I may make jokes about the “Oh YeAh?!” scene but...

Upon rewatch I noticed a tiny detail about the scene with Cinder and Mercury which might’ve been the subtles form of foreshadowing ever existed.

Let’s break down that scene!

First we have the lovely “Oh YeAh?! TeLl ThAt tO-!” scene where Merc is irk at Raven. Meanwhile Cinder tries to keep calm cuz that does not look good in front of people you trying to bargain with.

(not pictured: Watts looking at Merc with curiosity while Emerald is like “dafuk?”)

Then we have the “QUIET!” from Cinder interrupting Mercury (and we shall never hear the end of that sentence ever again!). Cinder puts her (Grimm) arm up and Merc is surprised.

Mercury then looks at Cinder and goes quiet. Cinder throughout the whole scene doesn’t break eye contact with him and still holds the arm up. 

I’d like to also mention that this is the first time we actually saw Cinder raising her voice at Mercury (if we don’t count RWBY Chibi of course). Cinder always acted lax towards Mercury (in comparison to Emerald), often boosting his ego (just like Salem boosts Watts’ ego, I actually will make a separate post about that later), in order to make sure he follows her (and make him not feel like he’s in an abusive household with Marcus Black 2.0). Bravo Cinder, you might’ve saved your deal and Merc from complete embarassment,but you fucked up your relationship with your subordinate! 

Merc seems to realize this, and the gravity of the situation and his first instinct…

…Is to look at Cinder’s Grimm arm.

Now, we know that in Volume 4, Emerald and Mercury were assisting Cinder who was recovering from her wounds, controlling her new Grimm arm, and training to get back into shape under Salem. So obviously Mercury would know about the Grimm arm and what it can do *cough cough ask Vernal cough cough* . So of course Merc, man with common sense who doesn’t want to be on the other side of that arm…

Shuts up lets go of his pride and keeps quiet

It’s even funnier for Raven who’s all smuggly like: “That’s what I thought!” ONLY to see Vernal get stabbed by Cinder’s arm 3 episodes later!

RWBY Remarks: Red Cold River. What if...Oscar has a near death experience in V6?

I have this scene in my head where Oscar runs away during the trek to Argus only to nearly drown in an icy river. My Pinehead headcanon is that Oscar either doesn’t know how to swim or isn’t a very strong swimmer.

His frantic escape leads him to the edge of a frozen river where he unfortunately falls under. Why am I picturing Oscar having a near death experience? So that Ruby Rose could courageously make the daring dive below to fish the farm boy from the cold grasps of death, of course.

Another reason is because I’m curious to know if Ruby harbours any repressed guilt from failing to help Pyrhha and Penny?

Think about it. Ruby was a witness to both of her former friends’ murders and a commonality between both incidences is that both times Ruby arrived too late to help any of them.
Funny how during her speech to Oscar in V5, Ruby never mentioned the fact that she was too late in helping her friends. Do you think she ever wonders how different things could’ve been if she had arrived in the nick of time to save her two friends?

I quite like the satire of Ruby’s semblance being speed yet…she wasn’t quick enough to help save her friends from dying, not once but two times. That’s bound to affect her in some way.

If something like that were to happen again but with Oscar…like let’s say he’s placed in a life-threatening scenario where time is of the utmost essence and every second lost hampers his chances of survival. Like let’s say falling into an icy cold river where his body can go into shock within the first three minutes.

Then all I’m imagining is Ruby desperately doing everything to be there in time to help Oscar, screaming how this time, she won’t fail to save him. Her speed already failed her in saving Pyrhha and Penny. She wasn’t about to do the same for Oscar.

And if the group are travelling through snow and ice then clearly they’re bound to come across a cold, icy river, at some point right? I’m just saying.

More Squiggles’ RWBY Content

LittleMissSquiggles (2018)

Mystery Person???

I’m really interested in finding out who this is from the V6 trailer and have several thoughts as to who. My top three are (in no favoring order):

  1. New maiden that has created a small group following in the time that they’ve had their powers, making people think they’re a god (cause they believe so as well, or at least take relief in bringing some kind of peace and hope to others through playing this role)
  2. A previous incarnation of Ozpin, whether it was a very early one or perhaps the Ozpin from Beacon before he became headmaster.
  3. (My most out there, but keeping the options open) One of the actual Gods of Remnant.

