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how pete managed to keep a straight face all the way through A Weekend At Pete Rose’s i will never know

I’m a Fan Now- Ryan Strome

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(Why does he look so good and his brother looks dead??)

Omg I had so much fun with this request so anon, I really hope you like this one (and that you’re still reading XD)! Enjoy guys!

Warning: I think a few curse words

Anon Request: Ahhhh I love your blog so much!!! Could you do an imagine where the reader is a giant rangers fan but becomes friends with an ny islander (Ryan strome maybe?) during the off season and doesn’t realize what he does/ who he plays for until the season starts? I love your writing so much that I get phone alerts when you post stuff and read it immediately 😉😉


              “Ryan” you laughed as he cannonballed into the pool, splashing you. “You jerk!”

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Ryan the Pillow Guy

A/N: I used to write fanfiction a lot, then I stopped for a while. I’m hoping to get back in it again with the RT/Funhaus stuff.
Pairing: Ryan x reader Word Count: 559
Warning(s): fluff
Summary: The whole idea was how Ryan was cuddling that fish the entire episode, so I naturally thought about there being a person there instead

“God, (Y/N), stop kicking me!” exclaimed Jack.

You were currently sitting on the new couch in the achievement hunter office, as Ryan, Jack, Gavin, and Geoff were getting ready for the new unnamed comment show.

Your dilemma was your inability to sit comfortably between Ryan and Jack. At the moment you were trying to lean against Ryan and tuck your feet in next to Jack.

“But, Jaaaaack,” you wined “I’m tired!”
“It’s 2 o'clock in the afternoon, how the hell are you tired?” said an uncomfortable Jack, shifting around to avoid your sock covered feet.

You shot him a half-assed frown. “The representative from Bungee was away on business and forgot to mention it to me,”

You stopped to let out a big yawn. “So I was woken up at 3 am by an angry man on the phone and had to discuss RTX business things for and hour and a half.”

“What did he need to talk about?”

You scrunched up your face. “Business, business, business. Finances and booking flights and all that jazz that goes along with traveling and events.”

You could feel Ryan’s chuckle as you still leaned against the man. You scooted back father and lean more against Ryan. The man was practically a pillow at this point, and you took full advantage of it.

You couldn’t help but yawn again. Looking around Geoff was still compiling papers and Gavin still had headphones on, trying to finish one last clip.

You flung your head back on Ryan’s shoulder and let out a moan. “Why can’t I just start work at noon every day? Let me sleep in once in a while.”

You were about to get up in search of the bean bags used for the patch. Those would be comfortable to nap on during your lunch break.

But before you could get up, you felt hands from behind you reach under your arms and pick you up.

You turned pink as Ryan placed you on his lap, arms around your waist, head atop yours.

“Is that any better?” He asked.

Pushing away the blush, you nodded. Much better, thank you.“ You turned in his lap onto your side, you head nuzzling into hid should and neck.

“Ryan, please don’t fuck (Y/N) on our brand new couch” called Geoff, waking over, ready to start filming.

You couldn’t see Ryan’s reaction, but you yourself felt a little pink. “You know what?” You asked, sitting up in Ryan lap.

“I’m not that popular with the fans and probably should just go before you all need to start filming and I just get in the way…”

You made to get up, but two arms around your waist pulled you back down.

“Nonsense. The viewers love you and just haven’t seen you a lot. And as long as you’re not ridiculously annoying, there’s no reason you can’t stay.” The response from Ryan left you smiling.

“I mean, heck, we let Gavin work in this office.”

You hid a smile in the small bit of scruff he had on his neck and settled in for a nap.

Thought out the entire video, Ryan would squeeze you and wrap his legs around yours, or nuzzle his head into you.

No one commented on it, but you were plenty aware of his arms and chest against yours.

Needless to say, you got no sleep during that video.

Not that you really minded.

After the video was done, your lunch break was almost over and Ryan had his own work to do. After untangling yourselves and finally standing up, you turned to him.

“Thanks, Ryan.”

“Believe me, it was my pleasure.”

You sent him a grin. “Hopefully this won’t just be a one time thing? I wouldn’t mind a round two.” With a quick smirk, you turned and walked out of the room.

You turned around to glance at Ryan, and saw his face was slightly flushed and pink.

“See you later, Ryan.”

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I love the Maximum Ride AU! What are the crews wings like? Does Ryan know what his were?

Geoff: Geoff’s wings are made up of thick, dark feathers, almost waxy in texture, his splice derived from the DNA of a Cormorant; a coastal seabird. Gavin sometimes likes to tease him that in some places, Cormorants are called “Shags”.

Jack: Jack is spliced with a Harris’s hawk, his wings large and long, chestnut red and dark brown with cream, striped undersides. Harris’s hawks are one of the few large birds of prey known to hunt cooperatively; something Jack is always quick to point out when others in the crew get too territorial.

Michael: While not the largest, Michael’s wings are built for speed and manoeuvrability; he’s almost impossible to catch in full-flight. Spliced with a Peregrine falcon; they are a smoky grey-brown and the undersides are white and barred with thin, clean bands of brown.

Gavin: It’s hard to mistake the distinct mottling in Gavin’s large and deadly-silent caramel-coloured wings as anything other than that of a barn owl. He thinks it’s funny he should be spliced with a bird so often associated with wisdom, but it’s actually more fitting than the crew often give him credit for.

Jeremy: Non-winged. He wasn’t part of whatever fucked-up experiment the others had been involved in. He was picked up as …he often thought of it like an afterthought, but he is much more to them than that. He can blend and infiltrate and he keeps up with them despite not sharing their abilities. Besides, it’s probably for the best; he’s deathly afraid of heights.

