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Ever thought of making Team Canada an NHL team? Think again. Team Canada is worth roughly $94 million in salaries.


28th April

On this day in 2007: Evolution of the Daleks

Concluding part to Daleks in Manhattan. In 1930s New York, the Daleks’ plan is in full force. Faced with the cyborgs’ most evil and dangerous scheme yet.


Contribute to our new film “Jesus, Bro!”  A religious spoof film Directed by Ryan Mitchelle, and Written by Brad Jones!


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“The Qilin” for Character Design. 

A Qilin is a creature in Chinese folklore, known as the chinese unicorn. It’s a chimeral creature that has features of a dragon, deer, and a horse, and other depictions include giraffes, lions, and tigers. It is also often seen with fire all over its body.

It is a creature of justice, punishing the wicked if a pure person is threatened by evil.

Done in the style of Ryan David Jones.