I want to talk about the third option of being an actual god. Qrow states that not very many people are religious anymore and that the Gods abandoned Remnant. We don’t know why. But what if they actually didn’t abandon Remnant, but decided to just walk amongst the people and watch life play out? But one, most likely the little brother, God of Darkness, decided to reveal himself as one of the Gods to a small part of Remnant/group of people; he missed being worshipped and using his powers.

If this true and the gods are on Remnant somewhere, hiding in plain sight, what would happen if they found Ozpin/confronted him again. Imagine, in the snowy terrain, Oscar, alone for a moment (for whatever reason) and suddenly is approached by this man appearing from nowhere and they immediately start talking to Ozpin. This brings a whole avalanche (no pun intended) of memories from Ozpin into both of him and Oscar’s minds, while the man continues to speak to Ozpin, making jabs at him and the such. In the end, after antagonizing Ozpin and Oscar he vanishes, leaving both of them extremely tense for the rest of the journey.

I have a (Slightly dark) theory about RWBY Vol.6

A lot of people have been speculating that the new character with the goggles is another Silver Eyed Warrior (Apparently it was confirmed somewhere that Ruby would meet another one, I’m not 100% sure about though)
But I want you to look at those “Goggles” again

Look at the design, pretty similar to what we’ve come to associate with Atlas engineering…..Kinda familiar.
Especially when compared to Yang’s arm

And Mercury’s legs

Could be coincidence right…..but then remember Vol.4 Episode 01

“We’ve dealt with her kind before” regarding Ruby and her Silver Eyes.

What I’m getting at here is that the old lady might have been a silver eyed warrior once….but I’m not sure that she still has those eyes.

Of course I could be completely wrong…..I mean we were all absolutely sure that Vol.5 would invove Team RNJR enrolling at Haven as students lol.

I was rewatching the Qrow vs. Tyrian fight and I noticed something about Qrow’s legs.

I mean look at them!!!


And this last scene reminded me of something but I couldn’t figure out what…

Then I realized…


There’s a reason Adam’s sword can cut through aura to damage people

It’s the red metal it’s made from, only two swords have been shown to be red, which is Adam’s and Raven’s

And after Neo saw this she became visibly scared

Because she knows Raven’s sword could kill her instantly.

Its the only reason I can think of that Adam would be able to cut off Yang’s arm and kill Sienna (((that or bad writing)))

miraculouscorazone  asked:

Any theories on who Oscar's parents might be? Maybe lesser known characters from the Wizard of Oz series? Or maybe just other fairytale characters that RWBY has yet to introduce?

Hmm…at this point, I’m unsure if Oscar’s parents or his family for that matter will even be relevant in RWBY. I’m at least hoping for a mention of their names for V6. I’m not as familiar with the Wizard of Oz story so I’m not sure which lesser known characters his parents could be based on. But I do have another cute idea.

Imagine if…Oscar’s parents’ names are Jackson and Gillian Pine and they’re based off Jack and Jill from the famous nursery rhyme. I’m picturing Ruby asking Oscar about what his parents were like growing up. Since the likelihood of Oscar’s parents being huntsmen in their past lives is probably out the window, my next best bet is that they were probably just regular Mistralian farm folk who loved two things: the ranch they bought together and the son they raised together.

If Oscar could recall one interesting thing about his parents, it’s how they met. They were childhood sweethearts. Even though they’d lived as neighbours not too far from each other, Jackson and Gillian didn’t officially meet until that one fine day when they both were sent by their families to fetch a pail of water from the local well which was at the very top of this massive hill, the tallest hill in Northern Anima where Oscar originated from. Who knew two strangers could magically fall in love while tumbling down a hill after trying to get a bucket of water? Sounds ridiculous, right?

Admittedly, when Oscar first heard the story of how his parents met from his aunt, as kid, he thought such a feat was impossible but his parents proved him other. And the rest as Oscar knew it, was history.

