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RWBY Red Trailer. We’ve got four days until V5 E4 drops on Youtube, and that’s four days to make gifs on four trailers. The RWBY trailers! Here’s some sick gifs of Ruby in the original Red trailer. #RubyBestWaifu EDIT: HOLY FREAKING FUCKBALLS! I DIDNT EVEN REALIZE THAT TODAY MARKS THE 5 YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF THE RED TRAILER! WTF HOLY MOTHER OF HOLY! xD

Ruby’s Mental State

So this is a quick analysis, because I can’t find anyone else who’s done this for some reason. But I just re-watched the Red Trailer (to get hyped for tomorrow), and I had an epiphany halfway through. This is veeeery long, with some spoilers near the end, so:

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Of course now I’m thinking about Qrow and Raven’s shapeshifting abilities and I can’t help but wonder, is it Qrow or Raven who intervenes in the Red trailer?

I’ve slowed down the scene to make it easier to see but just in case, here’s the screencap too:

Two hours ago I would have said it was absolutely Qrow. He’s the one who is canonically established as Ozpin’s informant, after all. We can reasonably assume that he’s the crow/raven we see in the trailers (excluding the White trailer) following the girls around.

However, after thinking about the death premonition theory for Raven/Qrow, I noticed that each time that Qrow conveniently shows up to rescue someone in the show, he does it in his human form. He’s never seen attacking in his bird form. Maybe he isn’t powerful enough to attack in that form, or maybe it’s just not his style. Either way, we don’t see him taking action as a bird.

But you know who we do see intervening in bird form?


I mean, she does also attack Neo as a human, but maybe she wouldn’t have been able to get away with bird form in that enclosed space, or maybe she stays a raven so that Yang doesn’t know she’s around, but this one time she risked it thinking Yang was unconscious.

Also, the crow/raven in the Red trailer seems to disappear entirely after a flash of black/purple/red, almost as though it teleported away, rather than flew away. And we do know Raven uses mysterious portals.

Anyways, my point is that maybe it was actually not Qrow, but Raven who was helping Ruby out in the Red trailer.

Wouldn’t that be something.

Side note: Ruby obviously realized that something was exploding in front of her face because she back-flipped away from it. I wonder if she has any clue what it was that caused it, or if she even found it odd that a Beowolf literally exploded.