Please don’t charge your 3DS like this ⊟

That thing looks so close to breaking from the charge cable and falling to its doom. And then what will you play Pokemon or the new Zelda on?

Ry-Spirit explains, “God knows why theres a wall socket that’s so freakin high in this hotel room. Anyway I had to use it. No choice.” But isn’t that another outlet near the baseboard?! I presume the one up there is typically used for some kind of light fixture – even with the chair, how the hell did he reach up that high to plug in the charger?

Seriously, this is freaking me out. Don’t do this.

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“I’LL PROTECT YOU BUDDY!"I rewatched this scene again for reference.. I was in tears. POKEMON STAHPPP! WHY U GOTA MESS WITH MY FEELS ;___;”

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