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I had a dream about Pyrrha :(

The dream was kinda like from the POV of watching a new RWBY episode, but basically what happened was: Salem resurrected her

Big surprise, considering all the fanart, stories, and theories after Volume 3 ended- but the way it was framed made it feel like something incredibly wrong was happening (again, no surprise)

There was a lot of extravagant animation- the CRWBY seemed to go out of their way to portray how what Salem was doing was heinous and forbidden, and with the way she did it, it seemed like Salem was sewing something- like she had spent a lot of time stitching Pyrrha’s aura and physical form “back together”

So there was a lot of needle/thread/spinner wheel imagery, and it was like a not-so subtle confirmation of Salem’s motif being Maleficent? (Don’t quote me on that, this is a dream!!!) 

Fast forward: JN(P)R is out and about and doing stuff (Ruby isn’t present at the time) and then Jaune runs into a woman at a small village/camp thingy… who is only wearing like a brown blanket, and when she lifts off the blanket shrouding her face and her hair is bright red and down, not in a ponytail, and she goes “Well… hello again!”



So like Jaune just freaking engulfs her in a hug while in tears

So Jaune lets his team know and Nora breaks down sobbing as well, and Ren is trying to keep it together, because he’s happy to see her, but he’s also practical and knows something is wrong, so he pulls Jaune and Nora aside, out of Pyrrha’s earshot and he’s like “How can we be sure that’s really Pyrrha?”

And Jaune goes “Oh, right- well let’s ask her a question that only Pyrrha would know!”

So they ask her what her favorite food is, and Pyrrha goes “well I mean… I really miss my Mom’s onion bread…”

And there’s a beat and then Nora goes “…welp, works for me- I mean can you imagine anyone other than Pyrrha liking something as gross as onion bread?”

But then Pyrrha needs to sneeze (because it’s night time, it’s cold, and she is literally ONLY wearing the brown blanket, she doesn’t have any other clothes on) and when she does, every metal object in the vicinity goes fucking FLYING away and it’s a really harrowing moment, because they’re like “…it HAS to be Pyrrha”

“But how did she get here from Vale during the time we thought she was DEAD?!”
“And Ruby told us her body kinda…” Nora can’t finish her sentence, but they all look at Pyrrha again, and while she’s covered in the blanket, the camera zooms in on the scar on her heel, and the scar on her chest

And Jaune has so many fucking questions, but he has a look on his face that’s kind of like a moment of clarity and he goes up to her and he asks her if she remembers anything from 6-8 months ago, and Pyrrha nods and kinda murmurs “Beacon…” and she says that she remembers what happened to her (and you can tell by looking at her face that she remembers how much it hurt)

But the locals tell her that they just found her in the forest not that long agohence why she doesn’t have any makeshift or borrowed clothes yet.

Jaune knows that none of this makes sense- that Pyrrha shouldn’t be here. That it doesn’t make sense that they JUST SO HAPPENED to find Pyrrha in the path that they were going. Nothing is right. Pyrrha can see it in his face, and she knows.

But you know what Jaune fucking does???

Kisses Pyrrha on the forehead

and then says “welcome back”


In case it wasn’t already incredibly apparent, Professor Ozpin from RWBY has been a character I’ve loved from the very first time I laid eyes on him.

And while I’ve grown and changed as a person I’ve always found incredible solace in his strength of character and the solidarity he represented for me. Through him I met some people who would go on to impact my life forever and I owe a lot of my own personal growth to him and what i learned through his influence in my life.

Now I can carry what he means to me forever in a place I’ll always see.

A huge thank you to @rootbeerflotsam for breathing life and giving voice to the wonderful wizard I’ve come to know and love. ❤

Going through Rwby Gifs...

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And I just want to say thank you to @oh-fuckberries these made me incredibly happy.

The RWBY Tumblr Fandom

Is it just me or can the entire fandom be organized into:

1. The Asian artists that regularly spew out masterpieces too pure for this world.

     1.1. The artists that regularly spew out… special masterpieces too sinful for this world.

2. The Trash Clique (Praise be upon them).

3. Those people who spend 90% of the time writing long rants about why they think the writing and the characters and the animation are shit but then turn around and write incredible college essay length episode analysises that go into every sub-textual detail and symbolic element that no one else would notice.

