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  • Wade: What's your biggest fear?
  • Peter: Being forgotten.
  • Wade:
  • Wade: Fuck, that's deep. Mine is the Kool Aid Man, but I feel kinda stupid about it now


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“Uh… hi. This is the study group, right?”

Tia jerked around, startled, hopping out of her seat. Everyone else had already laid there books out and had ordered drinks, so they didn’t pay much attention to the late arrival.

“Yeah!” Tia told him. “You just made it! I’m sure we can squeeze you a space… uh…”

“Ryan,” the boy offered with a shy smile. “I’m Ryan.” He had a kind, unassuming face and a voice that Tia found pleasantly gentle; Ed, Tia’s cousin, called out a few moments later in recognition. Ryan offered her a quick smile before he picked his way through the group to join the others.


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If this doesn’t convince fans to get the new Celtic Thunder Live DVD, then…

Andrew Ryan always chooses Rapture

Andrew Ryan chose rapture over Bill Mcdonagh, his closet friend in the world. He chose rapture over Diane McClintock, his fiancé. He chose rapture over his mistress. He was willing to kill and murder family, friends, citizens and strangers in order to maintain the Rapture dream. He was willing to take away his citizen’s free will and employ monsters like Cohen, Stienman and Suchong in order to continue the rapture hallucination.
So why in the world did he choose Jack, a genetic freak who has never said a word and came to rapture to do nothing but destroy all the Ryan has built for Atlas, over rapture? After countless attempts to corner, destroy, murder, suffocate, and capture Jack, why would he suddenly abandon rapture?
Because Ryan is selfish. Because Jack is not Jack to Ryan, Jack is his legacy, his greatest disappointment, his one last tie to this world, his own flesh and blood, and the only person Ryan would choose over rapture, is himself.

It’s important to add, that Ryan’s father chose rapture. He chose it before it had a name, but Andre Ryanoffski watched his father choose Rapture over family. He watched his aunt and uncle be executed right by the train tracks. At least Andrew Ryan chose Jack over Rapture.

The Signs as Ryan Haywood quotes
  • Aries: Geoff, do you honestly think that’s dark enough for what you did to me…
  • Taurus: See, I was barely socially functional in college and I think I’ve lost what I had.
  • Gemini: Gavin, stop running away. I’m trying to look at your ass in those jeans.
  • Cancer: Remember guys, if you break an unstated rule, or break a rule that any member of the audience thinks should be in place, everybody is gonna bitch.
  • Leo: You know how white boys be all like at the disco?
  • Virgo: A fungus could get that achievement. Like a fucking mushroom could achieve that.
  • Libra: Ugh... Man, what was in that Diet Coke? That's the last time I drink one of those... Today... Wait... Where am I? No, no, no... I'M IN AN EDGAR HOLE!!!
  • Scorpio: No, no, you don't understand. Edgar is in the hole for your protection.
  • Sagittarius: Look, you don't understand. Edgar is the one in the hole.
  • Capricorn: I'm still in the air!
  • Aquarius: I'm on a murder break.
  • Pisces: Is the Brown Sheep a male or a female? 'Cause I can marry into this monarchy right now.