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introducing your brand new ot3: lunavicwood


It may not have been planned, but #LetsPlayLive ended in a #RageQuit

Music Monday - Fini

Thank you for putting up with my Music Monday postings. ;-) I do hope you listened to and enjoyed my theme of original songs and my favorite of its cover versions and could appreciate what you heard. Perhaps you discovered something new. :-)

For those that missed it, I played:

Set 1: The Stranglers || Tori Amos
Set 2: Lloyd Cole and the Commotions || Tori Amos
Set 3: Oasis || Ryan Adams
Set 4: Bee Gees || Feist
Set 5: ABBA || Steven Wilson
Set 6: Donovan || Steven Wilson

(I will have them all linked up when I get to a computer tomorrow. They are all now linked to their respective posts. [18th April 2017])

Take care and goodnight from Midwestern USA. 💖 [17th April 2017]


Let’s Play Live Finale!

(not my video but someone had to upload it to tumblr)

I’m flipping my shit rn (don’t talk to me about the clip of Jack and Geoff hugging)

Gavin Free’s favourite lyrics from Screen are probably “I can’t see past my own nose, I’m seeing everything in slo-mo” which also pretty much sums him up as a person.

Guys I’m so fucking happy Ryan Adams who is my all time favorite artist and just his music has done so much for me and he’s also just an amazingly witty person and he also loves cats jokingly decided to cover Welcome to New York by taylorswift and is now recording all of 1989 in the style of the smiths and he’s been posting videos and it’s just not real, like it is the best thing I’ve ever heard and it’s just so absurd and perfect and Taylor even freaked out when she found out he was doing it and was totally obsessed and we all know that I lowkey love Taylor swift so it’s just so ahhhhh I can’t even put it into words how this makes me feel!! Like just seeing how much fun he’s having with it makes me happy and I could not ask for anything better