4. The smaller artists that deserve much more love than they get.

5. The rank and file shit posters (including myself).


no one asked for these but since the show hasnt delivered im forced to do this for the greater good

-the tribe murdered qrow and raven’s parents when they were incredibly young and raised them

-qrow and raven weren’t aware of this until their teens and this sparked their motivation to go to beacon (it was moreso qrows idea than ravens) to leave the tribe behind them for a better life

-raven didn’t always have the view of the world that she currently has now, she was a little like ruby when she was younger (and so was qrow) that was until she watched the tribe repeatedly destroy villages and towns and decided that survival was most important 

-ravens way of thinking created a great rift in team strq, not prominent but always there and this lead to qrow and raven growing further apart

-qrow still holds that idealized version of a huntsman in his head, despite how callous he seems now. he still feels that despite what he’s been through that he can fight for the happy ending he wants for remnant

-qrow and raven + tai and summer were partners during the emerald forest initiation

-raven and qrow were in the doubles round for the vytal festival and they sent raven to the singles

-tai is definitely the brawler of the team and came from an absent family for the most part but he wrote ruby and yang every week while they were at beacon because of it.

-summer was the only one to come from a fairly normal family, her mother ran a bakery in vale.

-tai was always the one to overcelebrate holidays, his favorite holiday was always christmas

-qrow’s semblance caused summer to break her arm at one point and even though summer would insist to him it wasnt his fault he didn’t speak to her for a week because he felt so bad

-raven absolutely hated summer’s positivity sometimes.

-summer and raven didn’t begin on good terms and didnt end there either, they loved each other through their differences as family and teammates but their views were complete opposites of each other which would often lead to arguments every now and then. the day that raven left tai was extremely hard for all of them. 

-raven’s reason for leaving was she hated settling down and felt that it was a waste of time. raven had always been one quick to act and after being in the tribe for so long she felt that that was the only place to go. she left tai and yang in fear that her views would hurt them and she hoped that someday she could do something to help them to validate her leaving. raven soon realized there was nothing that could do that which is why she wont come back. facing tai was the scariest thing for her. 

-qrows persistent urges to get raven to come back have always failed but has never stopped him from asking her every time they meet because he hopes someday she’ll say yes.

-summer was killed while on a “mission” but she had lied to tai. summer was actually trying to find raven and never stopped trying after she left.

-alternatively, summer died sacrificing herself to stop salem and ruby is following that fate.

-summer had to keep a lot of things secret from team strq in terms of silver eyes and she hated it. she was the first to know who salem was before everyone else on the team. tai still doesn’t know about her. 

-raven knows that this happened and hates herself for it which is part of the reason why she won’t come back. qrow and tai don’t know.

-qrow uses missions and fighting as a coping mechanism to help him handle his own self worth. going on missions and fighting grimm help him stay grounded and seem useful to himself because his semblance has affected him so greatly.

-qrows need to protect his family stems from the death of his parents and raven leaving and him training ruby comes from his genuine love for her but also how much she reminds him of summer and his failure to protect her.


When you and the squad pose for prom portraits

Blake's Seiyuu: Yuu Shimamura
  • Blake's Seiyuu: Yuu Shimamura
  • Yuu Shimamura

Blake Belladonna’s Japanese voice actor, Yuu Shimamura, has an incredible range! It’s a shame she’s not in more productions. Here’s a sample of characters she voices:

Princess Zelda - Skyward Sword
Haruka Haruno - Go! Princess Precure
Annie Leonhart - Attack on Titan
Hare Menjou - Guilty Crown
Alice - Chi’s New Address
Kaoru Mizusaki - Aldnoah.Zero
Masako Araki - Kuroko no Basket
Siune - Sword Art Online II

autumngravity  asked:

Clarification on Rubys trailer everything up to the point of the her going into the forest is canon. The fight isn't. The fight ,like it said before, was more of a tech demo. Monty said so himself the fight is kinda out of character for her at that point in time and more of a weapon demonstration.

That’s really interesting. It does make sense though, as you mention Ruby fights differently than was shown in the trailer. It does sell the concept incredibly well though!

Can you imagine Nora discovering her semblance for the first time though? Like, she was definitely with Ren when it happened, she was probably screwing around with something she could’ve killed herself with and just gets the ever loving shit electrocuted out of her and poor Ren is just standing there screaming his tiny flower boy head off because he’s already lost his entire family, he can’t lose Nora too And then Nora just pops up like a weasel and looks around like “Holy sloths, I feel incredible! Let’s go punch some trees, fight an Ursa with our bare hands, PUT A NEW HOLE IN THE MOON, I DON’T CARE, LET’S GO!

Random RWBY Thoughts: Number Fourteen: Qrow Branwen Special

(this is going to be a long one, folks)

- Qrow actually gets stronger and faster the more he drinks. The ‘drunk’ act serves only to give his opponents a false sense of security.

