Planetary Trends - April 2017
  • 4/2 - Venus Rx enters Pisces
  • 4/6 - Saturn Rx @ 27 Degrees Sagittarius
  • 4/9 - Mercury Rx @ 4 Degrees Taurus
  • 4/11 - Full Moon in Libra @ 21 Degrees
  • 4/15 - Venus stations direct @ 26 Degrees Pisces
  • 4/19 - Sun enters Taurus
  • 4/20 - Pluto Rx @ 19 Degrees Capricorn
  • 4/20 - Mercury Rx enters Aries
  • 4/21 - Mars enters Gemini
  • 4/26 - New Moon in Taurus @ 6 Degrees
  • 4/28 - Venus enters Aries
5 card spread reading tarot in a lenormand style.

The five card spread is typical in Lenormand and works well in terms of the sentence-like reading style. The middle card acts as the significator card, so you can either draw cards randomly and the card that falls in that space is the central theme, or you can shuffle and then find the significator card within the deck and draw the two cards in front of and the two cards behind in order to get your spread. The significator does not need to be a card that represents you or the one asking the question–in fact I never read like this–I pick the significator based on the content of the question being asked. So, for Lenormand, love questions I seek the heart or the ring based on the context, but with Tarot you can use The Lovers, or Two of Cups, etc. as the significator.

For those already comfortable with Lenormand, the next steps should be easy. For those who have never read Lenormand, single card draws are rarely done, or if they are, they give you minimal information. Cards are usually drawn in pairs and the one card modifies or flavors the context of the other. I say sentence-like reading style because you can think of it as subject+modifier/noun+adjective, etc. When it comes to multiple card draws, it follows like a sentence/additional sentences–noun+verb+adjective, noun+verb+adverb, etc.

So in reading the first card plus the second card, the first card is the subject and it is being modified or flavored by the second card. In the example reading above, you have The Moon + The Priestess. The Moon is the subject, so you would pull out a noun from the keywords for that card, e.g. mystery, unknown, dream, madness, unconscious, symbol, illusion. The Priestess is the modifier so you would pull out adjectives from the keywords of the card, e.g. intuitive, mysterious, emotional, clairvoyant, perceptive, insightful, sensitive, innate. Then you combine the two. Examples of this could include:

Mysterious unknown. Emotional madness. Clairvoyant symbol. Perceptive dream. Insightful illusion.

In the five card spread, you pull out pairs and string together their meanings to construct a narrative. Here I break down the example card pull.

1+2: The Moon + The Priestess = Emotional madness.
1+3: The Moon + The Devil = Oppressive madness.
2+4: The Priestess + 6 of Cups Rx = Immediate emotions.
3+5: The Devil + The Empress Rx = Restrained oppression.
4+5: 6 of Cups Rx + The Empress Rx = Restrained (to) present.

Then you string together to create the narrative. So in this example, you have:

Emotionally overwhelming times (emotional madness, oppressive madness). In order to stabilize the situation (restrained oppression), dwelling in the past or on the future needs to be limited (Immediate emotions, restrained to present).

For people used to doing very in-depth readings using Tarot, this might seem really off-putting as you are boiling down the meanings to the bare-bones, but that is exactly why I love Lenormand. Most people doing a 5 card spread could probably write several paragraphs explaining the nuances, but for people who want quick, direct responses, I think this is an awesome way to achieve it. When reading for myself, this helps me to avoid over-analyzing to get the answer I want. It’s hard to fudge the results in a biased way when it’s this simple. 

So for someone who prefers Lenormand but still loves Tarot, you can have your cake and eat it too :)

For more on reading Tarot in Lenormand style, check my tags for all the posts.

