ryan lochete

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Holy crap…
Ryan lochete
Nathan adrian
Matt Grevers 
Jake Dalton 

yeah. i have to leave those tags right now. cuz i can’t. not anymore. i have to stop. 

just…. wait no… no- THEY need to stop. STAWWP~I SAID STAWWWWP


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whats wrong with me?

Okay seriously getting sick of these anons who are yelling at me and slut shaming me and calling me a fake swim fan because of my feelings toward ryan lochte.

okay first off

i am not a slut you really think I’M a slut then okay lol carry on with your stupidity


you’re seriously NOT going to blame me for saying that because have you seen the man i mean


I admire Ryan Lochte and think of him as an inspiration for any swimmer. He is a talented professional athlete that I love because of his talent and accomplishments.

You guys are talking to me like if I ever see him I’d jump on top of him and rip my clothes off um no hello i’m 13 and i have dignity unlike you idiotic people shaming me like i actually did sometjing worth being shamed for seriously grow up and stop taking things like this so seriously just