- Qrow routinely sneaks into Taiyang’s room while he’s asleep and caws extremely loudly right into his hear.

- Back in his Beacon days, Qrow and Taiyang created their own version of Jackass, featuring the pair doing incredibly stupid and dangerous stunts, like covering themselves in Red Sap and playing chicken with Ursai.

Qrow: *has lost Ozpin in a huge crowd*

Qrow: Damn it… well, looks like there’s only one thing I can do. *clears throat*



Qrow: … found him.

- Up until recently, Qrow only drinks alcoholic beverages. Taiyang introduced him to the Strawberry milkshake, and now Qrow is secretly addicted to the stuff, bringing a second flask with him filled with milkshake.

- Qrow often steals Ironwood’s cybernetic arm or leg while he’s sleeping. The resulting rage can be heard across Remnant… or so they say.

- Qrow has only had coffee once in his entire life. Ozpin made him a cup of black coffee, no sugar, no cream. He insisted that it was better that way. Qrow took one sip and spat it all over Ozpin in disgust. Rumours suggest that Ozpin spent the next half hour whacking Qrow with his cane. Not for having coffee spat on him, but because Qrow wasted so much of the holy elixir. 

- The ‘Qrow Branwen Special’ is also the name of an extremely infamous videotape showcasing the events of a drunken night out, where Qrow was said to have downed several bottles of whiskey and scotch. Among the worst of it is a short clip of Qrow knocking a stripper off of a pole and taking over the routine. Who recorded it? None other than his own sister, Raven, who had managed to keep most of her faculties intact. She now uses the videotape as blackmail material to keep Qrow in line.

- Back in his Beacon days, if there were any students that Qrow didn’t get along with, he would acquire stacks of pornographic magazines and stuff them into the student’s locker. Glynda would conduct routine inspections of the lockers, stumble upon the stash and promptly suspend the student.

- Qrow started drinking from a startling young age… of eight.

- Qrow often sends… erm, suggestive images to Winter’s scroll. Qrow believes that after one drunken encounter (that of course ended with both of them in bed) there’s now a ‘thing’ between them, but Winter obviously does not believe it happened… right?

- Ozpin showed Qrow the feature-length documentary on coffee (before Oobleck deleted it out of rage). To date, that is the only show or movie that has ever put him fully to sleep.

- Qrow has made a habit of shitting on Ironwood’s uniform… because bird shit is notoriously difficult to remove from clothing.

- If Qrow doesn’t like the food he’s eating, he will drizzle copious amounts of vodka on it. 

- There was one time when Winter was giving a presentation at Atlas Academy, and Qrow was at the back of the room making funny faces and suggestive hand gestures… most commonly the one imitating sex and flipping her off with both hands. Winter did her very best to remain composed… but eventually she snapped and the ensuing battle almost leveled the classroom.

anonymous asked:

Love the blog ^~^! Can you do were Qrow, Ozpin, Jaune, Roman, Ren and Mercury where their s/o is a salsa dancer and tries to teach them thank you!

  • Once Qrow gets the basics down, he’s probably going to try to dance circles around his s/o, with his incredible stamina, speed and agility, even if it’s the most chaotic salsa dance in the history of Remnant.
  • Ozpin is a little more careful about his dancing, especially with his limp. His salsa is a little slower than most but his technique is utterly flawless.
  • Jaune probably already has the basics down, courtesy of his sisters, but he loves dancing and his s/o so much that he’s definitely keen to learn the advanced stuff.
  • Roman will just do the most over the top and flirty salsa dance as soon as he knows how, which could take a while. Once he can do it, he’ll love every minute of it.
  • Ren is determined to get his moves right, partly because he wants his s/o to feel good about their teaching skills and mostly because it’s a fun way to bond without words.
  • Mercury almost literally has two left feet. He’s the clumsiest of salsa dancers and he constantly has to repair his legs. Poor kid still tries real hard though.

Thanks for the kind words, nice anonymous person.

- Admin Doc

RamenCon 2015.
The first con I went to with my now boyfriend Cody. I was still going thru a rough patch with my ex so it was great to get away for a while. I was very excited to be Blake and have my very own Sun with me. This is one of my favorite pictures of the two of us in cosplay. For the most part I recall this being a candied shot but I could be wrong.
Either way, BlackSun is my favorite ship and I love cosplaying Blake with my incredible boyfriend as Sun.

