ry west

anonymous asked:

I know you said the episode destroyed you but like in a good way or a bad way? Did you enjoy the episode? Aside from the westallen proposal being annulled

Oh I enjoyed the episode, as a whole it was better than that Grodd two-parter. Only a couple things bothered me : 

  • Barry was VERY unfair toward Wally
  • and then turned around and did nothing re: Caitlin’s actions when everything is HER fault
  • I’m ???? at the fact that the only person they showed being mad at Caitlin was JULIAN. COME ON!
  • Then again AJK wrote this episode so of course he would absolve his fave of any kind of blame :)
  • Barry’s “ulterior motive” kind ruined the proposal for me, especially the part about Joe :/

As for WA, I’m not worried at all. They are still 100% endgame and honestly I’d rather this type of angst than manufactured BS with an annoying third party. 

It was realistic IMO & I’m happy we were actually shown Iris’ POV (that scene in their apartment KILLED me). Also the narrative was CLEARLY on her side, another thing I appreciated. 

They are going through a rough patch, like every TV couple, we’ll be back in happy-land in a few eps ;)