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pas de cheval // panic! at the disco


she had the world // panic! at the disco


Hmmm. As requested, some of the palest Star Princess costumes. 

it’s not really that they’re pale. But they have a stronger ombre look, with silvery hem gradually turning into pink around the waist, and the blue shade and ruffle in the bodice is often very subdued. This is more typical for elder costumes; modern versions tend to pump up the colours. 

1. Anne Görner (Essen), 2. Felicidad Farag (Madrid), 3. Rebecca Caine (Toronto), 4. Susan Sereda (Toronto), 5. Sarah Ryan (UK tour), 6. Kiara Sasso (Sao Paolo), 7. Marina Prior (Melbourne), 8. Kimilee Bryant (Broadway), 9. Colby Thomas (Hamburg). 


she had the world // panic! at the disco

I’ve had a lot of dysphoria lately over the fact that even post transition, I am going to have certain irreversible parts of my body from my first puberty/being afab. This has been the hardest pill for me to swallow, that no matter what I do, I will never have the body a cis man does, which because of internalized transphobia, has been my ultimate goal. I realize this is problematic, but this has been my core desire since I was 12, it takes a while to unlearn, and I hold myself to a higher standard than I do other people, which is also a problem. I’ve been really hard on myself, thinking I won’t be a “real” man because of this and that nobody will ever love me the same as they would love a cis man.

The thing that helped me THE MOST with this was to look at other trans guys I really look up to, or other trans guys that I’m friends with. Do I think they’re not real men? Of course not. I see them the same way I see every other guy. They’re absolutely real men, no questions asked, so why am I being so hard on myself when I’m in the exact same situation? Ty Turner, Ryan Cassata, Ashton Colby, and a ton of other awesome trans guys are all 100% real men, despite some being pre- (or non-) T/surgery/everything. 

Being a man isn’t about the body parts you’re born with. Being a man isn’t about how much testosterone you have in your body, about how flat your chest is, or about how slim your hips are, or about what’s between your legs. Being a man is about having the brain and soul of a man. I have that. I am a man. If someone doesn’t love me because I don’t fit the cookie cutter body type they’re looking for, that isn’t my problem. 

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Guest Listings 7/13-7/17:
Monday, July 13: Guests include Paul Rudd, Cara Delevingne and musical guest Echosmith.
Tuesday, July 14: Guests include LeBron James, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler and musical guest OMI with The Roots. Mark Rivera sits-in with The Roots.
Wednesday, July 15: Guests include Amy Schumer, Ian McKellen and musical guest Alan Jackson.
Thursday, July 16: Guests include Ryan Seacrest, Trevor Noah, and stand-up by Tig Notaro.
Friday, July 17: Guests include Bill Hader, Colbie Smulders, and musical guest Years and Years.