After months of hunting and over another month of waiting, I finally received one of alpacas I’ve been wanting for a long time! The cutest natural ryama ever, from Joseph at KawaiiPlushLove, in basically new condition with tags. Of course, she came with a little green dumpling freebie which is also adorable. 

This llama is soft and stands great on her own compared to my other alpacasso, and also has a super cute face. I love her to death. Joseph actually had two and the first one he got had a rather lopsided nose, so I asked to see the second one, which was this cutie. Sorry, lopsided-nose-ryama…you’ll definitely find a loving home too!


A big box has arrived and unveil the most prettiest fur I ever laid my eyes on out of the alpacasso!
It’s so gorgeous 💖 the only downside is.. The rosette fur will be gone as soon as you ruffle or touch it TTWTT noooo. But it’s still the most cutesy Ryama I seen .
It’s biggest arpakasso in size I have owned 😍 (not that the size differ a lot)

Now it’s tempting me to collect the cotton candy powan series 😭😣

Omg resisting to hug— The doe-like eyes is so I rresistible!


Another version of my strawberry Alpacasso decoration, made the same way as before!  I can’t decide which one I like better!

Since I have been getting a lot of requests to sell my designs I have decided to do just that, and these strawberry accessories will be the first ones to appear in my Etsy shop!  So, make sure you are signed up for Etsy and keep an eye out for my announcement once the listing goes live!

Finally, thanks to all of the people who messaged me about my wings!  Because so many people have requested them, I will be selling some of these as well!  I am still deciding what colors and quantities I will offer so those will come a bit later, but they will be listed soon!  Thanks for your appreciation and patience!

xmacaron asked:

Can you post a photo of the beri beri and kuri kuru's you got? I just want to see which ones you got :p

Unfortunately I don’t have pictures since I didn’t get them yet but I will list what I have at the warehouse. Ofc since I only collect 12/16cm the bigger sizes were acquired either b/c someone wanted it or cause I will be putting them up in the shop although some of the 12/16cm are also spoken for already depending on which :)

ps. Please refrain from contacting me about specific sales from this list. Some of them are for my personal collection and others are already claimed. Anything extra I will make an update once I actually receive them all :D

(50cm) Natural Curly Ryama x 4
(50cm) Dreamy Beige Ryama
(50cm) White Christmas
(50cm) Closed Eye Pink Monotone/Kuro and Pink
(50cm) White OPEN Alpacaffe Adult
(40cm) Pink Macaron
(35cm) Pink Marine Girl
(35cm) Original Pink
Pink Flat Pillow x 3
(16cm) White Girl Marine
(16cm) Pink Girl Marine
(16cm) White Boy Marine
(16cm) White Girl Let’s Party
(16cm) Beige Boy Let’s Party
(12cm) Pink Girl Let’s Party
(16cm) White Alpacaffe Kids
(12cm) Pink Prince
(12cm) Pink AOT
(12cm)(16cm) Beige Berry Berry
(12cm)(16cm) White Girl Berry Berry
(12cm)(16cm) Pink Girl Hood Berry Berry
(12cm) White Boy Berry
(12cm) Purple Ichigo Strawberry Baby
(12cm) White Ichigo Strawberry Baby
(12cm) Pink Ichigo Strawberry Baby
Alpacasso Coin Pouch: Purple, Pink, White, Beige
(12cm) Beige Kuri Kuri x 3
(16cm) Beige Kuri Kuri x 1
(12cm) Pink Kuri Kuri x 4
(16cm) Pink Kuri Kuri x 1
(12cm) White Boy Kuri Kuri x 1
(12cm) White Girl Kuri Kuri x 4
(16cm) White Girl Kuri Kuri x 1


Well everyone I finally found the time to pursue an idea I have had for awhile…custom closed-eye and my own original creation, happy-eye alpacasso! I really enjoy closed-eye Alpacasso but they are hard to find and generally expensive so I decided to make my own! I am very happy with the results and best of all I will be posting a tutorial so you can do your very own custom eyes for Alpacasso too! Thanks for looking!

Alpacasso Makeover: Bootleg Stuffing!

I really wanted a yellow ryama recently but I couldn’t find one that I liked (I like the smiles on the Dreamy, Powa Powan and Soda series the best) so I decided to take a chance and bought one on eBay.  I knew it was either a bootleg or a factory reject but I wanted to see how bad of a quality it really was.  After about 3 weeks of waiting he arrived, stuffed in a big mailer and squished in tight.  Here’s what he looks like!

