Me: Mom I think I’m pregnant. I keep having cravings!

Mom: So which one of your posters we getting child support from

Me: -_- I’m taking this as an insult


You’re just going to scroll by and not say good morning? 😒

when my mum and dad were in greece they saw a teenage girl wearing a long black skirt and long black sleeve top and a massive black floppy hat sit down at the swimming pool and put up a black umbrella top keep the sun off her and she pulled out a book called “oblivion or obsidian or something like that” and they phoned me to tell me theyd seen me from three years ago at the pool 

turn on ur location hemmings, i just wanna talk.


i think the world might possibly not ever recover if louis tomlinson and ruby rose were ever to be in the same room at the same time and like actually meet. i mean i know I would implode

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T&S Headcanon: It's June 26th 2015 and you're Dean Winchester. The grass is greener than it was yesterday, and your limbs just feel... lighter, they do. You adjust yourself comfortably and press a hand to the stone; it's warm from the sun. You think he's smiling. "Today was somethin' real special, Cas," you say. "We could have finally..." The wind steals your words, but you find yourself grinning upwards. "Oh, whatever. I'm sure that wherever you are, we did."