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The Crown and the Flame

OK so I made a similar one for “Endless Summer” so I thought I might branch out to other books

might do the characters from ‘The Freshman’ next unless I’m requested to do more characters from endless summer and/or the crown and the flame, or maybe I should redo the endless summer one, I dunno

characters from left to right: Kenna, Dom, Raydan, Annelyse, Val

all Characters and the book “The Crown And The Flame” belong to Pixelberry

okie dokie bye have a great day

UPDATE: okay so it has just come to my attention that I forgot to give Dom buttons on his shirt. WHOOPS. too lazy to fix it haha

  • Kenna: From now on, we are using codenames. You can address me as Eagle One. Dom, codename, Been There Done That.
  • Dom: ...
  • Kenna: Val is Currently Doing That.
  • Val: *high fives Kenna*
  • Kenna: Raydan is It Happened Once In a Dream.
  • Raydan: *winks*
  • Kenna: Annelyse, codename, If I Had To Pick A Chick.
  • Annelyse: *smiles*
  • Kenna: And Whitlock is... Eagle Two.
  • Whitlock: Oh, thank God.

I started out making this as a header image for my blog, but with all of the work I put into it, I decided that I wanted to turn it into an appreciation post and share it with the fandom.

Here’s to all of the beautiful, the bad, and the badass women of The Crown And The Flame 😘


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