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Interaction Between Orca,Tuna and Human at “Almadrabas”


Some subpods don’t even enter to the Strait, just Camacho’s, Morales’s and Macarra’s come to the Strait, other known orcas (not related to any of the 3 main subpods) stay on the west coast, near to Almadrabas.

That would be a dream for some marine parks, orcas coming into the nets by themselves…Although there has never been a single captive Gibraltar orca.


Interaction with humans in the Strait.

You could see in my last post the interaction between orcas and humans at the west coast of the Strait…

But what happens IN the Strait?

Orcas hunt the tunas chasing them for 30 minuts, so the tuna collapses, and the orcas catch it.

But since the 90s, orcas have learned an easier way to eat…stealing tuna from humans.

Orcas follow fishermen, and when they hear they are raising the tuna, they go quickly and eat the best parts of the tuna, and leave.
Then fishermen see the disaster…and the most get angry.

Some attacks TO orcas have been reported, from throwing them rocks, to SHOT them. Many orcas have died at the Strait due to shots

Fortunatly, it’s no longer legal, orcas are protected, fishermen can’t touch them, even if they try, there would be many whale watching boats around them that would witness any attack to orcas.

[1:26] Camacho 010* blowing 
[2:21] Big Camacho 010* stealing it!!

I’d like to put this over the front door of my one-day home.

A reminder to my children that whatever choices they make out in the real world, they need to strive to be able to come home each day or night honorably. An extra reminder to my sons about being honorable missionaries and serving full time missions righteously. 


Okay this is my head cannon for what type of people the characters from hetalia like
  • Germany: a brunet, with at least some brains
  • Italy: some one sweet and not scary, who makes good food,
  • Japan: A sweet respectable quite person
  • England: some one who likes my cooking -.-'
  • Canada: <small>a, uh, nice person... I guess</small>
  • Russia: yes
  • China: Some one smart
  • America: a heroic, blond, with a kick butt face
  • France: a gorgeous, brunet, with flowing hair, and beautiful ocean like eyes
  • --------
  • Yeah that's all I decided on, so yeah


You can see many times Iniesta 044 (the collapsed dorsal fin) at 1:25 with Morales’s Subpod and showing his playful personality during the rest of the video.