Qrow and Ruby Mini Comic: Dishes

This is not my head canon, nor a part of my story line. This is in a scenario (AU, I guess?) that Summer Rose didn’t die and Hummingbird gets to be a family. As such, Ruby is raised by her parents and there is no secrets between them all. Life is good.

Ruby has her mom’s angry face and dad’s pout. Also learned some climbing moves from cousin and best friend Yang.

In this scenario, I’d like to think that Qrow and Summer start teaching Ruby really early on. They would rather she be well taught and prepared (luck favors the prepared) than to shelter her from the dangers of Remnant. It helps that Ruby wants nothing more than to follow in her parents foot steps and surpass dad. 

By the time she is seven, she has gotten used to the odd weight of a practice scythe and trains daily with Qrow after lunch.

Also, in the Branwen household, it is not ‘piggyback rides’, they’re ‘birds-eye-view’s’.

  • Ozpin: You must go to Haven Academy.
  • Oscar: I don't want to. Besides, my family is here! I can't just leave them.
  • Ozpin: Oh come on, every kid your age needs to have a rebellious streak every once in a while.
  • Oscar: I'm not going to rebel. I'm going to see a therapist.
  • Ozpin: There are a lot of therapists in Mistral.
  • Oscar: There's also a therapist the next town over.
  • Ozpin: And that therapist could get attacked by a Grimm here in the country any second. You know what, you should go to Haven academy and learn how to defend him.