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I love You Back

Author’s note: FAHC imagine where reader is Ryan’s wife and bakes him cookies to take to work, she knows what he does and she’s alright with it. Geoff and the rest of the crew are always curious how Ryan always has some form of goody with him until maybe one of the lads see them exchanging things and they think you’re a drug dealer or something..

Pairing: Fahc Ryan Haywood x female reader

Warning: smut, the f-word (it’s Michael), the s-word, fluff, masterbation, implied rough sex..


“When are you going to share what I bake with the rest of the crew? I make enough for a small army.” You said, a small smile on your face as you handed your husband Ryan a goodie bag filled with treats you just baked. “Maybe I don’t want to share you at all. Maybe I’ll just keep you for myself.” Ryan said with a smile before hugging you around the waist and kissing along your neck. You blushed profusely, “Ryan. Please, don’t let me make you late for work. Besides they’re always asking about me.” “They don’t know about you.” Ryan said into your neck, his words tickling you and making you giggle. “Yeah well something makes you happy and it’s not just my baking. They’re gonna find out about me eventually Ry.” You said, though you wore a smile. “Nah, you’ll be my secret forever.” He said, before kissing you on the neck again.

When Ryan got home he came into the house slowly. You could tell just from hearing how he was walking, slowly, but heavily, that he’d had a rough day. You immediately got up from bed where’d you’d been reading and went into the bathroom to start a hot bath. You slipped into your robe and nothing else, heading into the living room to find Ryan sitting on the couch, his head slung back against the couch cushions. You appeared next to him, “Come on Ry.” You said and he opened one eye to a slit to try and see you. You beckoned him with a finger and he grunted, getting up and following you into the bedroom. You took his shirt off him, splaying your hands across his chest you massaged lightly as you went down, before removing the rest of his clothes.

Once he was bare you lead him slowly into the bathroom, hands in his and once in front of the tub you slipped off your robe. Nothing was said as you got in and let the hot water envelope you like a silk cocoon. You turned in the water, and Ryan woke up enough to follow you. Once you were both in you swam around Ryan so you were behind him and brought up a canister to get his hair wet. You washed his hair for him, massaging his scalp in the process and he grunted when you pinch his bottom. “Too tired and sore.” He muttered and you smiled knowingly. “Couldn’t resist a tease Ry. You do have a nice butt.” As you massaged body wash into his back you could feel his chuckle. You finished washing him and got out.

You pulled him into the bedroom and now that he was clean and relaxed you had a plan to make him even more so. “Lay on the bed Ry, on your chest.” You said simply before you walked back in the bathroom. As tired as Ryan was he did what you asked. When you came back your robe was back on and you held a bottle of oil in your hands. You climbed up the bed and sat at his feet. You warmed some oil up on your hands and started massaging his feet. You massaged the arches, heels and toes until you got more oil and rubbed up his calves and the backs of his knees. You replenished your oil and massaged his posterior and his lower back. You slowly worked up his whole body, eventually reaching down his arms to his fingertips where he trapped your fingers in his. “Too good.” He mumbled against the sheets. “Huh?” You asked and he turned over sleepily. “You’re too good for me.” He said and reached up to touch your face. He cupped your cheek and you smiled down at him, “I love you Ry.” You said and he smiled now completely sated and pulled you down for a kiss. It was loving and gentle and when he pulled away he said, “I love you back.”

When Ryan woke up he woke up to the sweet smells emanating from the kitchen. A lazily smile grew on his lips as he realized he wouldn’t have to go in till later and he stretched. His muscles from last night instead of being sore, were pliable and soft. He chuckled as he got out of bed and got dressed. You really were too good for him. The only reason the crew didn’t know about you was for your safety and for Ryan’s. If other people knew about you they’d try and use you as a weak spot to get to Ryan and then Geoff. Ryan made his way out to the kitchen to see you dutifully baking more treats, it was almost a wonder how Ryan kept his strong figure with the amount he ate of your goodies. “Someone’s busy.” He said, a smile on his face as he watched you bake in your apron, without a bra and in your panties. You turned and smiled, “And someone finally got to sleep in.” You said and removed a pan from the oven, setting it on top of the stove to cool before you got out another cooling rack and started transferring the goods onto it.

“Thanks for last night, I needed it.” Ryan said, coming over to wrap his arms around your waist. “It’s no problem Ry. You just got back from work, it’s bound to get tiring.” You said and placed a kiss to his shoulder when you turned your head. He spun you around to kiss you properly which brought a blush to your cheeks. You looked down but Ryan brought you back up to face him. “You’re so cute when you’re flustered.” “And you’re always cute.” You said and stole another kiss from him before slipping gently out of his grasp so you could finish your baking. “What time do you go in later?” You asked and you set another cookie sheet down on the stove top. “Ehh, probably in a few hours.” “You stopping by the store on your way back?” “I can. What do you need?” “More sugar.” “Babe, if you get any sweeter you’re gonna melt me completely.” “Is that so?” You asked, relieving yourself of your oven mitts and your apron and stepping towards Ryan in nothing but your panties. “You saying I’m not sweet enough already?” Ryan stuttered when he saw you but quickly pulled you in for a kiss. And just like the temperature of an oven, things heated up in the kitchen.

“Dude, how come you always have cookies with you?” Michael asked as they were getting ready for a heist. “I like cookies.” Ryan said and Geoff scoffed, “Yeah we all do, but you always have them. How do you have time to go to the store?” “They’re homemade.” Ryan muttered and Gavin gasped, incredulous. “Wot! I didn’t know you baked Rye-bread.” “Maybe it’s just one of my many secrets Gav.” “Many? That means you have more. You gonna tell us Ry?” Gavin pushed and Ryan turned towards him, a crooked smile on his face, “That’s debatable Gavin. If I told you, I’d have to kill you.” “Oh come off it!” Gavin laughed it off but even he didn’t think Ryan was joking completely. Needless to say Ryan did end up sharing his cookies and then went through ten whole minutes of the rest of them raving about how good they were. It was only a matter of time until they found out about you as well.

“The guys tried your baking today.” “And?” “Ugh, they thought it was awful. Must mean more for me.” You hit him playfully in the chest. “Stop that. I know they liked it. And you’ll always have my confections so don’t worry.” Ryan chuckled. “And your affections?” He asked, sounding hopeful. “Of course Ry, isn’t that why you married me?” Ryan smiled and cupped your head in his hand, causing you to blush and smile. “I love you.” You said and Ryan leant forward on the bed and kissed you. Pulling away he repeated, “I love you back.”

You were out at the store, getting your normal everyday groceries when you saw Geoff enter the store. He went over into the liquor isle and picked out an expensive looking bottle. You tried not to pay attention to him but you couldn’t help but recognize him from Ryan’s stories. You smiled and went back to your shopping. When you were in the check out Geoff appeared behind you. “Saw you looking at me earlier when I entered the store. You checking me out?” You chuckled and shook your head, scanning your items. “Just browsing.” You said and scanned a package of flour. Geoff caught your hand and you gasped, pulling back slightly. Geoff noticed this and said, “What’s wrong? You act as though I can’t touch you.” “You shouldn’t.” You replied and Geoff smirked, “Why not?” “Because I’m married.” You said and finished bagging your groceries. Geoff held up his hands. “Okay fair enough. Though if I were a little younger maybe I’d fight them for you.” At that you actually laughed, taking up your groceries and turning back to look at Geoff. “Now that, I’d pay to see.” Geoff gave you a strange look accompanied by a smile but didn’t say anything. You nodded to him and then left the store, putting your groceries in your trunk before heading back to your apartment.

“Babe? You home?” You called out as you heard the front door open and then the the familiar sound of Ryan walking into the kitchen. “Yeah, what’s up?” “Saw Geoff at the store today. Also I was thinking maybe we should get a house that way I’ll have more room to bake for you.” You said, putting the groceries away. Ryan gave you a strange look, “Wait, say that again?” “The house part? Well I was thinking-.” “(Y/N). You know which part I mean.” You looked down and then back up at Ryan, his face solemn. “It’s fine Ry, he didn’t know who I was.” “But you knew who he was? How?” “Come on, all your stories. Besides, first pace he went when he entered the store was the alcohol isle. If that doesn’t give it away what does?” “Did you talk with him?” “Yeah, in the check out. He thought I was checking him out but I told him I was married and he said if he were younger he’d fight whoever had me, in this case you, but he didn’t know that and I said I would pay to see that.” Ryan pierced his lips. “He’s gonna know something’s up. You acted like you know him.” “I do.” You said and Ryan placed his hands on your shoulders, “No, I know. But-.” “Ry, it’s okay. He doesn’t know me and I think he’d be pretty used to people recognizing him, he’s the boss of the most notorious crew in the city.” You wrapped your arms around Ryan’s shoulders, feeling how tense he was. “It’ll be fine Ry.” “Okay.” He relented and placed a kiss to your lips before he parted and said, “I’m going out, I’ll be back later.” “Okay.” You said and placed a kiss to his cheek.

