ryan bird

OKAY OKAY OKAY BUT LIKE. so i’ve watched the video about 20 times now because i’m just s o happy. i think i’m actually shaking. but point being it’s so good and also the two guys he takes down at the end are S O good because it’s tim’s fighting style. 

he’s small and he jumps up on the one guy to take his entire body weight into his chest and force him down, and then once he gets pulled off and thrown, he rolls well, and then his hits aren’t ridiculously powerful, but they’re accurate and it’s so important it’s so much like how i see tim fighting it’s so smart and uses his size to his advantage. i j u S T 

we are just so blessed to have him so pumped and so motivated to go for this. i am crying thinking about it; this is the most respect tim drake has been shown since the reboot in 2011 i stg