The listing on eBay advertised it as a “Soda Alpacasso” and if you look closely it has a little soda necklace like the official series…the butt tag is pretty off though haha….guess I got my Dreamy ryama after all! XD

It’s actually pretty decent quality, so I’m guessing it is a factory reject and not a complete bootleg.  It has the exact same fabric for the feet and eye/mouth area, and the eyes were also the same as on my official Alpacassos.  The only problem I could see was that the poor guy needed some stuffing…he was pretty floppy and understuffed and looked kind of distorted as a result.  So I decided to fix him!

I made a small incision with my scissors into the stitching on his hind leg…I had to hunt around in the fur a bit to find it but once I cut it the seams opened easily.  I cut a hole big enough to fit my entire hand into.

Hard to see but this is where I made the cut.

Here he is all sliced open in the Alpacasso Hospital (aka my couch)  ;_;  Poor guy!  He was filled with regular polyfill.  I had always wondered if there was foam or something inside there but it’s just polyfill.  That made stuffing him easy since I have a giant bag of it at home. You can get yourself a giant bag for cheap at Joann’s or Michael’s.

First I rearranged the stuffing that was already inside him.  I could feel that his head wasn’t stuffed all the way so I shoved a lot in there…here his neck is floppy from lack of stuffing haha…  The stuffing left a bit of a slimy residue on my hands too…:\  I feel bad for the factory workers who have to work with it every day.  I appreciate them for working so hard to make such nice toys for us!

Looks a lot better now!  I felt around inside the head too since I was curious about the construction…there is a little hole cut in the front of the face fabric where the white mouth ball is sewn on…I shoved a bunch of stuffing in there too.  Also there is a hole where the eye fabric goes too…seems like they cut out an eye-shaped hole then sew a little piece of fabric with the eyes already attached onto the hole.  I could feel the backs of the eyes in there.

Look at how big his head is!  Maybe it is hard to tell in the picture but it was huge compared to his body haha….

When I had shoved the original stuffing around enough I began to add new.  All of the stuffing in the pic went into him and then some!  I made sure to fill out his feet and legs nice and firm too.  

Finally I sewed up the opening with some strong quilting thread (didn’t take a pic but it was really easy)  I doubled the thread and used a buttonhole stitch to close the hole up, I didn’t even really fold the raw edge inside since it got pretty covered up by the fur and it was totally concealed.  

Here’s the final result!  On the left is before stuffing and the right is after.  He looks a lot better now, just like an official release!  He stands up much better too, and even his ears perk up more…can you spot the seam I made?  

Overall I spent ~$43.00  on him including shipping, and that was the cheapest one I could find on eBay (I saw some for $25 on Storenvy but they deleted the listing before I could buy one) He cost as much as a legit Alpacasso, which isn’t great but I did really want a yellow ryama and since I coudn’t find one I resorted to eBay.

In the end he turned out just as nice as any real Alpacasso, so I think it’s too bad that they end up throwing so many away when it was really easy to fix him up…anyone with a needle and thread and some stuffing can do it in about 15-20 minutes!  I also think it’s fun to have a bootleg to play around with without fear of messing one up… I might even try some other things like dyeing in the future.  First I need to make him a custom accessory though, maybe a ribbon or something since he was originally supposed to be a Dreamy Alpacasso?  So many ideas!

Thanks for reading and feel free to ask questions if you want to try it for yourself!

Also for beginning collectors, once again this is not an official Alpacasso!  If you want legit ones I suggest buying from rosy61987, derpola or kawaiiplushlove (and there are several other good sellers out there too, just ask around!) but if you want a factory reject to play with eBay has tons of them!

Alpacasso Custom Eyes Tutorial

Alright here is the tutorial on how to do your own custom eyes for Alpacasso! This is a long and image-heavy post so it’s probably best to view on the comp vs. mobile. Here is a rundown of what you need:


  • Scissors, sharp are best
  • Sharp knife of some kind
  • Flathead screwdriver (not too thick on the end)
  • Needle and thread
  • Paper to trace your eye shape onto
  • Black felt or any other material you want to use for eyes.  I wanted to use black so I could make eyelashes but you could use any color!  You could even make the eyes flowers or something else, it’s up to you!

Now, here are some things to keep in mind before we begin

This tutorial is for those who want to make custom Alpacasso eyes and it involves the use of tools that may harm you.   BE CAREFUL with the knife when you get to step 5 or you run the risk of seriously cutting yourself! Also I don’t recommend doing this on a legit paca since you might mess it up!  I do all of my custom stuff on my bootleg Ryama so I’m not worried if he gets damaged.

Finally I am not responsible for any damage you do to your paca or to yourself as you follow this tutorial.  Go slow and don’t rush through it to minimize the risk of hurting yourself or your plush!

Now, with that out of the way let’s begin.

