ryan bollman

OK so I don’t care what all ya’ll say!! I fucking love this movie!!….


I love ‘The children of the corn: II The final Sacrifice’

My reason being is Ryan Bollman as ‘Micah’ because out of all the actors in the move this guy actually knows why his character is saying the lines, He knows and understands his characters objectives in the scenes and the movie as a whole! Every one else just seems to say there lines and that’s it, they don’t thinks about the reasons for saying it, so they just end up throwing their lines away!  If you pay close attention you can see that Micah is always thinking before he speaks! He even becomes hesitant at times, showing him to be more human then he appears to be in the movie. For example when he first ventures into the corn field attempting to find his friend Mordechai , he hears noises and he thinks it’s his friend attempting to scare him which we already is anyway. He calls out to Mordechai hesitating as he does so “Mmm..mm…Mordechai?”  Little things like this make his performance more realistic and convincing as this is something we naturally do as human beings. Humans are never familiar with the sentences they construct when speaking and neither is Micah! On the other hand the reason for the other actors throwing away their lines is because they are too familiar with them. They are over confident and just blurt out the lines as they are on the script resulting in a poor performance. There is nothing in their speech pattern that lets the viewers know that the character is saying the words for the first time!!

I personally like Ryan Bollman as an actor and his facial expressions are amazing: he has a good face for camera. I find he is really under rated in the professional industry which is unfortunate.  

On a good note I want to talk about this picture which I fined fucking hilarious!  

First off look at Micah (The kid in black) and the little girl next to him, if looks could kill everyone who has viewed this movie would be dead! But what Kills me the most about this pic is the kid walking behind Micah, he’s like….Bitch I’m fabulous! Haahaa! These kids just fallow Micah everywhere breathing in his majesticness, thay crack me up!

P.s.  Micah (Ryan) has really nice eyes!