Mercury rx (9/4 - 3/5) feels like the author in my head keeps backspacing so it’s hard to figure out how to say what I was thinking before it vanished
I think we physically resonate with Mercury and Mars and feel them when they retrograde because we use these for daily executive functioning. its such a great time for mental harvest… deep below…mercury retrograde gives the impression from earth that mercury is closer to the sun…its like the sun shining on another side of the mind

the human mind is an amazing thing, the way that we can construct truths and beliefs, like how we construct pain… going to the dentist hurts us a lot, but not other  cultures… in some cultures it hurts getting your hair cut… so if we approach Mercury rx with this sort of trepidation, that’s probably what will happen

what if the mercury retrograde effected us so much we got confused about it being mercury retrogade
do you miss your mind yet? don’t worry, it will find itself again

Transiting Venus enters Libra

October 14 - November 7, 2017

I have the North Node in Libra, and as a teenager I went through more than my share of opal jewelry. The stone is on the fragile side, which with all my Aries energy (Moon, Mars, South Node) was not the best gem for me.

Of Venus’ two traditional rulerships, astrologer Isabel Hickey wrote (in Astrology: A Cosmic Science) that “Venus in Libra is more cultured and artistic.” She explained further,

In this sign Venus is in her home and at her best. Released from the earthly bondange she knows in Taurus*, and because of the airy, intellectual quality of Libra, an air sign, she is more refined, esthetic, and artistic. Expresses on the mental and spiritual levels rather than the physical.”

(*) - as someone with Venus/Taurus, I would just like to point out that Issie had Venus/Libra and was perhaps somewhat biased, not to mention completely wrong.

With Venus in her own digs, our quests for money, rest and relaxation, and partnerships should go smoothly. Unfortunately there is always the caveat “unless Venus is afflicted” and, sure enough, her 2017 path through Libra is not completely o’erspread with roses. Let’s consider some of the potential pitfalls:

Indecision. When we see both sides equally, how can we pick just one? And it’s usually over the most trivial things, too: this entree or that one? This shirt or those boots? It’s annoying as hell to more decisive people. One would hope that with the more important issues, such ambivalence is absent. For everything else, flip a coin.

Dependency. Sometimes in the process of being indecisive, we attempt to foist off the choice to someone else. It’s actually a very clever way of foisting off responsibility for a bad choice, and that leads us to….

Manipulation. This happens when we want our own way very much, but don’t want to be seen as wanting our own way very much. So, we maneuver people and/or circumstances in such a way as to secure us our own way.

Superficiality. “Varnish and gilding hide many stains.” We get caught up in appearances and veneers, perhaps deliberately, to avoid the ickier, stickier human situations. Some people may lack the capacity for depth, true, but come on - if you’re reading an astrology blog, you know better!

Perhaps the best advice I can give is to keep in mind the Libra principle of fairness, as well as those of beauty, grace, and elegance. Make aesthetic choices which balance out your life; let other people have a turn, then insist on having your own.

Celebrities with Venus in Libra:
Beyonce, Grace Kelly, Mark Ruffalo, Freddie Mercury, Pablo Picasso, Prince Harry, Prince Charles, Will Smith, Warren Buffett, Stephen King, Viggo Mortensen, Arthur Rimbaud, Bernie Sanders, Colin Firth, Lorde, Vivien Leigh, Oscar Wilde, Rita Hayworth, Usain Bolt, Kobe Bryant, Elizabeth I, Louis XVI, Genghis Khan, Florence Welch, Lisa Bonet, Tom Felton, F. Scott Fitzgerald

Saturday, October 21, Ceres/Leo sextile Venus/Libra, 8:53

The basic meaning here is the opportunity to bring beauty and balance into the home and family, creating a nurturing, harmonious environment. Of course this takes many forms: making a big-ticket purchase to make the home more comfortable and/or beautiful; hosting a party; spoiling the kids, and/or your inner child; inviting the object(s) of your passion to spend the night. It’s probably pointless to remind people to be frugal and sensible!

Planets/Points affected lie between 7:53 and 9:53 of the yang signs Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, and Aquarius.

Monday, October 23, Juno/Capricorn square Venus/Libra, 11:29

If we’ve been over-idealistic about relationships, or flat-out refusing to be realistic about relationships, we’re in trouble today. Juno/Capricorn has rules, which Venus/Libra doesn’t like - and transiting Neptune/Pisces is chipping in, inconjunct Venus but sextile Juno, so we can easily figure out whose side is favored here. What I’m “getting” is that Venus may be tempted to do something dishonorable, ostensibly in the name of keeping the peace, and will be called out for it.

