Every once in a while Jake will go out for a walk or a run around town. In spite of his mother’s protests that Riverwood was no longer safe, he went out anyway. Dressed in a RWH tracksuit, the former jock began his midnight run. Quinn Maddox requested he stay fit as he embarks on a dangerous journey with the mayor in order to save Brooke’s life. They both had it in their heads that the blonde princess was shacking up with a serpent. The details were too difficult for Jake to explain to anyone and so he didn’t. Not even his parents knew, they assumed the future prom king and queen were still going steady after their summer romance in Mexico. However, that wasn’t the case, they’d been broken up now for two-weeks and it wasn’t getting any easier.

After running around the block a couple of times, Jake unzipped his jacket and slung it over his bare shoulder; having not worn a shirt beneath the jacket he was able to enjoy the cool, autumn breeze against his shiny six-pack. He lifted the sleeve and rubbed the sweat from his forehead when he heard a noise come from the alley. Jake being a creature of curiosity, stepped closer into the darkness rather than run. The sounds grew louder, rattling and then glass breaking. “Yo, everything all right in there?” After his fight with Tyler was uploaded to YouTube, Jake felt like a pussy. He lost his ego and his girlfriend because of that night. And there wasn’t much he could do to get either back. But Quinn had him join MMA and Jake was gradually regaining that fearless shell he’d always worn. 

A trash can flipped over and out ran a cat. Jake jumped back with his hand on his heart, panic coursing through his body before laughter followed. “Jesus…” what was with him and finding stray cats? I mean, it made sense. He’d always been a pussy magnet. Tan hands wrapped around dirty fur, lifting the poor guy against his chest, half-expecting him to scratch his torso up like cockblock did – a kitten he found with Brooke and helped raise. This cat had a collar and a tag, which Jake played with in the light of the streetlamp. ‘Hannibal’ and on the back it read ‘Noah’ with a phone number. “Nerd?” Jake asked himself, raising the cat above his face with pursed lips. “Aww, you belong to a total geek! No wonder you bolted. Guy couldn’t keep fur around to save his life.”

Unlike the old Jake, the new Jake brought the cat back to its home, tucked beneath his arm. He knocked on Noah’s door three times then stood there with a cheeky grin. When a tired-looking Noah answered the door in …. Scooby Doo socks? Jake laughed. “No need to thank Jake. Hell, what am I sayin? I saved this poor guys life. A ‘thank you, Jake’ is most definitely in order.” Without being invited in, he walked through the door past Noah and sat the cat down on the floor. When Noah went to pick it back up, he dashed away. “Poor guy doesn’t like you at all. But hey, who can blame him? You’re embarrassing everyone with those socks, man.” he grimaced.

I’d like to put this over the front door of my one-day home.

A reminder to my children that whatever choices they make out in the real world, they need to strive to be able to come home each day or night honorably. An extra reminder to my sons about being honorable missionaries and serving full time missions righteously.