“Dicks dude, there was this girl at the supermarket today.” Geoff started in when Ryan got to the penthouse. “Oh no, Geoff’s finally gone rogue, falling in love with the public.” Jack said and made a funny face. “No dude, she wasn’t like the public.” “How so?” Gavin asked and Geoff told his side of how he met you. “Well I go into the store right, to get some Whiskey.” “Go figure.” Michael said and Geoff chuckled, “And I see this chick just looking at me, or at least in my direction so I get behind her in the checkout and ask her if she was checking me out when I came in.” “She probably had to look for a trashcan after seeing you.” Michael teased, making Geoff laugh before continuing, “And she says no and that she’s married. So I told her if I were younger maybe I’d fight the lucky son of a bitch who got to have her.” “Yeah? So what makes her different Geoff. What makes this one stand out from all the rest?” “I don’t know man. It was almost like she knew me. She laughed and said she’d pay to see it. Like she’d knew I’m lose.” At this point Ryan had come into the room more and said, “Aww, did Geoff get the piss taken out of him and that’s why he thinks she’s different?” Geoff scoffed, “Knock it off cocksucker, you wish you could have seen her.” At that Ryan smiled, but only slightly, little did anyone else know he did see you. All of you, all the time.

When Ryan came home you weren’t out in the kitchen, you are in the bedroom. You didn’t hear Ryan come in and you were too unfocused to register the door opening and closing. You were on top of the sheets, fingers deft in your folds and sinking in and out of your wetness. “(Y/N)?” Your name fell on deaf ears as you got yourself off. Ryan walked into the kitchen only to not find you there, only a fresh sheet of cookies, cooling on a rack. You made slight whimpers as you held your breath, thinking only of Ryan. You came, just as he opened the door to the bedroom, getting to see you arch your back in pleasure and take out your fingers. You brought them up to your lips and lazily licked them clean. “Well, this is always a welcome sight to come home to.” He said and you were too sated to be startled. Instead you reached out your hand, waiting for him to come to you. He did, and lost his clothes in the process. You watched, dazed from your playing, as he crawled on top of you. He cupped your cheek and ground his front on your warm sex. “Always know how to get me going.” He started, “Tasting yourself on your fingers, knowing I would be there to see it. Naughty girl.” He said and ground his now hard length into your inner thigh. “What to do with naughty girls?” He mused out loud and proceeded to make your body completely useless for the rest of the night.

When you woke up you wore a smile on your face, getting up and dressed before wincing slightly. Ryan really had shaken you all night long as that band from the 70s would say. You got up and dressed, glancing over at Ryan’s empty bedside. “Early again.” You muttered and made your way out into the kitchen only to find Ryan in it instead. “Good morning sleepy head.” Ryan greeted you with, holding up a spatula as he turned pancakes on the griddle. “Did you sleep well?” You scoffed and smiled, “You know I slept well. Did you?” You asked, grabbing a seat at the table and flinching slightly. Ryan chuckled, “Something wrong?” He asked when he watched you sit down. “Only thing wrong is you won’t answer my question.” You said, pretending to be serious. Ryan tutted and came over to give you a hug. “Is someone a little sore from last night?” “Just you wait mister. Once this is over, I’ll be the one on top and you will be the one with the sore lower half.” Ryan chuckled and pulled back to check the food. You smirked and added, “For a week.” That comment got him to turn around, a dark, lidded smile in his eyes as he watched you try and get comfortable in the kitchen chairs. “Well, we’ll just have to wait a while until then. Won’t we?” You taunted him further by teasing, “Yes, it will be a while until I can recover. Make sure you have your favourite memories of me to keep you sated while I heal.” You said. Ryan pretended to pout and it was one of the cutest sights. “Please?” He asked as a question and the rest of your resolve fell. “Just make sure to pay attention to the angle of me on you.” You said and Ryan sucked in a breath. “You know for a baker, you sure know how to melt my butter.” Ryan chucked and you laughed, “Stop with the baking puns, you’re ruining it.” “Never.” Ryan said and you replied, “I love you.” Only for Ryan to say, “I love you back.”

“Come on Ry, when are we gonna meet your supplier?” Gavin whined on the couch, xbox controller held lazily in his hands. Ryan perked up, his eyebrow curious as to what he meant. “What are you talking about Gav, I don’t have a supplier.” “Denial.” Michael called in and Jeremy laughed, “Come off it Ry, you always seem to have the best cookies and you’ve been happier recently. You doin’ drugs or something?” Ryan choked on his diet coke spluttering, “Drugs? Why would you think just because I’m happy, I’m hitting up?” “Come on, it’s like you always have the munchies or something. And if I were coming down off a high I know which cookies I would want.” Michael said and Ryan said, “I thought you quit when Ray did?” “I mean yolo right?” Though the mention of Ray made Michael go quiet, until his phone chimed with a call. “You talking about me bro?” It was Ray and Michael smirked, “Yeah fucker, telling them how my dearly departed friend used to justblaze.” “I’m not dying!” “Sometimes I can still here your voice.” “Enough with that meme!” Michael chuckled and took Ray off speaker phone, walking out of the room to have more privacy. And then the banter continued on, the rest completely forgetting about Ryan’s so-called dealer.

“Hey Ry? Where are you now, I’m out and I wanted to give you some cookies. I figured you’d be out by now.” You said into your phone. “What makes you think I’m out?” You heard back and you laughed, “Please, like you aren’t still giving the crew little tastes of my amazing cooking?” “Well someone thinks highly of herself, doesn’t she?” “Please, I like myself very well thank you very much, and so do you. Besides, I saw you sneaking cookies last night, it’s like you didn’t get enough yesterday morning in your goodie bag.” “I don’t share.” He said and you blushed thinking about the other night, “Yeah you do. You can’t tell me you don’t share when you shared all of yourself with me the other night, and then some.” You heard Ryan exhale a breath, “That’s not fair, we’re getting ready to heist and here you are talking like that up in my ear.” You smiled and blew against the mouth piece, “If only that could hit your real ear.” And you knew you heard Ryan try and hold back his whimper. His ears always were sensitive. “Fine, I can meet you in five minutes. You better not be teasing a man about his cookies.” He fake threatened and you smiled, “Never.”

Soon you heard Ryan pull up in his black with green trim, Zentorno and you walked up to the passenger side window. You leant against the car when he rolled down the window and you offered him a bag that had white tissue paper against the interior walls, to keep the cookies more fresh. He smiled as he got some money out of his wallet and offered it to you. “I feel like this is a drug run, you getting me my fix.” He laughed out. “And you paying me for it. What’s this for?” You asked him and he chuckled when he said, “Play it up. Treat yourself.” You smiled and winked at him saying, “You know I will.” With that, you stepped back from the curb and tucked the money he gave you in your purse, and Ryan revved off to go back to work. Little did either of you know the lads had follow Ryan and with the little act you had done, they were now under the impression you were Ryan’s drug dealer.

They followed you for the rest of the day, though they never spoke to you once. They didn’t try and corner you, or take you or even stop you. They just watched you. Back at the penthouse late at night after Ryan left they told the rest of the Gents about it. “It’s real. We saw it.” Michael explained. “Geoff you have to believe us, it was like they really were exchanging drugs.” Jeremy put in after Michael. Geoff shook his head, “This has to be a misunderstanding.” “What’s there to misunderstand? Ryan pulled up, got handed a plastic bag with white shit in it and gave her money.” “Well, Ryan does seem to be acting differently lately, though it’s just happiness. What’s wrong with that?” Geoff asked and Gavin piped up with, “It’s bloody terrifying and different. Usually Ryan will slip in a joke about stabbing someone, now all he does is laugh.” “Or make an even more morbid joke.” Jeremy put in. “Alright, so maybe just follow this “dealer” again. See what her routine is.” Geoff said, “And don’t mention this to Ryan, if he denied it once, he’ll just deny it again and we have to figure out a way to help him before he tries something stronger and really hurts himself.”

So the lads continued to follow you throughout your day until they slipped up, and you recognized Gavin. You would be able to recognize him blind with that nose of his, and his British accent. He was peering behind a display of chips when he was knocked into from behind. You were currently doing the weekly shopping and turned when you heard a squawk of, “Micoo!” You turned to see Gavin picking himself up off the floor of the grocery store and turn to a freckled guy with burnt red hair. “Careful Micoo.” Gavin said, though was much quieter about it. You paid them no mind, trying to act like that sudden out burst hadn’t caught your attention. You paid for your groceries and drove to the police station knowing they wouldn’t follow you in there. You requested a back room to make a private phone call and then called Ryan. “Babe, I think the lads are following me.” You told him and you could almost hear him bristling, “What? Why?” “I don’t know. They were at the supermarket, hiding behind a chip rack.” “Well Lil J’s here with me and Jack so.. Are you sure it’s them?” “Yeah, I think I’m able to recognize any of them from the stories you’ve told me.” “Okay well let me call them. Where are you now?” “The police station, figured they wouldn’t follow me in.” “Why you think they’ll try something?” “Well maybe, since they don’t know who I am. Why would they be following me?” “I’m not sure. But act natural, just go home and if they try something I’ll find them.” “Okay.” You hung up your cell and pocketed it, making your way back out through the station and thanked the dude at the front desk.