A little bumblebee skit inspired by admin's incredibly painful anxiety
  • Yang, walking over to Blake, who's sitting alone at the club: Hey Blakey, you okay?
  • Blake, her head resting on her folded arms: Yeah...I'm fine...just places like this. So many people. Not my thing.
  • Yang, looking around at the crowded dancefloor, where she was having so much fun just moments before: Hey...wanna go somewhere else?
  • Blake, sitting up and rubs her arm: Oh...I don't want to take you awa-
  • Yang, smiles and motions for Blake to get up, which she does: There's no worries kitten, I'll be having an even better night knowing you're happy.
  • Blake, following Yang out of the club: But what about Weiss and Ruby?
  • Yang, tossing the valet her keys: Team CFVY is here. They'll bring them back to the dorms. But you and me. We're going somewhere nice. Come on.
  • Blake, getting onto the back of Yang's bike after the valet gets paid, wrapping her arms around Yang's waist and buries her face into the blonde's shoulder: Somewhere nice...okay...
  • ~~~
  • Yang, her bike slowing to a stop in an empty small parking lot, the light illuminating a heavy tree line: Come on, there's a beautiful lake here, perfect for just laying on the sand, listening to the water.
  • Blake, smiles weakly: Stargazing?
  • Yang, taking Blake's hand, and walking them to the woods: You can look to the sky, I'll only need to look at you.
RWBY: Yang Xiao Long [ESFP]


Extroverted Sensing (Se): Yang is a thrill seeker first and foremost. When asked why she wanted to be a Huntress, her quick, initial answer was that she thought killing Grimm would just be a fun time. She likes to go fast on her motorcycle and hang around lots of big social circles and friends. Her daredevil nature has gotten her into trouble, making her a bit infamous around the lower parts of Remnant and making her somewhat infamous with bad company (i.e. Junior). Yang is incredibly aware of her surroundings–she’s capable if noticing if so much of a hair is out of place (literally) and react accordingly.

Introverted Feeling (Fi): While she loves being around big groups of people and social situations, Yang isn’t around to please anyone but herself. She doesn’t give into the demands of others (again, see Junior), and is generally very independent. She’s often very relaxed and laid back, but has very particular triggers for her temper (mainly her hair getting damaged or danger to her loved ones like Ruby).

Extroverted Thinking (Te): Yang is quick at making decisions and weighing something’s worth. She’s usually pretty good at weighing two things and zeroing in on the better idea. This can sometimes make her seem insensitive (sometimes choosing to hang around her familiar friends over Ruby), but all in all makes her a strong asset. Her fighting style is evident of her forward, headstrong nature. Her weapons are very much the one to use for up close, in-the-face action without playing around.

Introverted Intuition (Ni): Yang’s inferior function, and it shows. She can be pretty brash at her worst, and her Se makes her think far more about the present than the future. She doesn’t seem to predict the inevitable bad outcome of taking Neptune to see Junior (or more likely, she did and just didn’t care). She does have a long term goal–finding out what happened to her mother, but she says herself, “(she) will never let that search control (her)”.

Dear Monty Oum,

Dude you have missed a lot in the last year, but you probably already knew that didn’t you?

We saw another RTX come and go, new seasons of Red vs Blue and RWBY come out (along with new shows coming out in general), fuck we even saw your friends star in a movie and then get it put out IN ACTUAL THEATERS. How crazy is that?! People got engaged, some had kids, others got their first house, Ryan got better shoes. So must has changed and grown at such a fast pace it’s insane.

On this day last year you left our world to go somewhere greater, somewhere that lets you work days on end without sleep. It’s incredible to me that it’s only been a year when it feels like a lifetime ago you were here. When you were in the office in your mocap suit with 6 monitors, all doing something different but meant for the same project. When you were posting strange things on Twitter and talking about stray cats you’d find and anime you watched with Kerry and Miles. 

I’ve grown a lot in the last year, even though you’ve never met me. I’ve made some incredible new friends in the community, I got to meet some of your friends at Rooster Teeth during RTX, I even got better at animation and started making more videos. I accomplished a lot in the last year, and true I’m not where I thought I was going to be but no one ever is. I feel like telling you this because you helped me. You’ve helped me become this person that I am because I wanted to change, to become better and stronger. To be more inspired by myself like you were. You were a great and wonderful guy, who could connect with anyone and I want to be like that.

So yeah the last year has been insane, course ask anyone and they might say 2015 was bullshit. Which is true but not the point. You may be gone but you are never forgotten Monty, and I just wanted to let you know that. I miss you a lot, more than I thought I would after a year, but I am done crying and instead plan on looking ahead.

So GG Monty, you really did great, but I think it’s time to move forward.