Five amazing unicorn gundam custom otd:

1. The Unicorn Paladin Knight Custom Build, ~by ifan cusianto

2. Unicorn Gundam Type-03 Daoine Sidhe + Fin Funnel Customized Build, ~by A. E. Media

3. Unicorn Gundam X, ~by PakMael

4. RX-0-03 Unicorn Gundam 03 ROC Full Frontal Use Customized Build, ~by nrx1124

5. RX-0 Unicorn Gundam + RGZ-95 HB3 Hummingbird III Custom Build, ~by akirax

D-50C Loto

The DC-50C Loto is a transformable mobile suit/tank, used by Earth Federation’s Londo Bell and ECOAS special forces; the Loto functions as a stealth infiltration unit.

As a special operations mobile suit the Loto can take part in a variety of missions. To allow greater versatility the Loto can mount a variety of weapons on its shoulders (or the hardpoints between shoulder and head) including a pair of 120mm cannons, a large gatling gun, or a smaller machine gun. Its set armaments include a beam burners and a pair of 12-tube missile launchers. Like other descendants of the RX-75-4 Guntank, the Loto does not posses standard mobile suit “hands” instead possessing a set of missile launchers.


This is a better depiction of my post-Fran PR. The one on Instagram is from a few seconds later when I could at least get up to my knees.

4:01 RX.

Mother eff. So close to sub 4. I didn’t look at the clock throughout and it helped.

:17 PR

unbroken throughout 21 and 9 for thrusters and pull-ups. Died on the 15. Died. 10-5 thrusters and then 6-3-2-4 on pull-ups. Reverted to kipping (not butterfly) for my last 9 pull-ups. Had to go to a dark place to muster those out unbroken. I knew I needed to move.

Ah, she’s so mean but it feels so good to be done with her.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Moon in Capricorn, void of course 4:00 am MDT

I’m not ruling out a rude awakening for us, as the final aspect the Moon makes is a square to Uranus. Best to just take care of business as we return to the working week. If you have a planet falling between 23:45 and 29:59 of the signs Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Capricorn, or Pisces - you could have a slightly more focused day than the rest of us.

Mercury Rx/Virgo square Mars/Sagittarius, 12:58 pm MDT;
Sun/Virgo conjunct Mercury Rx/Virgo, 4:49 pm MDT

(This is actually a three-parter, but as the third aspect (Sun square Mars) won’t mature until tomorrow, I’ll write about it…tomorrow.) Supreme irritability is ours. We can perhaps lay some of the “blame” at the feet of the Void Moon. We may think that only WE know the ONE RIGHT WAY to do things, so people need to just get out of our way and let us get the job done. With a bunch of people running around with that attitude, imagine the carnage! Obviously a day when we need to count to 100 instead of 10, keeping in mind “this too shall pass.”

Moon enters Aquarius, 3:28 pm MDT

It’s going to be a good journey for the Moon: nothing but trines (to Venus and Jupiter, no less) and sextiles (to Mars, Saturn, and Uranus) for activity between it and the “major” planets. More of the social side of Aquarius, then; the emphasis on finding congenial groups of people.

Looking ahead to Tuesday: two different moods, the optimism of the well-aspected Aquarian Moon, versus the Sun/Mars square.