You started making your way back home when you got on the road only to hit a bump and cause your tire to go flat. “Dangit.” You muttered and texted Ryan where you were before getting out to assess the damage. You heard a little motor like a mo-ped and turned to find Michael and Gavin riding up behind you on a Faggio. You ignored them and went about changing your tire. “Looks like someone’s a little flat.” Michael said and you frowned, “You better be talking about the car.” Michael just laughed, “Don’t worry babe, I was.” You visibly recoiled and tsked, “Only my husband is allowed to call me babe.” You said and Michael held up his hands. “Didn’t know you were married.” “That’s because you don’t know me. Now why are you following me?” You asked, still changing your tire. “Maybe because we found you out.” Gavin put in. You frowned, your brow furrowing, “Okay, what’d you find out?” “That you’re a drug dealer.” “That I’m a what?!” You asked, eyes wide and face incredulous. “That you deal drugs and we saw you making a deal with one of our friends and we’re just gonna tell you to stop selling to him before he hurts himself.” You stared at them, dumbfounded until you remembered back to your little charade you did with Ryan when you brought him cookies. “Don’t you think you need more evidence before you just start accusing people of dealing or doing drugs?” “Not when our friend who’s normally just creepy starts randomly laughing and it makes you wonder whether he’ll kill you.” “Right? It’s bloody weird, makes me shiver about what he’s thinking of.” That made you smirk because you did the same thing. “How do you know what your friend is thinking of is bad? Maybe he’s just remembering a good time?”

Michael and Gavin continued to look at you until Michael came back with, “I see what you’re doing. Not answering our questions, now be honest. Are you a drug dealer?” “No.” You said and Gavin answers with, “Ah ha! Drug dealer’s are never honest so that means you are one!” A blank look crossed your face and you set down your tire iron. “You just told me to be honest and when I am you don’t believe me? How biased is that question?” “How’d you know we were following you?” “Uh, this is Los Santos. Not hard to pick up on suspicious people around here.” “Leaning up against our friend’s car and offering him a bag of white stuff and getting paid for it is suspicious.” Michael sneered and you countered with, “So’s hiding behind a rack of chips.” Gavin muttered, “Crisps.” “Whatever. Now are you done interrogating me so I can finish fixing my car?” You asked and Michael crossed his arms. “Well if your not a drug dealer, then what’d you give our friend?” “I gave him cookies. And if you believe that then you know I’m not a drug dealer.” Both lads faces dropped, “What?!” Michael screeched, “You’re the master cookie maker?! Those are your cookies Ryan always has?!” You smiled, “Yeah what of it Jones?” Michael was still freaking out about how delectable the treats Ryan shares with them are yours when Gavin said, “Wait, how do you know his name?” “I can figure a lot out Gavin, especially since I know Ryan.” Michael stopped fawning over your baking to say, “But how do you know about us? We’ve never heard about you.” “That’s because she’s my wife.” You all turned to see Ryan standing there, black Zentorno pulled up behind the Faggio. “And that’s how it was supposed to stay.”

“You’re married?!” Geoff shrieked when you were all back at the penthouse. “Since when you fucker?” Michael asked and Ryan and you laughed, “Since three years now?” Geoff huffed, “Well that explains you being so happy these past few years Ry. I can’t believe I thought you’d turned to drugs.” “Geoff come on, who long have you known me? Besides, (Y/N)’s the only drug I need.” Geoff made a disgusted face saying, “I didn’t need to know that.” And Jeremy called out, “Don’t forget her cookies.” Everyone but Geoff laughed, “I can see now I would lose, even if I were younger.” He said, calling back to the conversation he had with you at the store. Ryan brought you aside, walking with you up to the roof and sitting down on one of the many chairs. “I’m glad they handled that well. Now I’m off the hook about drugs and you’re off the hook about being hidden.” Ryan looked at his feet when he said that last part and you knew he was still scared for everyone’s safety, especially yours. “It’ll be okay Ryan.” You said and held up Ryan’s face so his eyes could meet yours. “I love you.” He said and you kissed him, wrapping your arms around his neck. Pulling away you said, “I love you back.”


Ryan had been away for 5 months now filming ‘Deadpool’. I hadn’t told him I was pregnant because, believe it or not, I thought I had just gained weight. But when the throwing up started, I immediately went to see a doctor. And then she told me I was 4 months old. Yeah, stupid of me not to notice earlier, but hey, I’m new at this. One day he surprised me by coming home earlier than he told me he would. “Y/N… Babe, what is that?” He said shocked looking and pointing at my swollen stomach. *insert first gif* “Behold, good sir, your future child.” I said and smiled at him. He fainted in no time and after a while he regained his senses, and hugged me tight. “I’m going to be a dad.” He said and kissed my forehead.

Song Preference: LOUD (Fuck It)

Vinny: Underpaid, you graduate, to build somebody else’s dream
You slammed the door behind you as you stormed into the apartment. You were already tearing at your uniform, desperate to not be in it a second longer than you had to be. Vinny knew it had to have been a pretty rough day, so while you silently fled to your room he went to the freezer and grabbed a carton of ice cream and two spoons. He crawls into bed with you and you immediately begin your rant about how awful your job is. “I just- I feel like I’m wasting my life. I just spent my entire life in school and the only job I can get is supervisor at a grocery store. It’s like it was all for nothing!” Vinny pulls you in closer as you bury your face in his neck. “I know baby, I know. I promise though you’ll find something better, you’re too perfect to not be successful and sooner or later you’ll find a job that will recognize that.” You sigh, already feeling yourself melt into Vinny’s arms. “You always know just what to say.” “Yeah, that’s ‘cause I’m perfect too.” He smirked as you reached for the ice cream.

Chris: Say “fuck it”, make the best of it
“Well it’s… nice.” You stammered as you dropped your bags. You and Chris had planned a weekend away in Philly, but it hadn’t quite gone as you’d hoped. First, it rained the whole drive up and was supposed to continue the entire weekend, and derail most of your plans. Then your hotel lost your reservation which lead you here. The two of you had just checked into a crappy motel outside the city, which hadn’t been updated since the mid 1970s and smelt vaguely like stale cigarettes. Chris looked around the room, deflated. “I’m sorry Y/N, this isn’t what I had planned.” “That doesn’t matter,” you said wrapping your arms around his waist “we did this to spend time with each other, and that hasn’t changed. We can still have a great weekend in a crappy hotel on a rainy weekend. Besides, I bet it’ll make for a good story someday.” Chris smiled down at you. “Yeah, someday.” You roll your eyes “For now we’ll just have to make the best of it. Like fuck it, we’ve seen worse,” you said as he smirked “We’ll be fine babe. Hell it’ll be great!” Your boyfriend sighed but he knew you were right. “Ok, ok. Let’s see if we can catch a movie or something.”

Devin: Don’t become another victim, put a smile on that face
“I don’t wanna goooo,” You whined to Devin as you got dressed for class “My professor is a douche, I can’t stand him.” For good reason. He’s 60 years old and still uses terms like ‘faggot’, and talks about how millennials don’t work hard enough. “So call him out on it, someone needs to educate him.” You sighed “Last time someone called him on it he told them not to bother showing up to class anymore.” Normally you wouldn’t hesitate to rip this guy a new one, but this was a required course that was only taught every other semester and you couldn’t risk not graduating on time. “Well,” Devin hummed as he came up behind you “you’re going to hate this, but you need to just to put on a fake smile and go to class—and before you argue you know this fucker isn’t worth messing up your graduation date!” You huff, knowing he’s right. Devin kisses the top of your head “Don’t be another victim of this bastard’s ignorance.” “I hate it when you’re right.” “You mean all the time?” He snickers as you shove his shoulders before continuing to get ready for class.

