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So this is how I spent most of my May days – Internship slash hanging out with cute kids from Mambaling, Cebu.

Before I share more of my personal thoughts on the activity. Lemme tell you the purpose of the project.

11 students including me were sent to the grounds of Alumnos to survey 44 families living near the sea. Mostly were families with kids enrolled in the place’s Daycare Center. We were there to profile the family’s lifestyle, diet and other information regarding their health. We didn’t promise them anything tho since they might be expecting something grand. So all we did was do our job and talk to them about how they’re doing and all.

This kid is the one that’s on the title picture. His name’s Louie or was it Clouie since some kids call him by that. I’m not certain tho cos his parents are never around for survey. Every Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays when we’re in the place, he comes by the Daycare Center too.

He is so lively and happy. He made me remember the wonders of being a child. How happy life is when you’re still young when you have no idea yet of the problems of humankind.

And now, let the pictures do the talking.

After all the surveys and the side chikas we had, we planned to have little tokens to end our activity – goodies, meds and happy memories.

Saying that I’m grateful to have been one of the students picked for this activity is quite an understatement since I really was happy. Looking at the hopeful faces of the people in Alumnos made me realize something – Happiness is making the most of what you have and sharing it.

It made me see how wonderful my life is. It opened my eyes to the world’s problems and told me to forget my own. It showed me how I can help the world.

Thank you God for one of the best summers ever! You are truly amazing. Thank you, Pharmacy Team for the memories! Way to go!


4th set of my pictures from Momocon.

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Breathtaking, same engine that was in my RX-7.