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the-last-alicorn  asked:

Is there anything you liked about Decade?

Yes, there was actually!  I loved his Henshin belt!

The voice is had was really cool and I loved the way he transformed.  It was a neat touch.  Being able to become past riders was a novel concept that hadn’t been done before (and was later refined in Super Sentai with Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger).  

I also liked how the series began as basically Crisis on Infinite Kamen Riders with a past Rider, Wataru Kurenai from Kamen Rider Kiva, explaining to Tsukasa about the parallel worlds and how they were all uniting in a way they were never meant to before.

It was a solid setup and had the potential to be a really great series.

Oh and for pure fanboy awesome, you really can’t beat Tetsuo Kurata returning as Kotaro Minami and transforming into both Kamen Rider Black and Kamen Rider Black RX at the same time!

So there, three things I actually liked about Kamen Rider Decade.

Well, ok… I also liked when Urataros from Kamen Rider Den-O possessed Natsumi.

anonymous asked:

I saw your post about your favorite monster motif and I was wondering what other monster motif do you like?

I am a total sucker (no pun intended) for vampires and bats.  

I love that entire concept and look.  Heck, I run another blog here on tumblr that’s more than half vampire content, I like the idea so much.  I just love the idea of the undead who must feed on the living to survive and turn into bats.  Bats are amazing, I love the way their wings look and the way they zip about in the dark. 

So, after the Mantis motif, I would go with Bats and Vampires.  There are several in the history of both Kamen Rider and Super Sentai including:

The original Bat Kaijin from the second episode of 1971′s Kamen Rider:

He can bite people and turn them into artificial vampires.  The only cure is in the claw on his wing.  Kamen Rider ends up ripping off his wing to take the claw and then kicking the one-winged Bat Kaijin off a skyscraper to a bloody end.  

It was even worse for him in the manga!

Over on the Super Sentai side of things, we had Evolved Bat from 1983′s Kagaku Sentai Dynaman:

Dracula Monster from Battle Fever J:

And even the real Dracula himself in Shuriken Sentai Ninninger!

Back over on the Kamen Rider side of things we had the Vampire Bat Beastman from Kamen Rider Amazon (1974): 

The totally creepy Bat Kaijin from 1993′s Kamen Rider ZO:

And an entire episode of Kamen Rider Black RX where an alien vampire created a plague of undead roaming the streets of Tokyo!

But my all time favorite vampire villain(s) in the history of tokusatsu are Nai and Mea/Vancuria from Mahou Sentai Magiranger.

Two gothic lolita vampire girls who are actually the split form of the queen of the vampires, Vancuria:

She grew bored with being alone for centuries on end so she split herself into two beings to always have companionship.  Her two selves have similar personalities though Nai is the more dominant with Mea constantly repeating the last word or two her other half says or even finishing her sentences for her.

At one point they even form a rock band called Bloody Friday Nightmare to lure mortals in and then turn them into vampires with the intent of eventually making them all walk out into the sun to die.

Evil can come in many shapes and sizes, some of them adorable!

Thanks for the question!


Kamen Rider Black RX Comic (Part 2)

Written by Bryan Valenza
Cover by Bryan Valenza
Illustrated by Ian Waryanto
Colors by Bryan Valenza

© Shotaro Ishinomori & Toei Company, LTD

 Horoscope and Tarot Overview for June 16, 2017    Neptune Retrograde

The Moon moved is in emotional Pisces all day, bringing intuition, empathy and a sense of creative work to our day, despite challenging aspects. There may be more than a few tears before day’s end.  

Mercury quincunx Rx Pluto overnight affecting our morning with indecision, possible arguments or misunderstandings. Take time to listen and understand before responding to anything off the norm.   

Pay close attention to feelings that rise as Neptune moved Retrograde early this morning staying in backwards movement until November 22nd. Our thoughts turn to past experiences, lifetimes and sour notes. We may be able to heal old wounds during this time if we just apply a little extra love to each situation.   

Later today we have a semi-square to Uranus, and an alignment to the now Rx Neptune bringing surprising feelings to the morning hours, we may suddenly find ourselves reviewing past mistakes, or adventures, loves or miscalculations.  
A lunar sextile to Rx Pluto and a square to Mercury end the day as it began with miscommunication and deeply rooted control issues surfacing, this may help to clear the air and bring a sense of closure.   

Tarot Cards of the Day- Judgement, 10 of Wands and 7 of Wands- we are called upon to renew our faith in magical intuitive thinking and spiritual endeavors. We have work to do to that end so beginning today sounds like a good plan. Take charge but don’t speak in a condescending manner to anyone, just be kind and openhearted.   

Chakras: heart and root 

Crystals- rose quartz and black tourmaline 

Aromatherapy: rose and patchouli 

Yoga-restorative yoga and a walking meditation   

Apparently, this is a topic more than one of my followers wishes for me to tackle.  Let it never be said I do not listen to my followers.


Because the requesters seemed to want to limit it to motorbikes or cars, I will not include any space-faring, water-going or flying vehicles for this list.  This is about wheeled ground transportation only.  Also, I won’t be including any giant robot component parts so if it transforms and becomes and arm/leg/head it’s not on this list.