Ricky: You gotta be loud, you gotta be rude, so the world can hear you
You’d never been very assertive. In fact when you were younger you were something of a pushover. You’d always hated it about yourself, but you just didn’t like conflict. Dating Ricky had made you much more confident, but even so these things still weren’t easy for you. One day the two of you were out shopping: you were looking for a copy of The Iliad to replace the one you’d lost when moving. Finally you found the last copy on the shelf, but when you turned to tell Ricky an old man snatched the book off the shelf from beneath your finger tips. “Wait that was mine.” The man scowled back at you, mumbling about ‘your generation’ and ‘lack of respect’. You were crushed—for about .06 seconds before Ricky started in on the guy. “HEY! That was her fucking book! You wanna preach about respect— get a real hobby and stop antagonizing my girl you sick mother fucker!” You watch the color drained from the old man’s face as Ricky snatched the book from his hands and pulled you away. “Thanks babe.” You smiled, holding his hand hoping to calm him down. Ricky looked down at you with a half smile, “Yeah, well, sometimes you gotta be a little rude to get what’s yours.” “I’ll try to remember that.” you smiled as you kissed his cheek.

Ryan: With a noose as a tie… did you fantasize of a much different life
“Do you ever stop and wonder, like, what if?” Ryan looked at you questioningly “What?” The two of you were laying down on the roof of his apartment drinking beer and looking at the stars. You guys were about to finish off another 6-pack and you were getting philosophical. “Like, what if I’d finished college, or what if my family wasn’t so shitty, or what if… what if life didn’t suck so much, or was just… better?” “Nope.” You rolled to your side to face him. “No?” “No, I don’t wonder ‘what if’. Ever.” “Why not?” “Because,” he mused “if any of those things had been any different I wouldn’t be here with you, and you’re worth all the bullshit that brought us here.” “Aww Ryan.” You cooed as your boyfriend turned a new shade of pink. “Oh shut up.” He mumbled as he took another sip of his beer. “Well, I’m glad I’m here too. You’re worth all the bullshit in the world, you keep me going.” Ryan turned back to you and kissed you lightly, and you knew somehow you’d be ok.

Meet The Winchesters

Pairing: Sister reader

Warning(s): n/a

Word Count: 1534

Summary: You introduce your brothers Sam and Dean to your boyfriend

A/N: One shot number two! Requests are open, so leave me a request and I’ll do my best!

This was it, today was the day. Your brothers were finally going to meet your boyfriend and you don’t recall having been so nervous for anything in your life. You would honestly rather have faced your fear of heights and jumped out of a plane than this.

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Jealous Kaitlyn fic (~2000 words).

A/N: Decided to delete pt. 1 and just post the full story together.

“So what time are your friends coming over?” Kaitlyn asks as she helps you set up the table that you’ve brought up to the rooftop.

“Um,” you say, pausing to take our your phone and check your text messages. “Ryan said they just reached the edge of campus so they should be here soon.”

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Brohm |Word-Count: 1,097

Prompt: “You might’ve left your shirt in our dorms dryer, so when I did my laundry I took your shirt and now I’m wearing it on purpose oops” – a mix of a few prompts

Bryce took his laundry basket back up the stairs, humming happily to a tune he’d heard earlier, and entered his dorm room. “Hey Jon,” he greeted his roommate, who was seemingly very busy on his laptop, but Bryce knew otherwise.

Jon looked up and instantly caught a whiff of his bubbly attitude, “Hey Bryce… Did you see him today?” Despite already knowing the answer, Jon asked with a large smirk and gazed back down at his computer. Bryce blushed and set his basket by their shared dresser.

“Who, Ryan?” he asked nonchalantly, opening up a drawer to begin putting his clothes away.

Who, Ryan?” Jon mocked, “What the fuck, yes Ryan! I can practically smell your thoughts! I’ve known you for a while, Bryce.”

“Smell my thoughts?” it was Bryce’s turn to mock, making Jon snort.

“Fuck you,” he laughed,

“Did you see him or not?”

“Yeah, I did… I saw him in the laundry room, he smiled at me,” Bryce said, a large smile on his face as he sorted his clothes into the spaces of his designated drawers. Jon smiled knowingly.

But when Bryce picked up a shirt he knew he didn’t own, his heart stopped for a second. Jon peeked over his shoulder to investigate his sudden quietness.

“Is that… his shirt?” Jon sounded just as shocked as Bryce felt.

“Shit, Jon… I didn’t take it on purpose! It must’ve been in the dryer or something… How am I supposed to give it back? ‘Oh, yeah, hey, I was too busy checking you out in the laundry room, I didn’t quite notice you left your shirt in there. Sorry, here’. No, Jon! That’s not how it works!”

The sudden meltdown startled Jon to the very core and all he said was, “Then don’t give it back?”

“What?” Bryce was confused. Jon merely smirked back at him.

“It’s your shirt now,” he replied, giving Bryce a small playful push. It was now Bryce’s turn to be stunned.

“I, OK…”

So Bryce wore the shirt the next day. It was an extremely soft baseball shirt, sleeves black and the rest heather red. There were three buttons at the collar of the shirt, going down, which if unbuttoned would show plenty of chest. On Bryce at least, it was a bit bigger on him than it would be on Ryan. As he walked out of the bathroom he heard Jon snicker behind him.

“You’re legit wearing that out?”

“Yeah, I guess…” Jon pulled on his bright blue hoodie and nodded at him.

“Ok then, let’s head on out,” Bryce fidgeted with the bottom of the shirt the entire car-ride. He hoped to everything good that he wouldn’t see Ryan anytime soon; he probably wouldn’t be able to face him. But knowing his luck, something was bound to fuck him over.

“Oh shit, man! This is my jam, duet NOW!” Jon announced, cranking the music up and singing obnoxiously. Bryce filled in when Jon looked at him and he danced along to the beat.

They pulled into the grocery store parking lot, and Jon reluctantly turned the car off.

“Let’s get whatever we need and get the fuck out,”

“That was the plan,” Bryce informed him. He knew Jon didn’t like going out, but he appreciated that he did anyways.

“Good. You get cereal, I’ll get ramen. Meet me in the chip aisle in 5 minutes sharp,”

“Got it, good luck soldier,” Bryce replied.

“Right back atcha, private. Alright, break!” They high fived and they split to go get the items assigned to them.

Carrying a jumbo sized box of ramen, Bryce swore he saw Ryan while walking to their meet up destination. He knew it wasn’t possible, just his eyes (and probably guilt) playing a trick on him.

He waited in the aisle and Jon was about 10 minutes late. Was this even the right place? That’s when Jon walked down the aisle, talking to the one and only Ryan. He felt like a shirt thief. And technically he was.

“Hey man, sorry I’m late, I found Ryan though,”

“I-I wasn’t looking for him,” he muttered to himself.

“Dude, your shirt is sick. I think I have one just like it,” Ryan sounded as if he were teasing him and he knew Jon said something by the shit eating smirk on his face.

“Huh, that’s crazy.”

“Isn’t it a bit big on you?”

“Eh. I like baggy shirts,” Bryce could not even bring himself to look up from the tiled floor.

“I’m gonna go pick up a few more things, and then I’m gonna go wait in the car. Come on out when you’re ready,” Jon winked and took the box of ramen from Bryce.

“So, a special fairy told me that somebody has a bit of a crush on me,” Ryan said in a sing-song voice.

“Hm, I wonder who that could be,” Bryce still wouldn’t look up, but his eyes just screamed ‘I’M SO SORRY’.

“He just so happens to be wearing my shirt, too,” Ryan sounded as if he was right in front of him. “He’s cute. Super cute. I’ll be honest, I like him too.” Bryce felt the blush creep up his neck and settle on his ears and cheeks.

“Hey, Bryce. Guess what?” Ryan grabbed Bryce’s face and lifted it up to look at him.


“I like you. A lot, would you consider going on a date with me?” Bryce’s hands gripped at the bottom of the shirt he was wearing as he began to fidget once more. He couldn’t look away any longer; Ryan had their gazes locked together.

Bryce couldn’t even force any words out of his mouth, so he eagerly nodded, making Ryan smile a large toothy smile.

“Cool. And just so you know, Bryce? You can wear my shirts anytime you want to babe.” Ryan winked. “Meet me at the laundry room tomorrow at 2:00.” He let go of Bryce and sauntered away.

Bryce sped out of the store and back to Jon’s car. He swung the door open and got in quickly.

“I hate you so much,”

“So it went well?”

“It really did… Thank you Jon.”

“What can I say? I’m a good wingman. I do expect a bit of help with someone ya know, if you wanna pay me back…” he said subtly.

“Sure man, I gotcha.”


What’s Better Than Studying?

Ryan Murray x Reader

Team: Columbus Blue Jackets

Warnings: Implied sexual themes, mentions of Geography

POV: Second Person

Summary: Ryan helps (Y/n) destress from overstudying and stuff

Originally posted by jamiebenntrash

Your name: submit What is this?


No, the other projection. 

That’s not the right type of diffusion!

That’s five, not six. 

Wrong language!

Look at the shape, it’s clearly based around the bottom meaning-

“Ugh!” You threw your hands up in the air, your pencil flying across the room. 

This practice test was not going the way you expected. 

