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photo by Ryan Engstrom | MY TUMBLR BLOG |

Proxy Falls, Oregon. Another captivating photo by Ryan Engstrom!

Also, mosses are like the pandas of nature. They look cute and fluffy, but when you actually touch them, its like they just try to erase you from existence. Cuz you know pandas are basically bears. I think they weigh like a million tons or something (don’t quote me on that :P). They sneeze and wala I have no knees anymore. Mosses go like “hello there curious fellow, cmon step on me, I’m not slippery at all.” And then boom next thing you know you sound like the lady in the grape stomping contest Xo. Basically, be careful around mosses :P. And pandas.

Boardman Glow, by MichaelBandy

I took this on a recent trip to NorCal with Ryan Engstrom and Aron Cooperman. Our goal was to capture the Redwoods, ideally with fog. As you might have seen from our previous posts… We succeeded in that regard. Ideally we would have liked more rhodies as well, but beggars cannot be choosers. Since we were done with the Redwoods (although in hindsight we should have gone back the morning I took this) we headed up to Samuel H Boardman State Park In Oregon. Our goal was to scout around and find a good spot for sunset. We ended up here for a bit and while it was not ideal for sunset, we decided it was a good spot to try a few late morning shots. To be fair, we each used Aron’s tripod to frame up this shot. Slight differences in comp and what I assume will be fairly significant differences in processing will make these shots our own. That being said… I seem to have beaten them to the punch in editing this one… So I get to post first. smile emoticon I hope you all like it.