White Rose Fanfiction Recommendation List

Hello, so after many people agreeing on this, I decided to make my own master list of White Rose (whiterose, iceflower, etc) fanfics on here to share with everyone! After this, I’ll probably post a weekly or bimonthly recommendation list :)

Please remember: This is my personal list, based on my personal own likes and tastes so, please don’t expect all of these to be to your liking. 

So, I’ll be organizing this with the categories of Canon Divergence and AUs then I’ll have angst or fluff and some descriptions in parenthesis. If that doesn’t seem to work then feedback is welcome! 

Note: Not all of these stories will be completely white rose, but most are purely them or have a big significance to them, and they’ll be a random mix from both AO3 and FF. Also, I decided not to add links because tumblr has a limit on those, so I know it’s a little inconvenient but I just encourage you all to look up the titles! If you can’t find them, feel free to ask me and I can find it for you! :)

(F) means the story is finished

(O) means the story is ongoing

(D) means the story is discontinued or it hasn’t been updated for more than 2 years

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  • Weiss: What happened in here?!
  • Ruby: I told Yang that I thought the ceiling fan looked strong enough to hold me!
  • Yang: It did pretty good, but I wanted to see if it would still hold her while it was moving.
  • Ruby: It worked for a bit but then I kicked over a lamp and THAT fell into a glass of orange juice and then Yang had the idea of seeing if we could put five glasses of juice on the fan to see if the juice would stay in the glasses!
  • Weiss: I...what...BLAKE, WHY DID YOU LET THEM DO THIS?
  • Blake: There was nothing on TV.

#aMusingWords Day 23: Alabaster

This one I wasn’t quite sure what to do so I looked up what alabaster is supposed to symbolise and it seems to be a protective stone especially for babies/kids. That made me think of Adrian and then I wanted to draw the whole adorable little family ^^

*In the middle of the night*

A pregnant Pyrrha: *Moving around uncomfortably in bed*

Jaune, drowsily rolling over: Hey, are you alright? You’re not uncomfortable, right? You want me to fluff your pillo-

Pyrrha: N-no no. I-I’m good. Thank you for asking though. You’re too sweet.

Jaune:………you’re hungry, aren’t you?

Pyrrha: What? N-no, I’m not. I’m good. Seriously.


Pyrrha, awkwardly:………

Jaune: Are you saying that because you really aren’t hungry, or because you’re craving something really strange and specific and don’t want to bother me with it?

Pyrrha, awkwardly looking away:…………

Jaune, smiling while rubbing Pyrrha’s stomach: What are you two craving?

Pyrrha:……A grilled pickle peanut butter and jelly sandwich with Doritos to add a crunch to it.

Jaune, standing up while smiling: Be right back.

Pyrrha: T-thank you.

Alexander: my son, your day has come for you to prove yourself as a knight and the future king of this country, take your sword and go to the north, there you will find a golden dragon, get that dragon slayed and come back, that way the world will know you might.

Jaune: yes father. *picks his sword and leaves*

*one year later*

Alexander: jaune?

Jaune: yes?

Alexander: what are you doing?

Jaune: *rocking a blonde baby with small horns and dragon wings* im taking care of yin, yang’s been really tired after carrying us back here, so i told her to rest.

Yang: *sleeping, clinging on his arm and with her tail wrapped on his torso*

Alexander: thats not what im talking about! why didn’t you slayed the dragon!?

Jaune: …oohhh, you wanted me to slay the dragon?

Alexander: of course! Didn’t told you that i wanted the dragon to be slayed!?

Jaune: *sheepishly* i thought you said you wanted the dragon to be laid.

Alexander: and why would i order that!?

Jaune: i don’t know, i didn’t get it either at the time, i just did what you asked…but now that you explained it makes more sense.

Alexander: *sighs and massages his temples* why do i even bother?