What would be great is if we actually got to meet Oscar’s parents in V6. Most of us just assumed they were dead but what if they’re actually alive. Like perhaps…Oscar’s home is in a neighbourhood along the path to Argus. What if…the only reason Oscar came down to live with his aunt was because he was at the age where he’s supposed to be deciding his future. Since Oscar wasn’t quite sure of what he wanted to do, to aid him, Papa Pine pulled some strings for Oscar to get a small job working as a farmhand down on his aunt’s farm in Southern Anima.  At least that way, he would have something to keep him active until he could figure out what he’d like to do for the rest of his life.

It’d be really nice if we can get an episode for V6 where we get to meet Oscar’s folks. Who knows? Maybe Oscar’s parents can even help the group get to their next destination on the trek to Argus. Maybe they can even offer them help on which direction to go and offer supplies to aid in their journey.

Plus if we meet Oscar’s folks alive and well, I kind of have this meta joke where Ruby asks Oscar about his aunt and Oscar’s answer is basically “if you’ve meet his mom then you’ve met his aunt” cause coincidentally Oscar’s aunt and his mom are identical twins. The only difference is that is aunt is a nice but a bit of a stickler for rules and routine (as we glimpsed in V4) while his mom is the traditional sweet farm mama who makes a mean apple pie.

That’s my idea.

~LittleMissSquiggles (2018)

What If...

We all know that the Fairy Tale wich refers to Blake is “Beauty and the Beast”. and for some time now i am thinking about what if “the Beast” in her story is not her self (or Adam) but rather it is Yang…

So befor i really start this thing here, i already hear some of you complain “but Adam must be the Beast…. he is —->a Faunus(with Horns like the Beast), he is Evil and his Emblem is a Rose ”…

yes my precious readers i know all of that but let me explain…

First of all if we only take the Emblem as an indicator, it also could be Ruby Rose who symbolizes the Beast because her Symbol is a Rose as well.

i think Adam is more like Gaston because they are mostly alike.

…both want their “Beauty” and if they don`t get what they want ….                   they cause harm to those who are in their way and that means the loved ones of their “Beauty”.

Even if we consider the fakt that Adam is a Faunus and Evil as indication for him being “the Beast”,  it wouldn’t make sense because “the Beast” maybe look like a Monster but has a kind Heart…. something Adam doesn`t posses.

Soooo Yang’s Emblem is a burning Heart, what can symbolize how caring and brave she is. Like the Beast she protects Blake no matter what.And at The Vytal Festival, after Yang fought Mercury everyone thought about her as some kind of Monster…

Yang and the Beast can both be charming and also get into the Berserker Mode.

…. they danced together sooooo lovely ^///^… soooooo cute :)

and other Characters from RWBY show some similarities to the Characters of “the Beauty and the Beast” as well

the last hint is from the Red Trailer Song “Red like Roses” from Jeff Williams sung by Casey Lee Williams

—-> “ Black the beast descends from shadows, Yellow beauty burns Gold”

Ok Ok Ok…. i know that the song refers Blake as the Beast and Yang as the Beauty but either way, you know what i intent to say…. i hope :)

thanks for your Time and have a nice Day ^-^

Trixi over and Out ;)

Rwby Spoilers

Okay guys, Roman Torchwick everyone.

We’ve got a glimpse at his personality for his few screentime minutes and I’d like to show just HOW MUCH we’ve been given.

He’s SMART. He’s EXPERIENCED. We’ve seen him in two main situations: Has the upper hand ( where he acts smug and cocky ), and losing it. Most villains get angry. Want revenge. Run away in fear. Throw a tantrum. But he DOESN’T. Roman stays calm. He thinks things through. He is obviously not happy about losing, but he’s calm and collected. He does not get rash at all.

When he loses to Penny, Sun, and Ruby?

“These kids just keep getting weirder.”

He stays calm. He knows he’s been beat. He accepts that. He doesn’t get mad, he doesn’t curse their names. At most, he gives an annoyed sigh and just moves on. He can ACCEPT THAT. He knows it is not smart to make a scene or keep this going, so he makes a tactical retreat. Yes, he was not happy. But he did not get angry. He stayed calm.

When he lost to Team RWBY?

“Just got this thing cleaned…”

He stayed calm. He was annoyed, but he thought about what he should do. He assessed the situation and devised a plan. HECK! He had a plan PREPARED in case he failed! He had Neo and the ship as a last resort! He THOUGHT AHEAD. Most villains do NOT think: “What should I do if I fail?” No. They think and think on a plan that CAN’T fail, not a plan with a way out! That’s SMART. He knows he isn’t perfect and can accept loss, we knew this. And now we know he isn’t prideful because he thinks he’s the best thing since sliced bread. He’s prideful because HE KNOWS WHAT HE IS DOING. He’s SMART. He’s EXPERIENCED. After all, “some bets you just don’t take.”