Ryan: He remembers them vividly; an impressive wingspan, maybe not quite as large and elegant as Jack’s or Gavin’s, but his wings were strong and reliable. They were satiny black with stunning shimmers of blue or purple tint in the right light. The raven is a fitting splice for him, the intelligence, loyalty and cunning as well as for the more sinister symbolic omens attached. 

Ryan misses his wings every day.

There is so much going on
-what is that caption, LOL in the face of adversity, LOL? Really? You’re gonna go with LOL? Alright then
-Jon appears normal, but his eyes look like he’s got a dirty idea for what he’d do with Spencer’s mouth
-brenDON IS FUCKING LOOKING RIGHT AT THE CAMERA. THIS IS A CANDID SHOT WHERE HES STARING RIGHT AT THE CAMERA. That’s nOt hoW it woRKS. Plus he looks like he’s dying inside and just wants to blast himself into the sun
-and Spencer just looks adorable af. As always. Look at that sunshine.

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I'm lazy but I think you're a rad mofo! And while I disagree with you on some big things, I still respect you and enjoy whenever i get a notif that you post. :)

Thank you buddy! And honestly same. I don’t follow people that I agree with 100%, it’s not good for critical thinking - there should be some healthy disagreement.

He is drowning

Ryan wakes up face down in an alleyway, the smell of piss embedded deep in his nose and making him nauseous. He has a vague recollection of how he ended up here; too many guys swarming him, a few lucky shots he should have seen coming. He doesn’t remember who hit him last, doesn’t even know what they had hit him with, but whoever they were they had made the mistake of keeping him alive.

Slowly, he pushes himself to his knees, fighting the wave of vertigo that sweeps over him, resting his hands on his thighs. He breaths deeply, curling his hands into fists, hanging his head, resting his chin against his chest.

He’s trying to convince himself to get up when he hears a familiar yelp. Ryan’s head snaps up, tiny black dots darting across his vision, his head giving a nasty throb of pain, but he ignores it all when he hears the yelp again.

He staggers to his feet, stumbling towards the edge of the alleyway, fumbling for the gun he keeps hidden in the inside of his jacket. His fingers brush the metal just as he turns the corner, watching as two guys struggle to keep hold of Gavin, one bleeding freely from a bullet wound to the leg. Two more men lay prone on the ground, and Ryan can’t help feeling a little impressed. Gavin may not come across as dangerous, but the entire crew learned early on not to underestimate him.

Gavin yelps again when one of the guys grabs his hair and Ryan fires at him, his body crumpling to the ground. The other one turns, snarling in Ryan’s direction, and pulls Gavin in front of him, holding his gun to the side of his head.


“Congratulations, you know who I am.”

“Don’t chat with the asshole!” Gavin screeches, yelping again when the guy tightens his hold on him.

“Here’s what’s gonna happen,” the guy starts, taking a step back. “You’re gonna lower your gun, or me and you are gonna see what his brain looks like on the pavement.”

“It’s actually you and me,” Ryan corrects and the guy gives him a confused look. “Grammatically, it’d be you and me.”

“It doesn’t matter…”

“It does matter. Proper grammar is important.”

Gavin snorts, shaking his head. “So says the word flubber.”

“Fuck you, you don’t even say words correctly half the time. What is a mincey prick? What does that even mean?”

“Why don’t you go play another game of jingle.”

“You know what-” Ryan lowers his gun a couple of inches, “-keep this up and I won’t rescue you.”

“That’s fine. I don’t need rescuing. I’ve got it handled.”

“Do you?”

Gavin quirks an eyebrow, amusement flickering in his eyes, and rears back, slamming the back of his head into the guy’s face, crying out in pain. The guy screams, releasing Gavin, and Ryan takes the shot, killing the guy instantly.

“Mother…” Gavin trails off into incoherent muttering, rubbing the back of his head, crossing the few steps separating him and Ryan. “Last time I do that.”

“Yeah, I’m sure…”

“Look out!” Gavin shoves Ryan to the side, knocking him into a parked car, and Ryan’s vision grays out as he falls to the ground.

He loses time, he’s not sure how much exactly, but he comes to when he feels hands grabbing his arm. He struggles against the hold until he hears Gavin say, “Calm down, it’s me. Police’re on their way. C’mon.”

Ryan can hear sirens getting closer, knows he won’t be much use if it came down between them and Los Santos’ finest, so he allows Gavin to help him up, leaning on him a little as the two quickly move towards the alleyway, stepping over the body of the guy Gavin had killed in order to save Ryan.

“I totally saved you,” Gavin says grinning.

“I didn’t need rescuing,” Ryan retorts, repeating almost the exact words Gavin had used not even ten minutes earlier, ignoring Gavin’s loud snort. “I had it handled.”

“Uh-huh, sure.”

“I did.”

They fall silent for a long time, more preoccupied with getting away from the cops, but Gavin breaks the quiet when he starts snickering. “Proper grammar is important.”

“It is!” When Gavin keeps laughing, Ryan mutters, “I’m never rescuing you again.”

the stages of listening to hallelujah

1. Hearing it for the first time.

congratulations, you have seen the light. it’s ok if u cried.

2. Listening to it over and over.

fuck, now you can’t stop listening to it, can you?

3. Concern at how many times you’ve listened to it consecutively.

oh god, this is getting unhealthy…

4. Fuck it. 

¯\ (ツ) /¯