ryan gosling black and white

At the risk of sounding like butt hurt, I believe that in the midst of all this Moonlight vs. La La Land battle, it is best not to take away from the beauty of both films.
People are saying they would have hated it had La La Land actually won. Why? Because you despise the race of the actors? Because jazz can only be played and danced to by black people? Because in this time of racial turmoil, only movies with a primarily black cast can win?
I believe the race of the actors and actresses does not take away from the quality or depth of a movie. La La Land was a wonderfully gorgeous film, with a beautifully told story that an entire team poured their heart and souls into telling. Moonlight was a gorgeously deep, heart wrenching tale told by a team that dedicated their life to the craft of storytelling. Each deserved to win, but saying that La La Land winning would have been a sign of white privilege is insulting to both productions, because they each deserved to win, and it had nothing to do with race.

(In an attempt to protect myself from abuse that will certainly be hurled my way, I find it in my best interests to point out that I am a poc)