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I’m pretty sure that by now, everyone in the RWBY fandom has heard of Entertainment Weekly’s article on tomorrow’s Vol. 4 episode and the way they confused Sun for Jaune. With my friends to inspire me/goad me into making increasingly bad decisions (especially @alisha-b-marie), I did what I did best: MEME. Every single vaguely blonde character, no matter how minor, is now Jaune. Enjoy.

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RWBY Pyrrha同人 | 小学鸡小川 [pixiv] 

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“People are still making artwork of our goddess Pyrrha ;_; I am so glad about that because my love for my goddess will not be tainted even though she had the littlest of screentime in Season 4 so far. Well, wherever she may be, because things may seem a bit questionable, she is always going to be my favorite and in my heart :3 ” 

Character: Pyrrha Nikos 💗💗💗💗💗

Show: RWBY 

Birds’s (Crow/Raven) theory - RWBY

According to this image we’ll found crow/raven apparition in Rwby  : Notice - it’s difficult to distinguish the two birds because the model are not detailed. I did my supposition with reflection.

the first Apparition of a bird : Yellow trailer.  It must be a raven.

Second Apparition of a bird -  Vol3 chapt3 When Qrow is against Winter

Vol3 chapter 12, it could be Raven.

Vol3 chapter 12 It’s clearly Qrow

Rwby volume 4 opening when we see the team RNJR

Rwby vol ¾ openings - Who knows ? It must be Raven 

volume 4 chapter 4

When the bird takes flight Qrow said “Luck” as he did it ironically. In the vol4 ep 8 Qrow’s semblance is the misfortune (watch this video : According to the Branwen’s symbol, Qrow is the left, Raven the right. The left is the bad side, so the right is the “Luck side”. That why Raven is arrived in the good timing Yang in the vol 2 and Qrow is arrived too late when he wanted to save Amber in the vol 3. But he reckoned with Ironwood(vol4 chapt 11) and Ruby (vol 4 chapt 7). 

Plus the lyrics in the Qrow’s theme : vol4- chapter 7
Pain Is your reward for being near me
Won’t be your friend when I’m around
Before the tragedy that follows
The situations I surround
I’m a hole in light
I cannot lie
I will change the karma of your life
I don’t mean to bring you pain
But I will, just wait, I can’t explain.
I am no one’s blessing
I’ll just bring you harm
I’m a cursed black cat I’m an albatross
I’m a mirror broken
Save yourself I’m your bad luck charm

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Okay, fellow RWBY fans, I’ve seen a lot of people making OCs with semblances like these or saying that if they were a character, their semblance would be one of these. I just wanna say please, step away from semblances like these. You can do so much better if you put your mind to it. I know you can!

When it comes to RWBY, an elemental ability is an incredibly pointless one, since everyone can just buy that same exact ability at the store in the form of dust. And yet I see people time and again repeating the same exact semblances: “Pyrokinesis,” “Electrokinesis,” “Control ice.” If you want your OC to have electrokinesis, then have them weave lightning dust into their clothing or insert vials of lightning dust into their weapon or something like that. Don’t waste your OC’s semblance on being something dust can do.

Although some canon semblances in RWBY are quite powerful, they still have limitations. Part of a well-rounded OC is a reasonable semblance. Inspiration for a good semblance can come from anywhere.

Perhaps you can even draw inspiration from canon semblances, since some semblances can apparently be similar. Example: Blake’s shadow clones vs Sun’s light clones. What if there are different types of glyphs? Weiss’ glyphs are circular, and we have seen Cinder use ring-shaped glyph-like symbols.

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I’m never gonna get over her. Also whoops, reuploading ‘cause I fixed a small mistake.