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Dylan Strome #5

Requested by Anon:  hi!! I was wondering if you could do an imagine where you go to his family’s house for the holidays and its your first time meeting them? maybe Mitch Marner, Auston Matthews, Connor Mcdavid or Dylan Strome? either one is cool:)

*Hii!! I chose Dylan Strome, I hope you don’t mind. I was supposed to post another Stromer drabble and then realized that I still have one more holiday drabble to put up – this! So this goes first, naturally. :) Enjoy!


Word count: 871

Originally posted by calgaryinferno

Ryan Strome was watching you eat. Now, on any given day, it would be weird and you’d have already called him out on it but today is not a normal day. Today, you’re meeting your boyfriend’s family for the first time and part of that family is Ryan Strome – so he’s one of the people you should start sucking up to if you want them to like you – and if he wants to watch you eat, he can stare for as long as he wants.

To your left, Dylan Strome was watching Ryan watch you. Your boyfriend of four months, you jumped at the opportunity to meet his family when he invited you to their holiday dinner two weeks ago.

Suddenly, Dylan leaned on the table and called his mom, “mom, Ryan is being weird.”

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Random Short Ryden Fic (Warning: Smut)

It was desperate, desperate, heated and angry and just so very desperate that Ryan could barely think, could barely even breath, and God, it just felt so fucking good. The younger boy was whining and sobbing beneath him, face wet with tears- and no wonder, Ryan had been keeping him on edge for at least two hours. Bringing him so close only to pull away, grasp the base of his cock in a vice-like grip, and stop him from coming.

But that was all nothing compared to what was happening right then. He had already fucked Brendon, sucked his cock, fucked him some more, but it was absolutely nothing compared to the boy’s reactions as Ryan’s tongue lapped up the excess lube and cum from outside Brendon’s (still slightly loose) hole. Ryan had came, fucking hell he had, and it drove Brendon mad. There was come on Brendon’s chest and on his face and literally dripping out of his ass, but Ryan had absolutely no problem with getting hard again. Not with Brendon wailing like this.

He moved his hands, hooking his thumbs into the hole, pulling it open ever so slightly, dipping his tongue into the dripping mess of come. There was lube there, too, but that was no bother. All he could taste was his come and Brendon-

“Oh fucking hell, Brendon,” Ryan groaned, the younger boy’s body jerking at the vibrations of the words against his entrance. And he sometimes thought he hated him, he really did, tried to convince himself that he hated Brendon with every single ounce of his being, but how was he supposed to control himself when Brendon had seen him, had security come and invite him backstage at the Memphis show, pulling him into the dressing room and slamming him against the wall? It was too bad that Sarah didn’t have a real cock to slam up Brendon’s ass.

It wasn’t that Ryan had anything against Sarah, or that Brendon didn’t really love her. Ryan was indifferent. Brendon loved her completely, totally, he would do almost anything for her, but he was also obviously sexually frustrated. Fucking girls and taking strap-ons up his ass was obviously not as good as a real, thick, hot, throbbing cock, ramming in and out of his ass and filling him with hot white come. And so maybe Ryan and Brendon had had a terrible breakup that Ryan still wasn’t fully over, and maybe Ryan would still take Brendon back at a second’s notice, but that wasn’t this.

Ryan didn’t want Brendon back, didn’t expect him to come back. He still loved him, somewhere, somehow, would take him back in a second if given the chance, but he knew he would never get that chance. And so he didn’t want Brendon to come back to him. Brendon was happy with Sarah and honestly… Ryan was okay with that. He wasn’t heartbroken anymore. He still hated Brendon, but it wasn’t how it was. He was over it. That didn’t mean that his heart didn’t ache sometimes when he thought about it.

And how couldn’t he think of it when he was licking his own come out of Brendon’s asshole?

Brendon cried out, a jumbled mess of ‘please’ and 'Ryan’, 'oh fuck’ and 'oh god’. Ryan moved one hand up, rubbing his thumb over the slur at the head of the younger boy’s cock, chuckling softly as his hips jerked and he made a noise akin to a dying animal. So far gone. Brendon was so far gone. Ryan wasn’t. No, not anymore. He couldn’t trust himself to lose himself in Brendon. If he lost control, he’d fall apart again. Beg for Brendon to come back to him, please baby, please come back to me. We were meant for each other, babe, you can’t do this to me. Babe, babe, babe, please. She doesn’t love you like I do. She doesn’t need you like I do. Please, babe, you know I still love you. You love me, right? Tell me you love me. Kiss me, babe, kiss me and tell me you love me. You can’t look me in the eye and say you don’t.

No, he wouldn’t do that. They’d fuck, Brendon would come, maybe even with someone else’s name on his lips, and they’d go their seperate ways. They’d probably see each other again sometime, catch up as old friends, then part ways. It was a cycle. Ryan had Brendon already, he knew better than to expect to have him again.

He’d hold onto this. Goodnight, Memphis. You were great, Memphis. See you soon, Memphis. He’d think of it in his bed, alone on Saturday nights and Sunday mornings. He’d think of it with his hand around his cock and come pouring out in spurts over his bedsheets. He was past denying it, past trying to pretend the feelings were gone or that he didn’t lust for Brendon to touch him just one more time.

They had almost snuck away at the Halloween party that year. Almost. But then Sarah came over, Ryan introduced himself, and honestly… They got along really well. It was too bad he could have come to their wedding a few years back, she said. Said it was her idea to invite him, a kind gesture to an old friend of Brendon’s. He wondered if she knew about all the nights he spent with his cock buried inside her husband’s ass. He had laughed at the thought, actually, then struck up a friendly conversation with her. She was pretty, really. Gorgeous. Big blue eyes and pretty brown hair. Too bad he couldn’t talk to her more, she was a fun girl. Liked to talk about dogs. He wondered if she had ever pegged Brendon up the ass. He was a slut. Ryan would be honestly surprised if they hadn’t at least tried it.

“Ry, Ry, oh god, more, please.” Brendon’s fingers reached down to tangle themselves in Ryan’s slightly curly mess of hair.

“So needy, babe. So needy.” Ryan nonetheless pressed in his index finger beside his thumb, other hand sliding down to tightly grip the base of the younger boy’s cock. Did Brendon even classify as a boy anymore? Probably not. He was twenty nine, a fully grown man. But he was still Ryan’s boy.

He’s my boy, Ryan mentally reminded himself, always will be.

And nobody could take Brendon’s place. Someone would come around someday, maybe, and he’d settle down with them in a nice house in a nice neighborhood. Maybe a tall blonde guy, or a petite light-haired girl. Someone who didn’t remind him of Brendon. Someone who wouldn’t have to constantly compare themselves to his past love.

But for now, he was happy buried between Brendon’s legs, his wanton whimpers and cries filling the room. Ryan vaguely wondered if any of his band mates could hear. Dallon, maybe. Spencer-

Oh wait, no. Spencer was gone, too. It was just too bad he couldn’t have left the band with Ryan when he had begged him to. Lost his childhood best friend there. He hadn’t had such a good friend since. Dan was a great guy, sure, but no one was his best friend like Spencer was, or his lover like Brendon was.

“Don’t stop, Ryan, I’m gonna- fuck, Ry, don’t stop!” Brendon’s voice reached an impossibly high pitch as Ryan screwed in a third finger, twisting all three in deep and crooking them upwards to hit the spot he knew so well. He never had any problem locating Brendon’s prostate. He likely never would. He couldn’t forget things like that. He couldn’t forget anything about Brendon. He still remembered everything from his favorite coffee shop to the last name of his childhood best friend.

He remembered this taste, too. The taste of his own come seeping out of Brendon’s ass as his fingers screw deeper and deeper inside. He savors it, pulling out his fingers and slamming them back in, hitting directly on Brendon’s prostate before swiftly moving his mouth up to encompass the head of the younger boy’s cock in his mouth.

Sobbing. He heard sobbing. God, Brendon was so noisy, begging for more and screaming his name. Wails and cries and sobs and whimpers, the boy jerking beneath him, hips thrusting up to slam his cock down Ryan’s throat as he came. Ryan pushed his hips back down with one hand, leaving the other with his fingers buried inside. Keeping him on edge for so long proved to be a good idea as his come began to fill Ryan’s mouth, multiple spurts of the bitter white substance, covering his tongue as he swallowed it all down. Every single drop. Brendon kept coming, panting with his eyes closed, hips jerking frantically. Ryan’s fingers gently massaged his prostate he and looked up at the younger boy’s face, features twisted in ecstasy.

And it was familiar.

It wasn’t new or unexpected, it was soft and easy and familiar. It felt somewhat comforting as he withdrew his fingers, gently lapping the remnants of come from Brendon’s slit. He tasted good, tasted like Brendon. Probably because that’s who he was. And the younger boy was finally coming down now, panting softly to catch his breath, cheeks flushed and eyes dark.

