ryan being a badass

so i’ve mentioned how my favorite thing is fake ah crew ryan being a complete dork masquerading as a badass, right

one night like way after midnight michael wakes up to the sound of loud, steady, insistent pounding at his door, and he’s up out of bed in his pajama bottoms with a gun in his hand before he even wakes up completely

and when he gets to the door he looks through the peephole and sees the fisheye lens version of ryan standing in the hall of his apartment building wearing his skull mask and looking generally creepy and imposing

so michael opens the door and for a moment there’s just this silence with michael holding the gun loosely at his side and ryan creepily silhouetted against the lights of the hallway, jacket spattered with deep red spots

and a list of things michael is expecting ryan to say, having come to his apartment in the middle of the night without warning covered in blood:

  • i need you to help me bury a body
  • i’m on the run from the cops
  • i’ve decided to kill you and everyone you love

but this is what ryan actually says, words muffled through his mask, body language abruptly sheepish: “i forgot to pay my bills this month and they shut off my water. can i use your shower?”

michael stares, and then he nods dumbly–what else can he do?–and ryan murmurs a thanks and pushes past him into the apartment.

later, ryan haywood is sitting in michael’s living room in a towel while his bloody clothes are spinning through the wash cycle

(“do you have a pair of sweats or something i could borrow,” ryan had asked when he came out of the bathroom

“sure,” michael had replied, and had then turned around and actually looked at ryan, towel around his waist, hair dripping, bare chest still slightly wet, upon which he’d blurted, “actually, no.”

“…you don’t have any spare clothes.”

“that’s right.”

“…okay…? i’ll just…hang on to the towel until my clothes are done, then?”

“that’d be great.”)

and after some awkward silence, michael says, “you know, you can probably set your bills up to auto pay,” and ryan blinks once and breathes out an oh that seems to carry the weight of a dozen forgotten months of water bill payments, what a fucking nerd.

k so I was reading this amazing post when I came across this line that got me athinking:

“All medical fields are varying degrees of competitive, but any surgeon out there will tell you that surgery is easily one of the most competitive fields of all time, medicine or otherwise. Surgeon’s stats (operating time, success rate, mortality rate) are all tracked closely, you can easily start loosing surgeries if you screw up, and your overall career path can be very drastically changed by even a few mistakes. There are a lot of surgeons who will pass altogether on high-risk operations and patients (usually the ones in the most danger and greatest need), just to keep their stats from dropping. Medical supervisors will often discourage patient’s and their families for doing for surgical options if there is a high risk, to avoid giving false hope and to protect the hospital’s overall surgical reputation.” 

now if this isn’t the least Ryan “Fuck the rules I have to do the right thing” Dalias thing I’ve ever read

because lets be real here, he already had no patience for this shit. that fucker probably overheard someone talking about not doing a surgery because of the high risk, stormed into the operating room, and offered to do the thing himself because goddamnit someone was dying. its very noble and very annoying and no one really knows what to do.

but then The Trial of Akmazian happens and shit goes down, and at some point he puts two and two together and realizes that he’s already probably dragged his own name through the goddamn mud, and more work = less time to be sad, so what the fuck. lets do all the surgeries that no one else has the balls to do.

and he does. and of course, it sure as hell isn’t healthy because while it is productive, working yourself into an early grave is not the best way to deal with grief, but despite all of that, we can assume that during the time between The Trial of Akmazian and The Caper, shit. gets. done.

and its such a Ryan thing to do. because obviously, when you’re on thin ice for defending a wanted terrorist and your dad just died, forcing you to deal with multiple life problems at once, the best solution is clearly to save a bunch of lives because what the fuck amirite. “im already fucked might as well be ridiculously noble while im at it.”

tl;dr someone needs to explain to Ryan that being a medical badass is not a valid way to deal with emotional problems

Painstation Let’s Play was too real, Gavin gave up immediately out of fear..making bird noises, Michael says shit like “It’s not that bad..” over and over again, Geoff squirming the entire time, Jack being completely calm and competitive, Lindsay being badass, and Ryan wearing a fucking giant ass backpack and a baseball hat like a child

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fav r&r connection fic recs?


After Hours - bilvy
Coffee shop AU! And oh my gosh it is so precious and Ryan is a dork with the biggest crush in the world and everything is lovely and makes you feel like your heart is gonna burst. And the follow up is hot. And Geoff is awesome.

Feeding the Strays - friendlydischarge
GTA AU! Ray being a badass and Ryan being a precious concerned dorky teacher who can’t help but get involved with the cute dangerous stranger who breaks into his house. Seriously great stuff. I’m a sucker for the hurt/care thing.

Ten Out of Ten - friendlydischarge
Vampire AU! When your neighbour’s a hot vampire and you have a thing for getting blood drawn, you’ve hit the jackpot. Hot stuff and I wish there was more :’)


So I want to talk about something for a minute that was alluded to in my tags on my last reblog, namely the idea that Emma’s characterization has been sacrificed for the sake of being with Hook.

As you can probably tell, I vehemently disagree with that notion. I do believe that there’s a difference between OOC and character development.

Because look, here’s the thing. Emma the bail bondsperson we meet in the pilot? She’s badass, she’s tough, she’s strong, she’s a survivor. She’s all these wonderful empowering adjectives but you know what she’s not? Happy.

She’s not happy. She has her entire being walled off from forming connections with anyone. Yes, we see her being a complete and total badass to Bail Jumper Ryan, but what do we see next? We see her going home to an empty apartment with one lonely little cupcake that she bought herself to celebrate her birthday.

She has nobody in her life. Nobody. No one with whom to even share some cake on her birthday. And she is very clearly unhappy. (”Another banner year.”/ “I made a wish that I wouldn’t have to be alone on my birthday.”)

No, Emma the bail bondsperson probably would not have fallen for Hook. But 1) Emma the bail bondsperson wouldn’t have fallen for anyone, thanks to said walls, and 2) even by the time she meets him, she’s no longer Emma the bail bondsperson. Because she has people in her life who’d burrowed underneath her walls despite her best efforts at keeping them out. Henry, Mary Margaret, even David Nolan … these people helped to change her, helped to draw her out of that lonely little cocoon she’d wrapped herself up in.

Don’t believe me? Go back and watch the pilot, and then watch any episode from, say, “Hat Trick” on immediately afterward. The change in Emma is astounding. And to me, it’s beautiful. Because here is Emma Swan, fighting to keep what she’d tried to convince herself she didn’t even want.

And all of this was before Hook’s introduction.

After four full seasons, Emma is not the same person we were introduced to way back when. And frankly, after four full seasons, she shouldn’t be. Characters are supposed to develop over time. And what we’re seeing with Emma is indeed character development. We’re seeing her open up, we’re seeing her blossom, we’re seeing the effect love and support have on her, love and support that comes from many places: friends, family, and romantic love. We’re seeing her emerge from that lonely little cocoon a beautiful butterfly.

It makes her no less badass. She still is all those wonderful empowering adjectives she was when we met her. I mean, come on, she just took the darkest entity in all the realms on herself to keep it from laying waste to the lands. She’s a complete and total badass.

But being a badass doesn’t mean she’s not allowed to be happy as well. As an Emma fan, I personally want her to be happy. I want her to have all the happiness she was denied as a child and young adult. I want to see her Happily Ever After, and if part of the Happily Ever After of the modern-day badass princess is falling in love with a fairy tale pirate captain, then bring it on.