Step 1: Choose a victim subject

Here is my trusty factory reject Dreamy Ryama whom I bought off eBay.  For those of you new to Alpacasso, this is not a legitimate Amuse alpaca.  If you want legit Amuse items I suggest buying from the list of approved Alpacasso sellers you can find on the Alpacasso OMG forum.  Almost all Alpacasso from eBay are bootlegs or rejects and they are not legit, but it is a good source for getting a cheapish Alpacasso you can customize.  Some people are against buying rejects and that’s their choice, but I’m not here to argue the politics of that…I’m here to show you how to make your own custom paca. Anyway, this is the Alpacasso I am going to use!

Step 2: Cut a hole in the back of the Alpacasso’s head

The back of an Alpacasso’s head is formed by two pieces which are then sewn on to the neck (sort of like an upside-down capital T).  I made my cut where the vertical and horizontal lines meet and pulled the thread out going up towards the top of the head.  Sharp scissors are very handy for this step (like the ones I’m using) and I recommend something like sewing scissors or embroidery scissors.  Part the fur as best you can and snip the threads holding the two pieces together.  Don’t snip the fabric or it will be hard to sew back up!

Here is the hole I made.  Make sure it’s big enough to get your hand in there since you will need to remove all of the stuffing from the head to get the eyes out.

Poor deflated Ryama!  Here he is with most of the stuffing gone…all of that fluff came from his head!  (It was overfilled since I restuffed him in a previous tutorial)

Step 4: Turn the Alpacasso’s head almost inside-out

This is certainly a creepy sight (and it’s not the last in this tutorial) but here is what the inside of your Alpacasso’s head looks like.  The black dots are the ends of the posts that stick out from the black eyes in front and that white circle in the middle is the back of the mouth ball where the Alpacasso’s smile goes.

Here you can see the eye in more detail.  That white plastic piece holds the eye in place.  I pulled it up with my scissors to make sure it doesn’t have glue and sure enough it’s just mashed on there.

Step 5: Start cutting away at the black part of the back of the eye

Here’s where things get tricky.  On the back of the Alpacasso’s eye the black part appears to have been melted down a bit on the end it is flared out and wider than the actual shaft.  This is so the white part doesn’t slide off causing the eye to fall out.  Well, we want that white part to come off to successfully remove the eye, so you need to chip away at this extra black plastic. 

Using the point of your sharp knife CAREFULLY dig the tip into the plastic and start chipping away.  BE VERY CAREFUL since the knife can slip very easily and stab your finger (I did this and it hurt!).  The plastic is quite brittle here since it was melted and it does not take too much force to remove it, so don’t go stabbing full force or you will regret it.  Just dig the point in slowly and wiggle it back and forth and eventually the pieces will come off.  Eye protection here is a good idea since little shards of plastic will fly up and could hit you in the face.  Also I recommend doing this over the sink or toilet so the plastic shards don’t get on your clothes or in your carpet or anywhere where pets or small kids can accidentally eat them.

The picture above shows what it will look like when most of the extra plastic is removed.  Again we aren’t removing all of the black shaft, just the little extra melted part at the end that’s stopping the white disc from coming off.

Not a great photo but here’s an example of how to remove this plastic.  I am using a sharp steel craft knife commonly used for woodcarving (got mine to make a custom Blythe).  You can see little black shards sitting there so be careful and don’t cut yourself!

Step 6: Lever the white disc off the back of the eye

Once you have removed most of the extra black plastic and have made the black shaft as even as possible, it is time to get the white disc off.  Even with that extra black gone the white disc is still fairly tight on there so you will need something to lever with.  Using your screwdriver wedge the flat end between the white disc and the face fabric and push outwards.  Be careful since you might accidentally tear the white face fabric with the sharp edge of the screwdriver and you will create a hole (I did this but it is really small so you can’t see it but still, be careful)  It might take some pushing and pulling (go around to different sides of the disc, don’t just try to get it off from one side) but eventually the white disc should pop off.  If it doesn’t you can try and remove some more black before having another go.

Tada!  The eye has come off! 

Things just keep getting creepier.

Step 7: Remove the other eye and restuff the head

Well this is terrifying…here is my Ryama after both eyes were successfully removed.  Only two little holes remain and I can now add whatever felt cutouts I want to his face to give him a new look!  Restuff the head so you have some structure to work with (you can sew it up at this point or not, I just left mine undone)

Step 8: Trace your eyeshapes onto paper and cut out

Here are my shapes, a lashed closed-eye and a round happy eye (I tweaked the happy one a bit so this isn’t the final drawing)  Make whatever shapes you want!  Personally I think some flower or star eyes would look cool!

Make sure the shape is big enough to cover the small hole left when the plastic eye was removed.  You could also sew this hole closed but it will leave a bump and might not look so great.  Plus you won’t be able to put the plastic eyes back in if you change your mind!

