Ryeowook’s Birthday Countdown [D-09]: Sukira’s Dj!Wook
↳ I have no self-confidence… everytime when SJ is being interviewed, those members who can speak better answer questions … I want to thank sukira because after I hosted a radio show, I speak more~


Ryeowook’s Birthday Countdown [D-10]: Leader Wook and his many minions
↳ I want to form a ‘Ryeo Line’ that includes members who are kind and sing well… I’ve always been the maknae [of Super Junior] and I’m an only child, so I’ve never been called 'hyung.’ Whenever I hear 'Ryeowook hyung,’ I feel trustworthy, and it makes me happy. I want to become a sunbae who [my hoobaes] won’t be ashamed of.“


Ryeowook’s Birthday Countdown [D-02]: Super Junior’s Main Vocalist Kim Ryeowook
↳ “I tried to do my best [when acting], but I am more confident about my singing…”