rx black


Kamen Rider Black RX Comic (Part 2)

Written by Bryan Valenza
Cover by Bryan Valenza
Illustrated by Ian Waryanto
Colors by Bryan Valenza

© Shotaro Ishinomori & Toei Company, LTD

The beautiful spiral galaxy visible in the center of the image is known as RX J1140.1+0307, a galaxy in the Virgo constellation imaged by the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope, and it presents an interesting puzzle. At first glance, this galaxy appears to be a normal spiral galaxy, much like the Milky Way, but first appearances can be deceptive!

The Milky Way galaxy, like most large galaxies, has a supermassive black hole at its center, but some galaxies are centered on lighter, intermediate-mass black holes. RX J1140.1+0307 is such a galaxy — in fact, it is centered on one of the lowest black hole masses known in any luminous galactic core. What puzzles scientists about this particular galaxy is that the calculations don’t add up. With such a relatively low mass for the central black hole, models for the emission from the object cannot explain the observed spectrum. There must be other mechanisms at play in the interactions between the inner and outer parts of the accretion disk surrounding the black hole.

“Please don’t be alarmed I’ve got the heart of a child, it’s actually one of many that I’ve slowly compiled"🎶- Illustration by Luisella Casanova

This is my jam, haha! Art inspired on the new song “Dem Bones” by Creature Feature! Go and check it out!