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LA LA LAND  ★★★★✩

If it wasn’t for Damien Chazelle we never would’ve seen La La Land. We’re not much into musicals but we loved Whiplash (one of our favorite movies ever) and we couldn’t wait to see his second film. So we entered the cinema with mixed feelings, bursting with curiosity but yet skeptical. Two hours later, while Emma Stone was humming over the credits, we didn’t want to leave our sits.

La La Land is such a great movie!  It’s just magic. Pure rhythm and enthusiasm with explosions of color and emotions in every corner (as illustrators we deal with colors everyday and we still cannot believe they managed to mix all those different colors so perfectly!). Chazelle drags us into his “technicolor world made out of music and machine” ;) with his constantly moving and swirling camera, that leaves you panting as if you’ve been dancing along with Seb and Mia. Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling are so good too. They’re funny, romantic and genuine in every moment. And that score! Hurwitz made a stunning job (and he’s even commenting it on Genius.com), we loved every single song and couldn’t stop singing them for weeks! I am whistling “City of Stars” right now, actually.

We loved everything but what we loved the most is the romance, because - to us - it’s no ordinary romance. Mia and Sebastian end up together. True. But both are most of all in love with their dream. As in the opening song “Another Day of Sun” the girl recalls how she left her lover to chase her dream, same happens to our characters, pulled away from each other by their ambitions. When they decide to part there’s no tragedy, no screaming, no crying, no argument. “Thing is, we’re just gonna have to wait and see”. Just this, and it’s over. They love each other, it’s sweet and it’s true, but they both also know how much fulfilling their dream is important to them.

So that’s it. Loved it. Very much. And you?



What we could’ve been

The fact that Taraji P. Henson didn’t get an Oscar nomination for Hidden Figures is so insulting, unfortunate, and tragic in every aspect.


La La Land teaches us no matter how deep you fall in love with someone, sometimes you’re just not meant to be.