Planets/Points affected lie between 10:29 and 12:29 of the cardinal signs Aries*, Cancer*, Libra*, and Capricorn*; and between 25:29 and 27:29 of the fixed signs Taurus*, Leo*, Scorpio*, and Aquarius*.

Friday, October 27, Pluto/Capricorn square Venus/Libra, 17:04

These two planets have a financial flavor, as they rule Taurus/2nd House (our money) and Scorpio/8th House (others’ money, indebtedness). If they’re messing with something in your chart, clamp down tightly on those purse strings - and if it’s too late for that, figure out a feasible repayment plan. Another thing that may get us into trouble is manipulating relationships, or within a relationship. Stop it.

Planets/Points affected lie between 16:04 and 18:04 of the cardinal signs Aries*, Cancer*, Libra*, and Capricorn*; and between 1:04 and 3:04 of the mutable signs Gemini*, Virgo*, Sagittarius*, and Pisces*.

Monday, October 30, North Node/Leo sextile Venus/Libra, 20:12;
South Node/Aquarius trine Venus/Libra, 20:12

Here, we can reach for the higher meanings of Venus/Libra and apply them toward the ongoing Personal Authenticity project of the Nodes. The trine to the South Node suggests that we have the ability to reach out to literal “Others,” and gives us a certain flair for the unexpected and contrary in aesthetics. Even if all we do is recognize the importance of courtesy and good manners in all our dealings, that’s a success. And we can build on this….

Planets/Points affected lie between 19:12 and 21:12 of the yang signs Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, and Aquarius.

Wednesday, November 1, Vesta/Libra conjunct Venus/Libra, 22:26;
Eris Rx/Aries opposite Venus/Libra, 23:08;
Friday, November 3, Saturn/Sagittarius sextile Venus/Libra, 24:49

This is a pretty active week for Venus (and I hope I remember that when I write the weekly forecast for Oct 30 - Nov 5). If we began on Monday by trying to be nicer people, what we’ve got here is a chance to “work well with Others” in pursuit of some common goals. (Maybe the environment? If we don’t have a viable planet, everything else is moot.) Trying so hard to be nice and do the right thing has its pitfalls, and there’s a particular earnestness invoked with this setup. The shallower, more cynical Venus response would be to sneer it off like a Bingley sister; we can do better than that, and be gracious about it.

Planets/Points affected lie between 21:26 and 25:49 of the signs Aries*, Gemini, Cancer*, Leo, Libra*, Sagittarius, Capricorn*, and Aquarius; and between 6:26 and 9:08 of the mutable signs Gemini*, Virgo*, Sagittarius*, and Pisces*.

Friday, November 3, Saturn/Sagittarius sextile Venus/Libra, 24:49;
Uranus Rx/Aries opposite Venus/Libra, 25:54;
Saturday, November 4, Neptune Rx/Pisces (11:33) sesquare Venus/Libra (26:33)

Saturn got included here, too, in no small part because it’s exalted in Libra - especially now, during this week, it’s going to be easy to “feel” that. Here, it’s going to keep us on a (relatively) even and balanced keel as we try to deal with Venus’ entanglement with the Semi-Square Of Awry Technology Etc. One way this messes up is via the sudden (Uranus) ending of a romantic relationship; even if you aren’t a participant, you may find yourself affected. Sometimes I feel that the entire Libra process can be a set-up which actually manipulates us into a search for deeper, more genuine, more - well - Scorpionic processes. And that’s exactly what this set-up feels like.

Planets/Points affected lie between 23:49 and 26:54 of the signs Aries*, Gemini, Cancer*, Leo, Libra*, Sagittarius, Capricorn*, and Aquarius; and between 9:54 and 12:33 of the mutable signs Gemini*, Virgo*, Sagittarius*, and Pisces*.


