Haha! I’ve had a great idea! We could send to Rob a baby carrier like that, so Will74 can play poker again! This baby carrier will keep Teddy comfortable, while her daddy plays a little bit. What do you think, friendlies? (He is 8th in the rank, but he’s not competitive anymore… ♪♪♪♫♫ There will always be someone better than you / Even if you’re the best / So let’s stop the competition now / Or we will both be losers ♪♪♪♫♫)

I used a baby carrier like that, especially with my middle son. He used to cry when I put him awake on his crib. I had to do the housework, so I asked the nurse which was giving us assistance at home what I should do and she said: poor baby, you want see him unhappy, alone in his crib? He is needing you, the warm of his mom’s body, he needs to hear your heart beating. Buy a kangoroo, that is what you have to do. (I think now that she was a amazing human being, the other people were so strict towards the children and so stuck to the rules…) Bless her.


Rob, we are calling you to play poker with us!