ryan :(

i love how buzzfeed unsolved is conceptually meant to be a show about unsolved cases and proving the existence of supernatural phenomenon but actually what we get is 

  • screaming and excessive wheezing
  • dan and rebecca the sexy hotdog couple
  • #crabjoust and crab sex
  • “maybe this ghost just loves to blaze it”
  • two broooos chilling in a hot tub
  • cracking open a cold one for bigfoot
  • “jesus said chill”
  • “i hear you like balls”
  • shitty celebrity impressions
  • ricky goldsworth
  • sexual deviant shane madej
  • idk? spooky stuff

this show is literally one giant shitpost and i for one am loving every second

So far in Achievement Hunters Minecraft Skyfactory lets play

Geoff has a chicken farm and bred multiple types of chickens.

Jack has built a mob farm and maintains a regular farm.

Ryan has been maintaining the automations and built various energy sources the most recent being nuclear.

Micheal has done nothing as far as i can tell.

Gavin built the solar panels, and has been assisting Jeremy in whatever he is working on.

Jeremy learns how to do blood magic, alchemy, alter the atomic structure of items, build a death ray…and doesn’t know what to do with it. Right now he’s working on a portal to a magic world and I’m sure he’s not going to understand what the hell to do with it.