Team RWBY, 20 minutes compiling and editing (original roughly 4-5 hours each, so in total around 20-25 hours for all 4 girls.)

I did some smaller edits to this team version: changed Blake’s belly and edited Yang’s hair because I thought the original one’s looked a bit strange.Yang’s hair doesn’t seem that noticeable when seen from afar and still looks like the original version. Weiss has a bit of chin deflation and Ruby just has a bit more rose petals painted in.

Anyway, this will probably be the last drawing of 2016 (other than the occasional twitter shitpost doodles.) I’ll be leaving to Taiwan and Hong Kong for the rest of December, so I’ll see you guys next year. 

Here’s to 2017! :D Happy Holidays (winter break, or regular winter), and may you have a Happy New Year! 

  • Pyrrha: Hey Jaune!
  • Jaune: Hey Pyrrha! What's up?
  • Pyrrha: I just wanted to tell you you look great today.
  • Jaune: Hahahaha! You're hilarious!
  • Pyrrha: Um, I really mean it.
  • Jaune: Of course you do! Hahahaha!
  • Pyrrha: I'm serious Jaune. I actually find you really attractive.
  • Jaune, clutching his stomach: HA! Oh my god, you're a riot!
  • Pyrrha: Jaune, I'm serious. I actually have a huge crush on you.
  • Jaune, on the floor: BWAHAHAHA! Oh my god this is the funniest thing you've ever said! I'm totally tweeting about this! ME! ATTRACTIVE! FUCKING INCREDIBLE!
  • Pyrrha: ...Jaune, who hurt you?

Can we all take a second to appreciate Winter Schnee as a character? She’s just so great. She keeps up this persona of strictness and decorum, but that’s just a combination of how she’s raised and her job. All her life she’s learned you have to follow the rules, be polite, and she constantly holds herself and those around her to incredibly high standards.

And the best part about her character is that the real her, underneath all that, is so different, and she often has a hard time keeping up with her own image of herself. When she’s alone with Weiss, she tells jokes and is so much warmer than she probably intends to be around her sister. And she even gives some anti-authority advice to Weiss at the end of S3E4 that she would never say in public.

And then you have Qrow. Qrow absolutely destroys the shell she’s made around herself. He brings out her violent, sassy, excitement loving side she always tries to hide. He knows exactly what buttons to push to bring out the real her. And from the look on her face when she fought it looked like she enjoyed it.

Winter is someone we initially thought was going to be a strict, cold, militant person. But in the end she’s a sassy, violent, and incredibly caring person who is always thinking about their family. She’s basically Qrow with boobs and without a drinking problem.

And I love that.