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Gorgeous male models that share you sign

Aries: Alex Lundqvist

Taurus: Jon Kortajarena

Gemini: Colton Haynes

Cancer: Simone Nobili

Leo: Rick Genest

Virgo: Marlon Texeira

Libra: Arthur Gosse

Scorpio: Simon Nessman

Capricorn: Ryan Barrett

Sagittarus: Arnaldo Anaya-Lucca

Aquarius: David Gandy

Pisces: Francisco Lachowski

Me when watching Teen Wolf bc those guys are like HOT DAMN (especially Isaac, Liam and Theo they are my babies).


You and Stiles meet while at the Sheriffs station. You sister was the new deputy in the station. You just moved to town. You sat on the bench next to Stiles waiting for your sister to finish. You and him talked for 3 hours. Both of you exchanged numbers. You then talked to him everyday for hours.


You was moving next door to Scott. When you arrived at the house your older brother already went food shopping. Leaving you to unload all the boxes by your self. Scott saw you and he decided to help you unpack. After exchanging numbers you both become good friends. Maybe More.


You was at the Sheriffs station. You have been in trouble for speeding. You was sitting in the bench outside the Sheriffs office. You was twiddling your Maybe nervously. Jordan came up to you and told you that the Sheriff was giving you a warning. You waved at him and walked out of the station. You was also hoping that you would meet him again

(I know you just get a fine if you speed once. However let’s just pretend.)


You at Derek met while in high school. You was late for you class. Once you got to your class room. There was only one seat available. That was next to a Derek hale. After class you exchanged numbers and become best friends.


You met Jackson at a party. You was in you own because your best friend left you to dance with some guy. Jackson came up to you. You both talked for 2 hours. You exchanged numbers. Both of you was surprised when you showed up in his class as the new kid. After that you became friends.

like se pegar

credits: @dylanobririen




Teen Wolf’s Hot Boys