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WEST COAST WITCHES we sacrifice surfers to shark gods and use love potions on movie stars. (listen.)

i.  a war - bird  ii. hollywood forever cemetery sings - father john misty  iii. idle - peggy sue  iv. angel of small death & the codeine scene - hozier  v. ghostly arms - zoo animal  vi. all babes are wolves - spinnerette  vii. creator - santogold  viii. virgin - manchester orchestra  ix. diamond dogs - beck  x. magick - ryan adams & the cardinals  xi. ropery - snow ghosts  xii. pyre - son lux  xii. black magic - magic wands

Ryan Adams & The Cardinals // “Dear John,” from Follow The Lights

Ten years pass, and I ended up with a house full of cats;
But most of them went missing, through that window you never fixed; the door you never latched, when you were on your way out, the last time.

And I wanted you so bad…

‘Cause you are always mine, to keep when you’re gone;
Two silvers rings — one’s on my finger, and the other one’s gone,
Went underground with you; oh, John.

I miss you; oh, John…

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I was tagged by @crazyassmurdererwall, @sairyn-noc and @loyalty2waystreet. Thanks, guys! Okay, let’s spin those decks wheel of fortune style. Round and round and round she goes, where she’ll stop nobody knows!

1) I’m Not Yours - Angus and Julia Stone

2) Intervention - Arcade Fire

3) Star Star - The Frames

4) Alone in the Makeout Room - The Broken Family Band

5) Alone Again Or - Love

6) No Diggity - Blackstreet

7) The Wild Ones - Suede

8) Hard Way to Fall - Ryan Adams and The Cardinals

9) Kathleen - Josh Ritter

10) What A Wonderful World - Joey Ramone

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It’s A Long Story ~ A dumb magic missiles fst

Abracadabra - Steve Miller Band | Black Magic Woman - Santana | Magick - Ryan Adams & The Cardinals | Momentum - The Hush Sound | Magic - Olivia Newton-John | Gas Panic! - Oasis | Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic - The Police | Blue Eyed Hexe - Pixies | Terrible Love - The National | Get Jinxed

Let It Ride
Ryan Adams & The Cardinals
Let It Ride

Loaded like a sailor stumbling off the ferry boat
I was at the bar ‘til 3:00
Oh Lord, and I wasn’t ready to go
I’m never ready to go