“Ry… Ryan…” Brendon stammered, arms falling to his sides.

“Get some rest, Bren.” He replied, moving up to press a gentle kiss to Brendon’s sweaty forehead, brushing away the stray strands of dark hair. “It was nice to see you again. You did great tonight, you know? I’m so proud of you, Bren. So proud. You’ve done so well.”

And he was beaming, smiling down at Brendon as if the younger boy’s success was his own.

“I’ll see you around.”

“Yeah, of course. Good luck with your solo music, or whatever it is you’ve been doing.” Brendon responded, but there was no guilt or resentment in his voice. Old friends. You can easily lose your spark with old friends. But this wasn’t that type of scenario, no, the spark was still there.

Ryan just didn’t need to satisfy it anymore. And that was okay.

“Yeah, see you around. Good luck on the rest of your tour.”

Ryan kissed him one last time before smiling at him again, throwing on his clothes, and walking out the door. It wasn’t the first time.

It wouldn’t be the last.

Mine! (OhmBryce)(yaoi)(NSFW//kinda//)

((so now a jealous Brycey-Chan for you all~))

it was a normal out for the day. Bryce wanted to go to the new game store. so he took his friends, Ryan, Jonathan and Luke. they wanted to play or find something cool. so they got there and it was filled with so many games it was unreal.

“holy shit” Luke was wide eyed. Jonathan giggles, wide eyed, pulling the older male with him. “let’s go there! c'mon Luke!” “okay okay damn” Bryce giggles softly. “they kind of act like a married couple” Ryan laughs. “true, they did don’t they?”

Bryce walks over to a shelf with some cool games. he smiles at a few choices. he giggles, showing them to the older male, grinning cutely. “which one?” Ryan chuckles at the younger male’s cuteness and points.

“that one” Bryce saw it was a fun Mario kind of game as he nods. “i was thinking the same thing” Ryan nodded. ‘are you gentlemen finding everything nice?“ the cashier, a woman, young, asked them. "yeah we did” Bryce stated, handing the games for to her.

the cashier nodded, but her eyes never left Ryan. “and how you found everything nicely handsome?~” she playfully winked. Ryan ignore the wink but he answer. “same, i did” Bryce nodded how the cashier was eyeing the older.

the younger felt a huge burning in his chest everytime she looks at Ryan or even winks at him. soon, they got their games. but she would keep asking Ryan so many naughty shit. the cashier went as far as- “want to hang out sometime?” Bryce had it. he grabs Ryan’s arm, hugging it as he pouts. “he’s mine!”

the cashier and even Ryan was shocked. Jonathan and Luke, who were just finished paying by another cashier, saw this. Bryce then heard what he just heard and grabbed the bag, walking off quickly. “Bryce wait!”

he heard Jonathan called to him. but he didn’t stop. he kept walking. he wanted that burning feeling in his chest to go away. some reason, he wanted to cry. he didn’t know why. oh right, some bitch flirted with a guy he loves. oh yes, Bryce has deep romantic feelings for him.

he didn’t even know when he fell for the bunnyman, he just did and he fell hard. Bryce got to his car because they took 2 cars. Luke rid with Jonathan and Ryan rid with him. “he’ll probably go home with that girl or the others”

he bit his lip, unlocking the car. but as he held the door handle, a hand slams against the window, making him freeze when he felt panting near his ear. “found you” Ryan stated, he had ran, trying to find the other male. Bryce blushes heavily. they were too close.

“R-Ryan you’re t-too close!” Bryce turn to get away but Ryan pins him to the car. the bag of games long forgotten on the ground now. “Bryce, look at me” Bryce had his eyes shut. because he didn’t want to look and that their faces were inches away.

“Bryce” the tune in Ryan’s voice made him whimper. it was deep, wanting and something else he can’t believe. slowly, he opens his eyes. he blushes at how close they really were. Ryan smirks as he leans in, whispers breathless into his ear.

“Brycey~ were you jealous back there?~” Ryan purred into his ear, making Bryce shudder to this. he found it extremely cute. he wanted to pounce the younger male and do things to him. Bryce starts to breath heavily, blushing as Ryan bit his earlobe.

“a-and if i w-was?” Ryan growl and latches his mouth to his neck. “because you’re all mine Brycey, it was so cute how jealous you were, the cashier is a idiot” Ryan spoke in between licks and kisses. Bryce moans to each one.

his hands were in a fist that were still held by the older’s hands as he continues leaving so many hickeys on his neck. Ryan saw the other rubbing his legs together trying to be comfy.

he smirks, slipping his thigh in between his legs, rubbing his growing clothed erection more. “R-Ryan~” Bryce moans, leaning his head back, whimpers with a mewl as Ryan rubs his area harder with his thighs. “w-wait, Ryan~ w-we’re in t-the parking l-lot” Bryce struggles, but stops when Ryan growls.

“who cares, you’re too cute right now~” Ryan licks his collarbone as Bryce bit his lip, blushing. then he heard talking. people were coming. “R-Ryan, there’s people-” but Ryan cut Bryce off, kissing him passionately as Bryce moans, kissing Ryan back as their tongues brush together as their fingers lock together.

“where are they?” Jonathan asked, looking around. “who knows, but Bryce’s car is still here so they can’t be that far” Luke stated. Bryce had his eyes shut tightly, trying so badly to hold in the moans.

“maybe they’re walking or some shit, so we’ll meet them back at your place” Jonathan stated. Luke shrugs. “whatever” then footsteps were walking away. when they left, Bryce broke the long insane kiss, panting heavily with Ryan as saliva connected their tongues as they panted hard.

Bryce looks away, pouting, teary eyes. “w-what if they saw or heard us?” Ryan signs and kiss his cheek. “sorry i got carried away” Bryce blushes and moans softly, leans in and kiss his neck. Ryan groans softly, looking at him.

“y-you better finished what you started” Bryce stated cutely while kissing his neck. that smirk, that smug smirk, appear on Ryan’s face as he kisses him deeply which the other kisses him back. “gladly babe~ also you’re still cute even when you’re jealous” “shut the heck up Ryan!”

I promised a jerevin/jerevinwood nightmare fic and i delivered

I say it’s both because ryan’s in the relationship but he’s not there so he doesnt count

Jeremy doesn’t feel Gavin twitching and shaking in his sleep beside him, nor does he hear the soft whimpers, but he does feel Gavin bolting upright with a gasp, shuddering and running his hands over his arms. He was usually a heavy sleeper, but if either of his partners left the bed, he’d wake up in an instant. Now was no different, as he sat up and rubbed at his eyes, looking over at the panic stricken Gavin.

“Hey, babe, what’s wrong?” Jeremy kept his voice low and even, like Gavin did for him when he would wake up in tears. He felt especially protective because Ryan was out of town for a job for the next couple days, and he was the only one here to comfort Gavin. He had to do an even better job of it.

“No-nothing, darling, go back to sleep.” Jeremy could hear how his voice shook and when he laid a gentle hand on his shoulder, he could feel the trembles rack through Gavin’s body. He scooted a little closer, wrapping a hand around Gavin’s middle.

“It’s not nothing, Gavin. You wouldn’t wake up if it was nothing.” Gavin turned to look at him, cheeks wet with tears. Jeremy had never seen him like this, vulnerable and small and scared. It’s not that he’d never seen Gavin cry, he’d never seen Gavin this defeated.

“We should have talked about this months ago, but Ryan kept telling me it wasn’t the right time and…” Gavin sighed, brushing the tears away roughly. “He’s not always right. And he’s not here to tell me no. Three years ago, I was captured by a gang and held for six months before the crew could find me.” Jeremy gasped softly, pulling Gavin closer.

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Ryan Nugent-Hopkins #1

Requested by Anon:  something cute and fluffy with RNH? im currently going through a hardcore oiler phase haha.. love your writing so much!! thanks for putting in so much effort especially in posting so many a day! i feel like you get a lot of requests (guilty of sending in many ngl) but please dont ever feel rushed! i think i can say this for many of us readers.. we truly appreciate you, these are a good end-of-the-day-pick-me-up/before bed read, well for me at least! <3

*They lost tonight!! :( But here is the RNH one. :) I hope you like this and thank you very much. :) I’m sorry if I’m not updating as fast as I was before. Enjoy!*

Word count: 736

Originally posted by zetterbabe

“What’s that?” he asked as you passed by.

You stopped walking and faced your boyfriend, “What’s what?” you asked, looking over both your shoulders.

He pointed at the bare skin showing just above your jeans, “that.”

You looked at what you were wearing, “what’s wrong with it?”

He squinted his eyes at you, “it’s winter,” as if that was enough explanation.

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Surprise party?

Request: You decided to plan a surprise party for Justin with the help with his closest friend but Justin thinks you’re cheating on him.