Tarot Spread “How To Find Love” (created by @iiimesmerick):

Personal Tarot spread pulls never fail to be remarkably astute and insightful for me.

Spent a good ~45 min. or so essentially having a semi-therapy dialogue with my faithful Steampunk Tarot deck before going on to pull for this particular spread, and inquerying centrally about how I can have the courage to concretely and actively pursue love/goal of romance, by first explaining all of my background somewhat “experiences”/suadade/memories /regrets/hesitations, etc. with relationships, self-identity, and romance/eros.

When I went to split the deck in order to begin a proper shuffle, by important happenstance, the 7 of Cups and The Fool (overtop the 5 of Cups) was fatefully revealed.

“How To Find Love” Tarot Spread:

Card 1: 8 of Swords
Card 2: 4 of Cups (Rx)
Card 3: The Hanged Man (Rx)
Card 4: The Star (Rx)
Card 5: 8 of Wands

Saturday, January 6, 2018

The Moon makes a series of sextiles and trines today, giving us plenty of opportunities to take care of business. Or, we can lose ourselves in endless busy-ness and not get anything accomplished. We have a ton of stamina today, too. Just don’t go too overboard; it’s going to be easy to overextend today, and to assume our physical bodies are stronger and more durable than they actually are. Late in the day we’re so tired, we can’t see our ideals as clearly as we’d like.

What’s happening when:

  • Moon in Virgo
  • Mercury/Sagittarius trine Uranus Rx/Aries, 4:39 pm MST
  • Mars/Scorpio conjunct Jupiter/Scorpio, 5:39 pm MST
  • Moon/Virgo void of course, 7:51 pm MST
  • Mercury/Sagittarius square Chiron/Pisces, 9:06 pm MST

Looking ahead to Sunday:  a nice quiet oasis!

(Please note that MST is seven hours behind UT.)

bettedaviseyess  asked:

Yesterday was Pisces went into retrograde .. is that positive or negative

Yes you mean Neptune rx 

nothing is positive or negative in astrology it just is what it is, you design the experience. the outer planets are retrograde most of the time, they move so slowly, retrograde planets just go back over the same spot again. for about 5 years ive watched neptune go rx 4 or 5 times probably and i cant tell the difference, any of the outer planets really because their activity occurs on already such deep, unconscious layers 

it;s a good idea to review where neptune has been over the past year in your transit chart and reflect on the experiences that may have happened here and if you experienced the more sadistic side of neptune living deliriously in false ideals or the saviour side of neptune, spiritual wisdom, great vision in this area of life, and developing compassion and empathy. neptune is really vague and hard to hard to interpret in general, at least you have like 5 or 6 months of retrograde to figure it out lol


Sunday, September 17, 2017

Gone is the self-doubt and any hesitancy - we’re out and about, actively trying to affect our environment and community. We want to influence everyone but aren’t necessarily willing to be influenced. If I had the $$$ and the opportunity, I’d attend the opera and let them act it all out on my behalf. Late day (US time), romantic sparks may fly, making for an intriguing finale to the weekend.

What’s happening, when:

  • Moon in Leo (to 6:55 pm MDT)
  • Ceres/Cancer square Uranus Rx/Aries, 4:24 pm MDT
  • Moon/Leo void, 6:55 pm MDT
  • Venus/Leo trine Uranus Rx/Aries,10:27 pm MDT
  • Moon enters Virgo, 10:52 pm MDT

Looking ahead to Monday: back to the grind with a vengeance.

This is a better depiction of my post-Fran PR. The one on Instagram is from a few seconds later when I could at least get up to my knees.

4:01 RX.

Mother eff. So close to sub 4. I didn’t look at the clock throughout and it helped.

:17 PR

unbroken throughout 21 and 9 for thrusters and pull-ups. Died on the 15. Died. 10-5 thrusters and then 6-3-2-4 on pull-ups. Reverted to kipping (not butterfly) for my last 9 pull-ups. Had to go to a dark place to muster those out unbroken. I knew I needed to move.

Ah, she’s so mean but it feels so good to be done with her.