ryan gosling day

things that happened:

- they played sigur ros right before they started the show and i swear to god if i find out someone in vixx loves sigur ros i will die and go straight to fangirl heaven

- hyuk cried so hard during his thank you speech that he just put his head down so the camera couldnt see him for about 20 seconds and then choked out a “th…ank you…”

- hongbin’s solo blew everyone’s mind. seriously, this kid has grown so much and his voice is absolutely stunning. like i still cant get over it, it was AMAZING.

- i swear im a hakyeon bias guys, but hyuk stole the show omfg his solo was perf too ugh like dream boy material <3

- speaking of hakyeon, the fans had to let him know he had a little wardrobe malfunction lol (his fly was down) he was hilarious about it

- ken said “싫어" with aegyo and hakyeon literally stopped him midsentence and was like ‘KEN, HOW OLD ARE YOU? IS THIS OKAY FOR YOUR AGE TO BE TALKING LIKE THAT?’ and ken took a dramatic pause and then answered “yes” in the aegyo-est voice evar

- hakyeon said instead of having a happy ending with us he wants to have a (in english) “happy continue” :’)

- taekwoon refused to leave the stage aaaaas usual and kept making them play the chorus of the final song over n over (he did this last concert too) plus was super out of breath after dancing to the older songs idky hahaha

- ravi was brilliant as usual and looks more n more like ryan gosling with each day

-i sat next to about 5  boys who i assume were jellyfish male trainees and guys….we’re done for. one looks like a mini hakyeon but worse. they dangerous. get out of the fandom while u stiil can.

im forgetting so much but i need to shower n sleep so UPDATE LATERS

Celebrity Crush Tag

Rules: Pretty self explanatory.  If you’re tagged, you write out your celebrity crushes. The catch? You have to tag one person for each crush. Ie; 10 crushes, tag 10 people.
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1. David Tennant

Always David <3

2. James McAvoy

3. Jon Hamm 


4. Michael Fassbender

5. Tom Hiddleston

6. Ryan Gosling 

I used to watch him when he played the young Hercules hahaha it’s been a while <3

7. Daniel Day-Lewis 

It doesn’t matter how old he gets…he’ll always look amazing 

8. Michiel Huisman

9. Benedict Cumberbatch

10. Jake Gyllenhaal

My list changed a little from the last time I posted it. These are people that I find not only good looking, but also really talented and I really follow their career and watch everything they do hahaha.
You might be wondering “Where’s Troy Baker?”. Well, I do like him very much but I wouldn’t say I have a crush on him, I just really admire his work…it’s complicated hahaha. He used to be part of my list, but now I see him differently.

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