When he is pinned by Blake?

“We’re on the same side and you know it.”

He is not SCARED. He is not ANGRY. He is annoyed, he does not show any fear. Because he doesn’t have any. He was not scared in the slightest because he had the situation controlled. When he “bargained” with her, he knew she wouldn’t just join his side. A villain cannot mock and berate you through the fight, then all of a sudden go “Oh oh! I’m here for YOU!” when they’ve lost. Villains do this, but everyone knows it won’t work. It’s DESPERATE. Roman? He was not desperate. He “pleaded” with her- not because he wanted to convince her of his side- because he knew it would make her have one thought: “He isn’t worth it.” He’s probably experienced that treatment enough before that he knows how to take advantage of it. Roman is EXPERIENCED. He takes a bad situation and uses it. He knew how to get her to hold, not to JOIN. And that’s what he wanted.

HOWEVER! Everyone has their breaking point. Everyone has something that sets them off like a firework. And Roman, we saw that.

There is one time he does not stay calm. There is one time he acts rash, he lashes out, he does not think things through, he goes against everything he does.

When Neo goes off the plane?




All of this careful planning, all of his composure! GONE! He loses it when she goes off. He screams for her and only after he realizes there’s absolutely nothing he can do, THEN he looks to Ruby. He no longer holds his composure. The smart thing to do here would have been to run. To leave. But he didn’t.

Roman was MAD. He scolded Ruby, he yelled at Ruby, he lashed out at her and hit her and threw her around. He was MAD. Because of losing Neo, he no longer COULD think. He no longer COULD keep calm. If he is still alive, he WILL INDEED think that in hindsight he shouldn’t have done that. But he couldn’t help himself.


From Roman’s behavior in the show, we can deduce a TON about his past and personality regardless of his screentime minutes.

Roman is smug and cocky because he knows what to do, not because he thinks he’s just the best thing ever.

Roman knows he is not the best, he can accept that. He can accept when he loses, he accepts he CAN LOSE for that matter. After all, “Some bets you just don’t take.”

He’s smart. He’s experienced. He’s seen a lot and knows how to take it to his advantage. He doesn’t just plan for what he can do. He plans for what can happen. He even plans for the worst. He doesn’t make a plan that is so “perfect” it’s “foolproof”. He knows that’s a waste of time and instead plans for what to do AND what to do if things don’t pan out. He doesn’t see shame in accepting a loss, he LEARNS FROM THEM.

We get glimpses of his past experiences. He doesn’t hold grudges or hold onto things, probably because he’s used to losing things. He only deals with the past when it becomes relevant. Cinder held an obvious grudge on Ruby. Roman didn’t give two shits about her until she was in his face, aka relevant to him again. He focuses on the present. This shows personality and possibly previous experiences, especially backed with the “Then die like every other Huntsmen in history!” And knowing how to play the “He’s not worth it.” card? I wouldn’t put it past a street rat charlatan like Roman to know just how to make someone think that about him an easy feat.

Roman keeps calm and thinks things through, he knows not to be rash and can make logical decisions to fix situations and get himself out of there unscathed.

However. There is one thing that we’ve seen that pushes Roman off of the edge. We’ve seen what pushes him past his breaking point.

He cares about Neo very much and could not handle the fact he just lost her. As soon as he lost her, he lost himself.

In German a bad, uncaring mother is called a Rabenmutter which translates to raven mother. It’s because people used to think that ravens abandon their offsprings, turn them adrift at a very young age (actually young ravens leave the nest themselves and the parents will still care for them, feed and protect them, it just seems like they abandon them). 

Finally we know how Raven got her name.

The Relics of the four pillar schools

So. Question.

Has anyone noticed how Haven Academy’s emblem is the lantern relic that Yang recovered?

The relics are in the emblem of each school that is guarding them.

Vale’s relic is twin axes, Atlas has a torch or some staff, and Vacuo has twin blades that combine into one.

