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Arthur is not a coworker that you would want. His coffee breaks take over 80% of his workday and none of his coworkers know how or why. 

(Some continuation on this comic and how Ryan continued on being undercover very professionally.)

  • Peter: *loses Wade in a crowd*
  • Peter: Fuck it
  • Wade: *running through smoke, rolling away from incoming grenade, leaping across two helicarriers* wHAT DID YOU SAY
Panic! Lyrics

So most of us know about that lyric in “Mad as Rabbits”  that says

We must reinvent love

 There is an extended poem written by a gay poet named Arthur Rimbaud and its called A Season in Hell that is divided into nine parts. In the fourth part called Delirium 1: The Foolish Virgin – The Infernal Spouse which is basically about a man who is in love with another man. According to Wikipedia it is “…story of a man (Verlaine), enslaved to his “infernal bridegroom” (Rimbaud) who deceived him and lured his love with false promises. He treats quite transparently his relation with Verlaine.”

Supposedly(and most likely), the lyrics We must reinvent love…  were taken from this poem.

This is a ryden theory. I don’t know if anybody has notice this before. The Mad as Rabbit is not the only song that the lyrics reference the gay poet Arthur Rimbaud. I got interested in the poem and wanted to see if it was true that they referenced the poem, and while I was reading I found two other references. (Maybe this is not like a major ryden thingy BUT it is still interesting how much they reference this poet).

She’s a Handsome Woman

Panic! Lyrics

Arthur Rimbaud

Behind The Sea

Panic! Lyrics

Arthur Rimbaud


Today in ‘WTF is going on with the BC Greens’:

-Arthur Green is the BC Greens candidate for Fraser-Nicola. He’s a 9/11 truther and has shared other conspiracies related to Stephen Harper, UFO’s and Chem Trails.

-Ryan Marciniw is the BC Green’s candidate for Richmond-North Centre. He retweeted a holocaust denying post, and replied ‘Nailed it!’. He’s also made homophobic comments and also appears to be a 9/11 truther.

Did the party even vet these candidates?


9 Highest Paid Male Supermodels

Sean O’Pry (July 5, 1989) $1.5M

David Gandy (February 19, 1980) $1.4M

Simon Nessman (November 5, 1989) $1.1M

Arthur Kulkov (August 20, 1983) $905K

Noah Mills (April 26, 1985) $740K

Ryan Burns (September 8, 1992) $610K

Tyson Ballou (November 14, 1976) $425K

Ollie Edwards (June 22, 1985) $410K

Jon Kortajarena (May 19, 1985) $290K


Compilation of the best of backstage shenanigans at Matilda Broadway

RIP Matilda Broadway

None of the videos are mine. All credit goes to the original actor who posted the video.

Gorgeous male models that share you sign

Aries: Alex Lundqvist

Taurus: Jon Kortajarena

Gemini: Colton Haynes

Cancer: Simone Nobili

Leo: Rick Genest

Virgo: Marlon Texeira

Libra: Arthur Gosse

Scorpio: Simon Nessman

Capricorn: Ryan Barrett

Sagittarus: Arnaldo Anaya-Lucca

Aquarius: David Gandy

Pisces: Francisco Lachowski