ryan kidd


Tony Kozina Vs. Ryan Kidd
Magnum Pro - July 28th, 2012

Have you ever seen a match that was just so intense that it made you feel dirty? Like not so brutal, or so violent, or so wild, but just so intense that you just sat back, furrowed your brow, and said “Man… That sucked.”

This is one of those matches. The story here is that 16 year old Ryan Kidd was slated to take on the challenge of Tony Kozina in Magnum Pro’s So Cal Young Boy Trial Series. Why this match is slated as a “So Cal” series is beyond me, considering it took place in Iowa. Anyway, apparently, prior to the day of the show, Ryan Kidd had been talking trash online about Kozina, leading to this beatdown. One of the worst things about this match is the consecutive piledrivers delivered by Kozina, who looked like he was legitimately attempting to injure Ryan Kidd and end his career before it began.

Seriously, I know the name of the promotion is Magnum Pro, but just because the name is Magnum doesn’t mean you have to be a dick to get into it.

Brutal joke. I know.