As much as i love the theory that Qrow’s tilted cross necklace is for the mourning of summer rose, i would like to point out that he is already seen wearing the necklace in the team STRQ photo, while summer is still alive.

After doing a bit of research, i found several pages saying that a tilted cross, or wearing a cross tied around the neck is a protection against bad luck, and evil.

Thus: qrow wears the necklace because he wants to keep bad luck away, but bad luck is his semblance.


Sometimes, between my full time job and sleep, I get the chance to draw.

(Easter eggs)

So, like, there’s this tweet I read by Schneedotexe which brought to my attention how good this legendary Tumblr post could be applied to the girls…

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So, I increased the size of a screenshot I got of the Relic of Knowledge, and then I messed with the saturation, brightness, and contrast to make the details a little more visible.

You can faintly see a ring at the top of it, like it’s meant to be hung up on something, almost like a lantern.

Especially interesting is the fact that Mistral’s emblem itself also looks like a lantern. It even has a flame in the middle.

So… perhaps the kingdoms’ emblems actually hint to the forms that their Relics take.

In which case, I’d like to once again bring up my theory, from World of Remnant: The Great War, that the sword the King of Vale used to win the final battle was actually the Relic of Destruction. It’s said that he wielded a sword and laid waste to countless soldiers, and there was such devastation that modern historians think it’s just hyperbole.

In that World of Remnant, the sword has an orange-and-yellow coloration, much like everything connected with Vacuo in the World of Remnant videos.

And Vacuo’s emblem is a trio of swords:

On top of that, the final battle of the Great War took place in Vacuo.

So my theory is that the Relic of Destruction takes the form of a sword and is hidden in Shade Academy in Vacuo.

So, what about the other two kingdoms’ emblems?

Vale’s is a pair of axes and what could be a laurel, and Atlas’ is… er… something.

We know that Vale’s Relic is Choice, and axes don’t really fit Choice, so perhaps it’s a laurel or some other form of crown.

Atlas’ emblem is a little more difficult to figure out. Over the years, I’ve seen guesses that it may be a spear and shield or perhaps a torch. However, Mindofthelion on the RWBY Wiki suggested it could be a paintbrush. If Atlas does have the Relic of Creation, then a paintbrush makes sense.

So, these may be the forms of the Relics:

  • Knowledge - Lantern
  • Destruction - Sword
  • Choice - Laurel/Crown
  • Creation - Paintbrush
True Facts About Kali Belladonna
  • Kali has done the impossible; she then proceeded to make it breakfast the next morning.
  • Kali doesn’t cheat death, she beats it fair and square.
  • There are 527 objects in the average living room that Kali can use as a weapon, including the room itself (And any wooden serving trays)
  • Kali can unscramble an egg.
  • Kali can cut a knife with butter.
  • Blake Belladonna reads books, Kali stares them down until they give her the information.
  • Kali can kill two stones with one bird.
  • Kali can make a snowman from the moisture in Menageries’ air.
  • The chicken crossed the road because Kali was looking for it.
  • Kali can make a Slinky go up stairs.
  • Kali can moonwalk forwards.
  • When Kali pours milk on her rice crispies they shut the hell up.
  • Kali can eat a fruit pastel without chewing it.
  • Death once had a near Kali Belladonna experience.

There is no chin behind Ghira Belladonna’s beard….Only another fist.

So here’s my initial reactions to the trailer.

Ruby… you uh, wanna keep that out in the open in front of Granny Goggles?

Love them new leggings Weiss

**W H I T E R O S E I N T E N S I F I E S**

Ok, if this isn’t the Winter Maiden, I’m gonna be actually upset. Fool me once…

Who she’s talking to makes me wonder. My first guess based on what she’s saying is Cinder, but the shots later give the impression she’s talking to Emerald.

We finally gonna see Bad-Girl-Gone-Good? Also damn you for not showing us his new tail.

Thank you anti-upskirt technology!

Also PLEASE actually make them badasses again.

Some sort of mobster? Who is our party paying off? Wait… that thing on the person’s arm…

Is it just me or does that remind me of what Amber wore? That’s probably not anything, but interesting.

Looks like Ilia was right. Adam isn’t really High Leader anymore. I can’t wait to see who’s body they cut out of this shot.

I L O V E H E R.