ryan freewood


Ooohhh IM BACK AT MY BULLSHIT!!! Dark God!Ryan and Solar Queen!Gavin, h*eck yea. okay but the idea of this drawing is that Ryan’s already fucking up Gavin and trying to destroy his kingdom and corrupt him when he’s thriving and glowing. Little did I know that 2 parts later Ryan would actually end his dreams and make him the queen on nuclear energy. (which imo is a pretty evil outcome)

edgy simple caption: But what’s a Queen to a God.


Gavin, I'm gonna fucking stab you in the eye

Ryan, you suck.”
“You’re about to suck in a minute.”
—-> Bonus: Geoff’s hysteric laughter


Roadtrip sketches mk III - some fahc! (Don’t worry if your request ain’t here, I’ve got more to draw and post later on :’) )

@kaleidonoping wanted ryan tying up or letting his hair down (you’re in luck caus I did both :P), an anon asked for fahc ryan so boy you got plenty of that, @littlegoldprincess wanted rose gold gavin and pastel vaga on a cute cafe date (I’m gonna redraw and improve this one soon!), and @haynowryanwood wanted top knot bun ryan