bid8f-deactivated20140101  asked:

why is andrew garfield better than tobey maguire at spidey (serious q)

haha i’m just kidding.

i loved the way andrew was able to show his more “geeky/sarcastic” side as spiderman. tobey’s spiderman was constantly called ‘smart’ by side characters such as osborn, but we never really saw his brain in action. andrew’s on the other hand, was able to show his intelligence with the webshooters he created, etc.

his sarcasm/humor was what really convinced me. in the comics peter is fucking hilarious when he 'becomes spiderman’. at one point in the series, a villain asked him “where’s your costume, spidey boy?” when peter was wearing a baggy t-shirt and a back up mask because he didnt have his costume. he replied “your mom’s washing it for me” HAHAHA. the whole car thief scene really showed his sarcastic side. i personally loved when he kept shooting webs at the lizard’s mouth to shut it up and piss it off. that was funny.

i mean, tobey was great, but i think all of us can agree that we found andrew’s character much more charming.