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Omg imagine if a bully made the horrible mistake of punching Jack/bruising him.

oh my god let me break your hearts real quick:

“Fuck off, you gay boy!” Jack tripped over his own feet, landing on his butt. He stared up at the kid in front of him, tears falling down his face rapidly, “Stop getting in my way!” 

The kid grabbed Jack’s tie, pulling him up to eye level. His free hand swung up, and then everything happened in slow motion. The hand flew towards Jack’s face, and it connected with his cheek. Jack was thrown to floor, dazed and hurt. He felt the metallic taste of blood flow through his mouth, and he spit it out. 

The kid was laughing at him, his shadow towering over Jack. 

“Please,” Jack breathed, his hand pressing against his jaw, “please, just leave me alone..” His vision was blurry, and he wasn’t sure if it was because of the sudden wave of pain that hit him or the endless flow of tears. 

“I told you to stay out of my way, and you never listen, do you? You fucking queer.” His voice was deep, and it dripped with pure hatred. Jack could see him start to square up for another blow, but a voice rang out in the empty hallway.

“Hey! Fuck you!” 

“Leave Jack alone or I swear to god I will rip you apart.” It was Danny and Mark’s voice. There were quick footsteps coming closer, and Jack began to inch away, pushing himself into the corner. He wiped blood on his shirt.

“Who the fuck are you?” He turned his attention away from Jack and towards the boys walking closer. 

“We’re the fucking coolest guys ever.” Matt said, spitting on the ground by the kid’s feet, “and we’re here to fuck shit up.” 

“What did you do to Jack?” Danny demanded. Jack let out a quiet sob, his jaw aching, along with his entire body. There was no answer. 

Mark was the first to act, running and dodging the blow that was thrown at him, only to return the favor twice as hard. Jack heard the kid fall to the ground. 

Danny rushed over to Jack’s side. “Jack, what happened?! Oh my god, you’re bleeding.” Danny fished a handkerchief out of his pocket and held it to Jack’s lips. Matt helped him to his feet, and he leaned against Ryan and Matt. 

“Listen here, fucker,” Jack heard Mark’s voice. It was stern, angry. Perhaps even furious. He had never heard him so mad. “If you ever touch him again, I will kill you. There is no reason on this planet for you to treat him like that. He’s done nothing wrong to you. So go home and think about what you did. I don’t wanna see you near Jack again.” he pulled the kid to his feet and shoved his backpack in his arms, then gave him a push towards the door. 

“You okay, Jacky?” he turned around.

“I am now.” Jack whispered.


I’ve been watching the Achievement Hunter gang for just over a year now (and still have a ways before I catch up to current videos), sooo here’s the Fake AH Crew as I know ‘em~ Goddamn heists are the best. <3