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Off Topic #81 - Altitudinal Emotion
  • Jack: Ryan, when was the last time you cried?
  • Geoff: The other day I accidentally kicked his computer and his fan broke. He looked like he was pretty close.
  • Jack: Have you cried during a movie?
  • Ryan: No.
  • Gavin: Planes are different, planes make you cry. Watching a movie at altitude, there's something about it, it's way more emotional. I never cry at movies but I almost cried at that movie where Matthew Perry becomes Zac Efron.

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any daddy kink please?

Reader Insert

Folie a Deux by ryan_gaywood

Summary: This was your fault.

All of this was because of you. Geoff/Reader + Ryan/Reader [F] [R]

WC: 2,015 - WIP

T: Dub/Non Con

[Tags: Angst, AU (GTA), Daddy Kink, Established Relationship, Kink, Series, Smut, Violence]

Kidnapped by MacButton

Summary: Kidnapped by two Achievement Hunters - Ryan and Geoff - with very dominant personalities.Ryan/Reader/Geoff [F] [R]

WC: 3,300 - WIP

T: Dub/Non Con

[Tags: Angst, Daddy Kink, Kink, Series, Smut]


From The Kitchen Counter by destroyedspectacularly

Summary: Geoff finds out that Gavin doesn’t know how to make breakfast, and that’s just fucking ridiculous so of course he’s going to teach him how to make a frittata. [R]

WC: 3,254

[Tags: AU (GTA), Daddy Kink, Established Relationship, Fluff, Kink, Smut]

Sorry I couldn’t find much more that were Daddy Kink, much less hardcore Daddy Kink. Sorry my guy!

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good achievement hunter things

-lindsay being included in more videos
-when one person starts singing quietly and they get to the chorus and EVERYONE joins in
-gavin and michael calling each other “boi”
-when ryan says “you” and everyone else, in perfect unison, yells “YOOOOU!”
-when jack keeps repeating the punchline to a joke really quietly
-lil j’s website puns
-the team names
-when michael dies in gta and makes really dramatic death sounds
-the little noises gavin makes when he sees something cute
-geoff’s laugh
-ryan talking about his family

feel free to add more!!