Old Alpacasso series Sale~

These particular Alpacasso are slowly getting difficult to find as the days pass by, purchase one or more before the prices get even higher in the future o.o;; Please contact me via email at Alpacasso@live.com for inquiries/questions. I am super friendly and have positive feedback from many previous buyers, just search the “derpola” tag on Tumblr and you will see all the wonderful reviews people have posted~

[From left to right]

- 55cm White girl w/ star glasses & Pink Bow
- 55cm Yellow Ryama Reindeer (first) Christmas series
- 55cm White girl w/ Blue star & pinkish/purple tutu Ballerina series

- 33cm Baby Alpacasso White boy w/ red bow & beret
- 36cm Kids Alpacasso blue animal hoodie white boy
- 33cm Baby Alpacasso Pink girl w/ red plaid uniform & bow

Just so everyone knows, I will do better deals when you purchase more than one plush. Also, I am open to negotiating on prices; so don’t be afraid to ask.

Photos above are all taken by me: (@derpola)
Therefore, I would like to state that all are brand new with their paper tags attached. If you would like to see better photos of a particular Alpacasso, send an email :)

Have a nice day everyone! Thanks for reading~


Large Alpacasso/Arpakasso Summer Sale~

All sales go towards my college spendings, so thank you all for the support!

There are only one of each large Alpacasso, starting from left to right:

55cm Natural Curly hair Ryama (Brand new w/ tags) (SOLD)

55cm White Girl Ballerina series (Brand new w/ paper tags)

55cm RARE Black UK Olympics series (Brand new w/ paper tags) (SOLD)

55cm White Girl w/ Star Glasses & Pink Bow (Brand new w/ paper tags)

45cm White Macaron series (Brand new w/ tags)

45cm Pink Macaron series (Brand new w/ tags) (SOLD)

45cm RARE Yellow Neon Play!Color Series (Brand new w/o paper tags)

45cm RARE White Girl w/ Red Earmuffs series (Brand new w/ tags) (SOLD)

If you would like to see more photos of a certain Alpacasso, please feel free to ask me via email at Alpacasso@live.com and contact me by email if you’d like to purchase something from this sales post. Also, if you have any type of questions at all, don’t feel shy; I’d happily answer any of your questions!

If you buy more plush, I can do better deals + combined shipping. Make sure you check out my other sales posts just I case you might see more stuff you have interest in. Thank you :D

Note: I will only be accepting payments via paypal because it is the most quickest and safest method to send cash online.

After months of hunting and over another month of waiting, I finally received one of alpacas I’ve been wanting for a long time! The cutest natural ryama ever, from Joseph at KawaiiPlushLove, in basically new condition with tags. Of course, she came with a little green dumpling freebie which is also adorable. 

This llama is soft and stands great on her own compared to my other alpacasso, and also has a super cute face. I love her to death. Joseph actually had two and the first one he got had a rather lopsided nose, so I asked to see the second one, which was this cutie. Sorry, lopsided-nose-ryama…you’ll definitely find a loving home too!


A big box has arrived and unveil the most prettiest fur I ever laid my eyes on out of the alpacasso!
It’s so gorgeous 💖 the only downside is.. The rosette fur will be gone as soon as you ruffle or touch it TTWTT noooo. But it’s still the most cutesy Ryama I seen .
It’s biggest arpakasso in size I have owned 😍 (not that the size differ a lot)

Now it’s tempting me to collect the cotton candy powan series 😭😣

Omg resisting to hug— The doe-like eyes is so I rresistible!

hey!! ive been meaning to make a follow forever for a really long time but i never really got to it until now, im not really sure how to make these but here you go!! (favourite blogs are in bold ^__^ )

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So, I finally got around to making my first follow forever (yay~). I was going to post this a while ago but I got super busy. Anyway, the blogs here are people I talk to, those I admire and those I reblog/like stuff from a lot… I just want to thank you guys for making my dash so lovely and enjoyable to scroll through everyday and for getting me this far ((also, for not letting me wanna log off of tumblr OTL)) ..god I hope I’m not missing people aaa

Have a good rest of the week!!~ ( ゚,_ゝ゚)


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