People say that “pop punk bands can’t help people.” Because their genre they can’t help people. But this band, these 5 little shit heads have helped me so much. They’re music really speaks to me and I relate to it so much. They’re on the playlist to what music made me put myself back together. They’re the main band on the playlist. They’re who I listen to late at night when I’m sad and they make it better. I don’t care what anyone says, Real Friends has really had an impact on me. And I didn’t really get to say thank you because I was crying when I met Dan and then I was really scared talking to Kyle, Brian, and Dave. But they’re all really, really sweet. This band is my heart, soul, and my happiness. I’ve honestly never felt so connected to a band in my entire life. realfriendsband

I wake up to collar bones and a rib cage digging into my back.
For some insane reason I roll over to think it’s you and of course it’s not you.
The last time I felt your rib cage in my back was a year ago.
I crave your rib cage in my back.
When I roll over I find it to be my guy of the week.
The guy that I’m screwing to get the pain that you left implanted in my brain to try and go away again and to be honest it doesn’t quite work.
This guy is actually great for me but one downfall is that it’s not you.
It’s not you. It’s not you. It’s not you.
I have tried to love another soul besides yours and it’s not working.
When I kiss this guy of the week I pray to god when I open my eyes that yours will be there and of course they aren’t.
I will try and love another but we all know that it will never happen.
I will never crave another’s touch like I crave yours.
I will never want to help someone as much as I want to help you.
I will never want someone between my thighs much as you.
I wish we weren’t so broken.
I wish this was an easy fix.
I just want to feel your rib cage up against my back.
—  Rxalfrixnds
It’s really hard to help someone that doesn’t want help, especially someone you love.
Whether its a feeding tube through their nose, a needle into their veins, or a blade to their wrist.
You can’t help someone who doesn’t want to be helped, especially someone you love.
—  Rxalfrixnds