Stocking Up: Final Fantasy XV Comic Dub
Stocking Up: Final Fantasy XV Comic Dub

I bought Final Fantasy XV earlier in the month and i may have played a little too much of the game…need to get back to it soon so i can finish it, but i came across @ry-spirit and his Final Fantasy XV comics a little while ago and had to dub this, even if i cant perfectly fit the characters 7u7

Noctis and Prompto: KujiraShonen
Artist: @ry-spirit

Thanks Ry-Spirit for letting me dub this, im loving your FFXV Comics and your Art!


My first time in Melbourne!! I’m currently staying at @ashethehedgehog’s place for 2 weeks and oh man look at her crazy ygo shrines… I recognize some artists from her wall, which include some animators & illustrators for the @ygoreanimate!

Day 1 have been a pretty tiring day for both of us, but we did ended up playing some games, watching movie, shopping (that include buying ygo cards) and constantly nagging her adorable dog Axel heheh… precious lil nugget. 

I’m having a wonderful time there so far, can’t wait to meet @chicinlicin, @preciousorgel and @ckr-the-cat on Monday!! :D

(Click the photos for captions)


I wanna try making short comic strips inspired by some of my favorite artists such as @z-t00n @k009 @ry-spirit and many others. Some of these comic will feature my original stuff/characters so be warned. I wanna make a webcomic some day but I have no experience making comics so until then these short comic will do whilst I get more practice in!

This is the song Sonic is listening to btw link

Shadow is just like: da fack?



To celebrate, I’m going to do a little follow forever to thank all the lovely people I follow. 

And to thank all my lovely followers, I’m going to do a new illustration for you all. Thank you all so, so, so, so, so, SO much for following me over all these years!

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sophiluffigus  asked:

Currently obsessed with Alone in a Crowded room - any other fics where Rye (or one of Peeta's brothers I suppose) is a main character or Peeta's wingman? I love the way the fandom has built him up.

Ah, the Mellark brothers. These feature the fanon-created “Rye Mellark”, Peeta’s older brother and the middle son:

Persuasion - titania522/ct522

Someone to Watch Over Me/My Last Breath/Come Rain or Come Shine - ArthursCamelot

Rerun - Lbug84

Either Way - bellissimaanima

Lines of Demarcation - Amelia Day

Eggshells - Amelia Day

The View From the Other Side - jypzrose

Five to Twelve - GraphiteGirl

The Ache - kasskaban

Degrees of Separation - Loueze

Two Wrongs - JLaLa

7 Steps - LBug84

Pin Me to the Ground - karin6824

Argonauts and Allies & Heart of Gold - MTK4FUN

Katniss and the Invisible Boy - trippy41

An Ugly Truth - SassyEverlarking

Taste Testing - SassyEverlarking

Not Worthy of Your Love - Ro_Nordmann

The Language That Lives Between Words - titania522

Perfectly Fine - lollercakes

My First Date With Katniss Everdeen - holymfwickee (*technically his name is Rilee in this one, but he’s probabaly the earliest incarnation of Ri/Rye/Ry Mellark)

The Spirit of Adventure - konzelwoman

(And the aforementioned Alone in a Crowded Room)

These stories also feature at least one of Peeta’s brothers:

The Next Will Never Come - lovelee

Reaping - swishywillow

You’ve Got to Let Go - averils_atonement

Brothers - feeding_geese

Rooftops and Reapings - MalTease

Perspectives - MalTease

A Many-Petaled Rose - mejhiren

Torchlight - mejhiren (part of the When the Moon… universe)

First Speech - kismet4891

Stories of Us- Ameiko

Another Day Another Dollar - therebelliondies

Refuge - Dustwriter

Next to You - loveisallwereallyneedtosurvive

Speed Date - Everlark_Pearl

Fix My Eyes - @jennagill