“Oh hey!” You say startled as you came in to see Justin in the living room on the couch. He doesn’t say anything as he completely avoids eye contact with you and continues to watch television. “Is everything okay?” You ask confused, as you put your purse onto the counter before walking towards him.

After a few moments of silence he finally speaks up, “where have you been?”
You look at him nervously hoping he didn’t find out about the party. A few weeks ago you decided to plan Justin a surprise party as a celebration for the success on his tour. You wanted to do something special for him just to show how much he’s appreciated but you couldn’t really do it on your own so you asked one of Justin’s closest friends, Ryan to come help out, along with a couple other of his friends and family members. The thing is, Justin has no clue about the party and you plan to keep it that way.

“Just out with some friends…” You say trying your best to sound convincing. From past experience you weren’t the best liar in fact you were the worst and anyone could sense it.

“You’re lying…” He says. Damn it you thought to yourself. You pause trying to think of another excuse but you weren’t sure on what to say.

“I-” you begin but get immediately cut of by Justin.
“You were out with Ryan weren’t you?” Justin says and your heart automatically stops beating. How did he know that? You thought to yourself. You decided to play dumb and to just go from there and hope for the best that he changes the subject.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about…” You say as you simply look down at your fingers before playing with the hem of your shirt.

“Come on Y/N, don’t fucking mess with me…!” He says, and you noticed the tone of his voice changed.
“Justin…!” You say looking at him shocked, you were a little taken back. “I’m not messing with you nor am I messing with Ryan.” You say sternly, you didn’t understand what he was getting so mad about.

“Don’t lie to me.” He says before standing up from his seat before continuing. “You act as if going out with him everyday is normal. For heavens sake I barely even get to see you because you’re with him…” Justin says, you look at him and you knew he was hurt, he wasn’t the best at hiding his emotions.

“Justin it’s not what you think…” You say calmly as you look into his eyes trying to reassure him but you weren’t getting to him.

“It’s not? Well to me it seems like my own girlfriend is enjoying my best friends company more than mine….” He says shaking his head before walking away upstairs to our bedroom.

You weren’t sure what to do at this point, you didn’t know whether to tell him the truth but then the party wouldn’t be a surprise and everyone’s effort would go to waste so you decided to keep your mouth shut and just try to make him understand.

“Justin!” You yell, as your run up the stairs following him into the room. Just as he was about to close the door, you push your way through entering the bedroom.

Justin puts his hand through his hair hair before letting out a deep sigh, “Just leave me alone…”

“I’m not cheating on you if that’s what you think….” You say almost as a whisper. You were hurt, you didn’t know whether it was because you were hurting him with something that wasn’t true or that he didn’t trust you.

Justin turns to you and stares into your eyes. “Then why have you been so distant lately? We barely see each other because you’re always out with him…you never call or text but if you do, it’s always so short and it frustrates me because I’m not sure what the hell is going on and I don’t want to assume but-”

“But you did?” You say hurt, cutting him off before he said something else.
“You think I’m cheating just because I’m hanging out with a friend that’s a guy?” You say chuckling before continuing. “That’s funny because you don’t see me complaining whenever I see you hang out with models?” You say irritated, he is being a hypocrite and you knew he didn’t want to admit it.

“This isn’t about me…” He says trying his best to change the subject from him back to you.
“Yes it is. It’s the fact that you have no trust in me, It’s not like we were doing anything bad, actually to be completely honest with you we were throwing you a surprise party….” You say angrily, you were so frustrated that you didn’t even realize you let the secret out. You noticed his expression changed from hurt to guilt.

“What?” He asks confused.

You look at him, taking a deep breath before continuing. “I was planning to throw you a surprise party for the success on your tour, I asked Ryan to help me because he knows you much more than I do…that’s the reason why I was never here. Are you happy now?” You say angrily, crossing your arms. You knew he was just being overprotective and you appreciate the fact that he cares but he doesn’t always have to point the finger at me.

“Babe…” He says, and his voice was filled with guilt as he walks towards you.

You take a step back. “Justin why would you ever think like that…” You ask hurt, looking at him.

He comes closer and slowly takes your hand and looks at your “I’m sorry. I-I got jealous at the fact that you were spending most of your time with him…I thought I was losing you.” The last few words you swear you heard his voice breaking and as you looked up his expression was changed back to hurt.

“You know I’m not like that…” You say truthfully. You weren’t the most perfect girlfriend but you were loyal to those you love.

“I know and that’s why I love you so much, it was my jealousy taking over me and I’m sorry…” He says, as he caresses one of your hands with his thumb. You turn away from him because you knew you would forgive him if you looked into his eyes. He accused you of cheating and you weren’t going to let him get away with it so easily.

“I’m sorry…” He whispers before wrapping his arms around your waist, hugging you from behind. He begins to hug you tighter as he places his chin on your shoulder before placing small kisses on your jaw. You bite your lip and silently cursing to yourself because it was your sweet spot and he always knew when to use it against you.

“Okay..! Get off me I forgive you…” You say smiling before pushing him off. Justin suddenly smiles as he grabs your waist before pulling you closer.

“Thank you…” He says and you look at him in confusion. “The party…” He says as he scratches the back of his neck in embarrassment.

You nod smiling, before replying. “Next time you judge me, I’ll be planning your funeral…” You glare at him, truly meaning it.

Justin chuckles before placing his hand on your waist, he looks into your eyes as he whispers “I love you…”
You look at him smiling before flipping your hair, “Yeah I love me aswell…”

Justin playfully pushes you away. “Man…you suck.” He says chuckling causing you to giggle.

Requested by @glitter-princess6

Imagine your OTP are a couple and are hanging out with a group of friends. Person A is casually bullshitting and talking when they reply to one of the group members over something with “suck my dick.” Off to the side, minding their business is person B, who chimes in to announce that that’s their job not anyone else’s and continues to do whatever it is they are doing. Person A’s reaction is up to you.

“I just think that it’s stupid that Monica and Chandler ended up together, I was rooting for that show and they did me wrong.” Justin mindlessly spoke his opinion in a heated debate between him and Ryan.

“You’re talking crap, they’re the actual power couple of the show. Your opinion is completely irrelevant.” Ryan rolled his eyes in annoyance at the whole argument that’d been ongoing for the last ten minutes.

“Don’t get me wrong, Friends was and still is the greatest show, it’s just ‘Mondler’ was complete shit.” Justin slumped back against the couch after air quoting the ridiculous ship name for the characters with a disgusted expression present on his face.

“I think you’re both being a little over dramatic, it’s a fucking tv show.” Kylie butted in the conversation while Khalil refused to get involved.

“I’m just stating my opinion, which by the way, is the correct opinion to have.” Ryan held his arms up in defence.

“Suck my dick.” Justin rolled his eyes and scoffed.

“Uh, not to interrupt this interesting conversation you’ve got going on, but that’s my job. Don’t get any ideas, Ry.“ You smirked at him whilst popping your head out of the kitchen nearby.

“Thanks, babe.” Justin looked behind him at you, chuckling lightly.

“Just thought I’d let you all know. You’re welcome.” You spoke before winking at Justin and returning to the food you were making.

“Aye, okay. |Y/N|, what’s your opinion on this?” Ryan grinned at Justin as you came from the corner and into the main room where they were all sat.

"Monica and Chandler were in fact, a power couple. I fucking love them.” You smirked, knowing Justin would get stressed that you weren’t siding with him.

"Oh, okay. I see how it is, thanks. Fuck you, too.” Justin slumped into his seat as he huffed.

“There, there. I’m sure you’ll get over it.” You patted his shoulder in sympathy.

“You know what? You’re not allowed to suck my dick for two week.” Justin smirked up at me, making me laugh.

“Oh, how will I live?” You faked a gasp before plopping down on the couch next to Justin.

“I can’t believe you’d betray me like this. But I love you so, I’ll let it slide.” Justin grinned down at you, making your face shape up into a bright smile.

“Oh, thank god!” You joked, chuckling slightly.

Neighbor!Calum (Part 4)

PART 1// PART 2// PART 3


You held his hand hoping for the best. You saw his eyes drift from your eyes to your mouth then back up again.

“What do you mean?” he stutters, almost like he can’t believe it.

You giggle and lead him inside, shutting the door behind you.

“It’s just, I’ve always been scared of the dark.”

 Well, it was half-true.

Calum smiles, tucking a stray strand of your hair behind you ear.

“How cute.” He says, looking at your mouth again and letting his hand drop back to his side.

“Come on, follow me.” You  whisper, ascending the  rickety wooden stairs as he trailed behind you carefully, making sure his footsteps  didn’t sound. You wouldn’t want your mom to wake up and find you taking a boy home. She would go absolutely ballistic.

You opened your door silently and stepped aside to let Calum in, waiting for him to enter before gently closing and locking the door behind him.