Step 9: Pin eye shapes to fabric and cut out

Didn’t take a photo of this one but it’s pretty self-explanatory.  Make sure to cut out two! (Or maybe not?  Do what you want!)

Step 10: Lay felt shapes on Alpacasso face and sew down

Here’s what my lovely lashed Llama looks like!  Make sure everything is positioned the way you want before you sew!  I didn’t sew mine down since he just sits on a shelf and the felt sticks to the face well enough but if you want something permanent I recommend sewing (or you could glue it but I think sewing looks nicer and you can always cut it off if you want to mix it up later)  Once that’s done restuff your Alpacasso (if it needs more fluff now’s the perfect time to follow my restuffing tutorial!) and sew the head hole closed with a buttonhole or whip stitch.  Fluff up the fur and it should cover the seam (it may leave a bumpy ridge but you can use your pointy scissors to try and shove this underneath a bit)

Here are the finished closed-eyes…I made the lashes a little bigger to see what they would look like (I think I like the smaller ones from the first photo better) and overall I think he looks cute.  It feels good to finally have a closed-eye paca!  Even though he’s not legit I love this guy…he’s unique!

Another eyeshape I decided to try, a u-shaped happy eye!  I can’t help but smile looking at him XD  

Anyway that’s it for this tutorial!  Happy Ryama is so happy surrounded by all of his plushie friends!  I hope you enjoyed reading and that some of you will try this out on your pacas too!  Feel free to ask me questions about the tutorial and I will do my best to answer them!  Also if there is interest I can scan my eyeshapes and post them so you can print and use them yourselves.  Thanks for reading and good luck making your own customs!


Alpacassos soon to be for sale!

This weekend I won this huge box of Alpacasso on YJ!  The Powa Powan llama is my #1 dream Alpacasso so I had to bid on it!  However I don’t really want any of the others so I am selling the rest off. Here is what will be available: All are 50cm. I can’t tell if all of them have tags but they all appear to be genuine and in good condition! 

  • White Heartful 
  • Yellow Ribbon 
  • ***Blue Powa Powan***
  • Christmas Alpacasso (black hat)
  • Christmas Alpacasso (green bowtie)
  • Walking/Singing Alpacasso (Christmas version)
  • Yellow Baby Alpacasso earmuffs 
  • Powa Powan Llama (this is currently promised to someone already but if that doesn’t work out I will be selling it since two came in the box)

When the box arrives (may take a few weeks) I will update my page with new pictures so everyone can see the condition of the items.  I will ship to US, Canada, Australia, and Europe, shipping is not included in the prices above. As usual payment is through Paypal only.  

So for now, please email me and let me know what you might be interested in.  I am making a list so I can email everyone when the items arrive and let you know when I have new photos of the Alpacassos. 

I will also be taking offers on the blue PP from now until the box arrives and I get new photos so everyone has a chance to see the listing and get their name in. Since this is a rare and very unique Alpacasso I expect to get at least $70 for it so please keep that in mind when you make an offer. Collectors of blue variants won’t want to pass this up! 

Anyway that’s all, I will be posting updates when the box arrives in Buyee’s warehouse and when they ship it out to me.  Hopefully it will arrive soon!  Email me at dukenukemforever1212@gmail.com and tell me what you’re interested in plus any offers for the blue PP.  

Please reblog so I can spread the word to the community!  Thanks!


Rare Natural Ryama for sale

Since I’ve moved I’ve been super strapped for cash so I’ve decided to downsize my collection a bit to make some money to stay afloat. Sadly that means selling this lovely girl. She is in perfect shape and comes with all tags (main paper tag is a bit damaged, see photos) Bought from TOM originally.  100% genuine!  

Instead of setting a price I am going to take offers on this item. I know this is on a lot of people’s wishlists so that’s why I’m doing it this way… I want to give everyone a chance to see the listing and make an offer.  I will leave offers open until Tuesday night, Aug 4th.  You can increase, decrease, or back out at any time, just email me. When the window closes the highest offer will be contacted first and I will go down the list from there should anyone back out. I will not accept any offers lower than $70 for this Alpacasso since it is rare and in great shape, so serious buyers only please! 

Full payment is due immediately or I will accept a $20 payment as a hold for 3 days until the full payment can be made. I will not refund holds so please make sure can pay the price you offer within a reasonable time. 

Paypal only, shipping is to be paid by buyer (I will calculate it based on weight).  I will accept offers from the US, Canada, UK and Australia but anyone outside the US should expect to pay quite a bit for shipping.  US buyers should expect $7-$9 shipping so keep that in mind when you make an offer.

Email me at dukenukemforever1212@gmail.com to make an offer (put “Natural Ryama Offer” in the subject).  Include your name and zip too so I can calculate shipping for you.  Feel free to email with questions or anything else!

Thanks for looking!