction! 

But, if there is a director with too much control, the movie might be bad or mediocre at best! 

Michael Bay and George Lucas are notable examples!

Michael Bay with his Transformers movies, are exactly the same!!! (They are a guilty pleasure of mine, but I am talking about the general consensus of those movies!!!)

Michael Bay’s movies make a shit ton of money!!! So studios like Paramount give him complete control on the Transformers movies! 

And he was given so much control that no one stepped in to fix the problems that the movie has! 

And with George Lucas, back when he made the original Star Wars trilogy, he was given some control, but not complete control. 

But the 1977 Star Wars movie made a shit ton of money and in 1999, when doing the prequels, he had so much control! 

No one stepped in to tell Lucas that his decisions for the prequels make no sense!! 

So really, what is my final verdict?

I think that creative people should be given control, but have them surrounded by people that step in when things go wrong with the film! 

Creative people, whether musicians, artists, comic book writers, filmmakers, etc., should have control of THEIR project! But not too much control, there should be a person or two that will step in and fixes things when things go awry.

And cut! That is my take!

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