“Welcome to my humble abode.” You declared, plopping down on the bed, arms  crossed behind your head  as you sunk into the soft mattress.

“Wow.” Calum looked around in awe at the room around him. You had religiously decided to decorate your room with numerous band posters and other artists you loved.  On a corkboard were some pictures of you and your friends, along with concert tickets and movie stubs.  Around the room were also some beanbag chairs you got quite cheap from stores down the street and numerous books and movies you had read and watched over the years lined the shelves. You room was normally quite messy, but you liked it that way. It has a nice live-in feel, and you always liked how you could express yourself with it.  Calum seemed to like it as he plopped down on the bed beside you, mouth still agape.

“This is amazing.” He says leaning back and looking at you.

You smile and nod your head. “Truly one of my only achievements.”

He laughs and looks at you fondly. His brown eyes full of light and love, drifting back down to your mouth before looking back away, pretending to be interested in a tv show poster you had newly tacked on your bedroom wall.

“Why do you keep looking at my mouth?”  You murmur, leaning over to touch his arm gently. You felt him shiver at your touch.

“What do you mean?” he  says , looking at your mouth again before looking back up.

“You just did it!”

“No, I didn’t.”

“I swear I  saw you.”

“Don’t know what you’re talking about.” He says, shaking his head and looking at your mouth again.

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luv3lost  asked:

Can you do a fic where your left in charge of an infant and you have no idea what to do but Calvin saves the day,like he could make the kid laugh, feed it, or end up falling asleep with it . I just want you to fuck me up with daddy calvin.

Hi!! Thanks for the request and I hope this is alright! :D


‘Oh god,’ you muttered as your friend gently ushered her small child towards you and handed you a rucksack full of what felt like boulders.
Her babbling was hard to understand and the way she kept glancing at her watch was rather distracting but you caught the gist of what she said; his toys are in the bag though he must be supervised while playing, don’t let him climb on things that are higher than three feet off the ground and do not give him sugar as he will be hyperactive and he tends to piss himself when he gets excited.

‘Thank you so much for this, I owe you!’ She called with a grateful smile as she scurried back to her car and drove away.

Right… Okay. Your eyes met his innocent baby blue ones and he suddenly jammed his thumb in his mouth and sat down on the spot.
Fuck. It’s going be a long day.

'Come on, Ryan, lets go inside,’ you said gently, cringing at the weird tone of voice you had suddenly adopted.
Ryan shakily stood and cautiously walked inside, his eyes large and his demeanour hesitant; as if he were ready to run at any second.
Could he run? You weren’t sure, but for a toddler he seemed to be pretty independent.

You dumped the bag at the door and raised an eyebrow at the rattling from within - it sounded like Ryan had brought his whole toy collection with him.

'Babe?’ Oh shit, you hadn’t told Calvin.
'Yeah? In here,’ you called, not wanting to leave Ryan alone.
Calvin walked into the room and did a double take before raising an eyebrow at you, a perplexed look on his face at the strange child who was wandering around aimlessly.

'Uh, Sarah asked me to take him for a while and I couldn’t say no - I’m so sorry I forgot to tell you,’ you explained.
'It’s okay,’ he said, 'What’s his name?’
'Ryan,’ came a little voice, followed by the patter of tiny shoes against the floor as he came to meet Calvin.

Cal bent down and offered his hand to Ryan with a soft smile.
'Hi Ryan, I’m Calvin; Y/n’s boyfriend.’
The size difference was immense, but Calvin took Ryan’s teeny hand in his and gently shook it with a smile.

'So what kinda stuff do you like doing, Ryan?’ Calvin asked, his tone of voice softer and not as deep as usual, but still sounding like his own.
'Ummm,’ Ryan stopped to think the way children do; with his eyes exploring the room and his little feet tapping against each other, the rubber of his shoes making a satisfying 'thunk’ as he did so.
'Video games!’ His eyes lit up as he proclaimed the words with enthusiasm, and it elicited a smile from Calvin.
'Well I have a computer upstairs if you wanna check it out?’ Calvin offered as he stood back at his normal height and Ryan nodded enthusiastically and began to follow Cal, slipping his teeny hand in your boyfriend’s big one, letting him lead the way to the computer.

As they exited the room you took a moment to collect yourself - astonishment was obvious on your features as you processed what had just unfolded in front of you.
Calvin was excellent with children.
The fact was harder to digest in face of the assumptions you’d made that Calvin would simply be irritated by Ryan’s presence rather than embrace it and entertain the little boy.

Chuckling in surprise, you figured you’d use the time wisely and began to tidy up, as the place had turned into a pigsty in recent days; you were too busy to tidy it and Calvin was too lazy to.

Half an hour and a shit ton of disinfectant later the room was smelling fresh and you felt an arm gently encircle your waist from behind. Calvin appeared behind you with Ryan next to him.

'We’re hungry babe,’ he said before looking to Ryan, 'Aren’t we?’
'Yeah, babe,’ Ryan chuckled and Calvin pretended to frown as he picked Ryan up.
'Hey! Only I get to call Y/n 'babe’’, he joked as he threw Ryan up in the air and caught him again. The little boy laughed with pure joy - his legs swinging wildly in mid air.
'Okay, so what will it be?’ You mumbled as you opened various cupboards and had a look in the fridge for something to eat.

'What d'you wanna eat, lil dude?’ Calvin asked and as you turned to await the child’s answer your heart nearly exploded; Calvin stood with Ryan in his arms, his cheeks flushed from the exertion of throwing him in the air; a smile lit up his face and his dark eyes sparkled - he looked so happy.

'Ummm… Toast?’
'Toast? I can do toast,’ you smiled to yourself, unable to suppress the joy that fluttered in your tummy.


Crumbs littered almost every available surface (most of them being Calvin’s fault, admittedly)
and as soon as Ryan had finished the snack, he insisted upon showing Calvin all of the toys he had brought with him.
Suppressing the stab of pain that threatened at the prospect of your newly clean home being littered with sticky toys, you slapped on a smile and helped Ryan unpack his bag.

For an hour Calvin displayed the patience of a saint as he laughed and smiled and simpered when it was required of him; he played along with Ryan’s games and kept the little boy laughing until his big blue eyes grew tired and his little body rested against Calvin’s stable one.
'Are you tired?’ Calvin asked Ryan softly and with a childlike stubbornness that Calvin himself often displayed, Ryan immediately did his best to sit up straight and deny that he was in need of a nap.

'Okay then, how about a movie?’ You suggested.
'Yeah…’ Ryan mumbled as he clung to Calvin and let him lift his body onto the sofa.
You picked Finding Nemo from your collection and slid it into the DVD player for Calvin and Ryan to watch while you tidied up the plethora of colourful plastic that now littered the floor.

As you’d anticipated, Ryan had fallen asleep with his head on Calvin’s shoulder while Nemo swam about on the TV.
You had failed to anticipate, however, Calvin also falling asleep.

A giggle tried to escape your lips and you had to bring your hand to your mouth to muffle the noise.
They looked so cute together, and you couldn’t help but let your mind explore the thought of Calvin taking care of your children - if ever you were to have them.
Butterflies fluttered in your tummy as you imagined raising your own little family with Calvin and you nearly got carried away with yourself as you began to ponder which names you would choose if it were to be a boy or a girl and you quickly (albeit somewhat reluctantly) brought yourself back to reality.


The doorbell rang and you ran to the door to answer it, knowing it would be Sarah here to collect Ryan.
'Hiya!’ She chirped when you opened the door. She politely declined your offer to come in as she was in a rush - she always seemed to be - and thanked you profusely for taking Ryan for the day.
As you smiled and said it was no big deal, he was a pleasure to have etc etc you called to Calvin and let him know that Sarah was here for Ryan.
Moments later, the two of them appeared behind you. They were bleary eyed and hesitant to face sunlight, much to your amusement.

After handing over Ryan’s rucksack full of toys and receiving a cuddle from the little boy (which was offensively inferior to the cuddle which Calvin received, you noticed) the door closed and you and Cal were alone again.

'You were so good with him,’ you smiled as Calvin wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you closer to him. 'Thank you for keeping him busy today, I didn’t have a clue what to do with him.’
'What can I say?’ He smirked, 'It’s my natural charm.’
'Shut up,’ you scoffed as you stood on your tiptoes and kissed his lips, feeling his arms tighten around you.
'I’m still tired,’ he said quietly; his voice still rough from sleep.
'I could do with a nap.’ You muttered, letting Calvin lead you to the sofa where he wrapped you in his arms and you both fell asleep to the sound of Finding Nemo still playing in the background.


Thank you so much for reading and stay safe!! I luv u! 💗


made in the a.m. // i want to write you a song

“I Want to Write You A Song” is the 12th song on One Direction’s fifth studio album, Made in the A.M. It was cowritten by John Ryan, Julian Bunetta, and Ammar Malik.