So, ground rules set, let’s get started!

10. Spider Machine GP-7 from 1978′s Spider-Man.

Yes, in the Toei Tokusatsu version of the story of everyone’s favorite wall crawling hero, Spider-Man has a car.  It’s not just any car though, it’s an alien car from the planet Spider that launches forth from the Marveller starship to give Spidey extra mobility while chasing villains through the city. While this technically violates my rules because it can fly it is primarily a ground-based vehicle and comes equipped with machine guns and rockets hidden beneath the hood!

9. Goranger Machines from 1975′s Himitsu Sentai Goranger

The original set of motorcycles with sidecars from the original Sentai series have to appear somewhere on this list and only rank this low because they aren’t the best bikes from that era or even the best Sentai bikes of all time. They’re a bit blocky and kind of plain but they are just cool enough to edge out a flying car from the planet Spider, so that’s something!

8. Battle Hopper/Acrobatter from Kamen Rider Black/Black RX

I should probably count these as separate entries but they really are the same bike.  Battle Hopper served Kamen Rider Black well as a sentient motorcycle created by the evil Golgam the same as Black himself and was destroyed/killed in his final battle with Shadow Moon.  However, when Black was transformed into Black RX, Battle Hopper was also reborn as the more powerful Acrobatter to continue his service to the hero. 

7. Sidemachine from 1972′s Android Kikaider

Another motorcyle/sidecar combo this low-slung, streamlined motorcycle carried the android hero into battle against the force of DARK and propelled him on his quest to find and rescue his creator. This is one of the most low profile bikes on this list and looks super fast on film.

6. Tridoron from 2015′s Kamen Rider Drive

The newest vehicle on this makes is a sporty red car that is as much a part of Drive’s character as his belt. This is the vehicle that produces the tires used in his various power ups and actually becomes his armor for his final form.  It can be driven like a normal car or given over to Mr. Belt to let him drive. The steering wheel can become a sword and the door produces a gun, making it a vehicle and arsenal all in one.

5. Hakaider’s Motorcycle from Android Kikaider and Mechanical Violator Hakaider.

This is the only villain vehicle to make this list and it actually places higher than its heroic counterpart’s ride.  Why?  Because a Black Knight requires a steed as DARK as he is and this ride is the opposite of everything Kikaider’s Sidemachine is. It’s a high sitting touring bike, almost Harley-esque in appearance made for power rather than speed.  It’s also devoid of a sidecar as this man-machine has no need to carry anyone and works alone.  It fits his persona perfectly and that’s why it makes the number 5 spot on my list.

4. Zubat Car from 1977′s Kaiketsu Zubat

Like Spider Machine GP-7 this one is a bit of cheat because it can fly but it is primarily a ground vehicle.  This is Zubat’s primary means of transportation.  It’s very interestingly designs with the giant fan on the back, rockets on the side and the long, protruding nose on the front perfect for being used as a battering ram or the air intake for a jet engine hidden inside.

3. Den-Liner from 2007′s  Kamen Rider Den-O

There is no way I could make a list of important vehicles from tokusatsu and not include at least one train. Sure, this kind of sort of violates one of my rules because it can fly in some ways but it still travels along tracks, albeit tracks it lies down, making it a wheeled vehicle.  This is the train that travels through time, the primary mode of transport and home base for the heroes of Den-O. Without this train, there would be no story making it as integral to the tale being told as the titular Rider himself.

2. The Pointer from 1967′s Ultraseven

Arguably as famous in Japan as the 1966 Batmobile was in the United States, this car transported the TDF (Terrestrial Defense Force) elite Ultra Squad into battle against all of the monsters and aliens that would threaten Japan.  It was based on a 1957 Chrysler Imperial and made more public appearances than any other member of the cast save for Ultraseven himself.

1. The Cyclone from Kamen Rider

I don’t care if we are talking about the original version, it’s revision, the New Cyclone, the chunky touring bike version from 2016 or even the crotch rocket version from the 2005 movie Kamen Rider The First, the Cyclone is THE iconic vehicle in tokusatsu. The character gets part of his name, heck the franchise gets part of its name, from the fact that he rides a motorcycle and this is that motorcycle.  The essential red and white bike with the Rider logo is as much a part of the character as his belt, scarf or mask.  He is not Kamen Rider without the Cyclone!


Our editor-in-chief Paula Gaetos had the chance to interview prolific director, character designer, and monster designer Keita Amemiya, who is best known for being the creator and director of the GARO franchise. He is also known for being the director of various other tokusatsu, including Choujin Sentai Jetman, Choujuu Sentai Liveman, Kamen Rider J, Kamen Rider ZO, and Mechanical Violator Hakaider; he was also the character designer for Kamen Rider BLACK and Kamen Rider BLACK RX.

A spread from a 1992 issue of Terebi Magazine with a lineup of all 12 Kamen Rider heroes!  From right to left:

Kamen Rider
Kamen Rider 2
Kamen Rider V3
Kamen Rider X
Kamen Rider Amazon
Kamen Rider Stronger
Kamen Rider Super-1
Kamen Rider ZX
Kamen Rider Black RX
Shin Kamen Rider