rx 78 nt

Real Grades that should definitely happen

-Hyaku Shiki (imagine gold, white gold and silver for colour seperation… hhHHNNGGGG)

-GM (we got an ordinary Zaku, why no EFSF love?)

Any non-EW Operation Meteor suits (the original designs are way better than the EW ones in my opinion)

RX-78 NT-1 (I would be happy with this as an expansion kit for RG RX-78)

Kampfer (I think everyone needs an RG of this)

Ground Gundam (I feel like 08th MS Team doesn’t get enough love)

EZ-8 (see above)

Gouf (any variation of the Gouf will do, it’s one of the best zeke suits, in my opinion)

Your move, Bandai.