Painting of Scarlet! (and a companion piece to this picture of Neptune)

Decided to practice this style some more and it’s definitely gotten easier to do (and looks nicer!) now that I know what I’m doing XD

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art by the incredible and wonderful mickuro !!

I love Game of Thrones, I love RWBY. What was nice a joke between my boyfriend and I has become a whole new AU that we have started designing and roleplaying back and forth, causing us to think up designs for the sigils and oaths associated with each house. JNPR is our favorite team in the show, so that’s where we started. Designs for RWBY are in the works, but due to the intensity of the geometric shapes that will be put into them, I am not sure how quickly they will be finished. In the meantime I hope you enjoy this as much as we have enjoyed making it to share with the fandom! Fanfiction snippets are soon to follow ;)


House Lie “Strike with Purpose”

Sigil: Snake ready to strike for defense and a lotus flower for tranquility.

Originating from the east, this family is currently the ruling class on the edge of the kingdom. Centuries ago they branched off from the Xio Long bloodlines and have adopted snakes, ‘the common dragon’ as their house sigil and symbols of good luck and fortune. The first borne legitimate male heir is bestowed a special egg when they are born, inside the egg is a direct descendant from the last dragon taken from the Xio Long family when the branches separated, and like their adopted sigils, they are holy serpents.

The snakes grow and live as long as their owner, forming a life bond so intense that when the ruling Prince/Emperor passes the snake will starve itself or die shortly after due to reasons unknown. It is more common for a black snake to hatch from the blessed shell, but on occasion a white albino will be borne. They tend to move carefully and grow slowly, hinting at a longer lifespan. Only one snake is blessed to the family per generation; if the Prince/Emperor passes away without fathering any sons then the family must wait until his replacement fathers an heir for a new blessed snake to be given to the family again. It is considered a bad omen if there is no holy serpent in the house while the emperor rules. The highest amount of holy snakes to have ever been recorded living together in the Emperors palace is three, one belonging to the Emperor, his son the Prince, and the Prince’s newborn babe.

Unlike the other kingdoms, the Emperors of the East often marry twice to ensure that their lineage doesn’t die out. His direct heirs come form his first wife the Empress, and his second wife bears children and lies in waiting in the event that the Empress can no longer provide for her husband. Several other women, concubines, also live inside of the palace and often bear illegitimate children under the surname 'Lü’, making the Emperors family very large and seperating them from the common bastard name 'Shi’. However, it is rarely seen that these woman are welcome to stay once the heir becomes Emporer; thigh to prevent creating enemies they are often given homes of their own far from the palace.

[Image source for snakes: http://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/rwby/images/d/dc/KingSnakeFace.png/revision/latest?cb=20140119195621]

House Valkyrie “Our Word is Iron”

Sigil: Hammer arcing on a  downswing ready for the attack, studded with eight marks to symbolize the eight sons of Odin who went on to become Gods. Wings of the Valkyrie are displayed in the background, symbolizing their holy justice in war.

The Valkyrie family originates from the north and is relatively new to ruling the territory. It is the third generation of Valkyries to sit upon the frost throne. They are commended for their fast and often barbaric tactics in time of war, which easily led them to victory against the Schnee family when they rallied a third of the northsmen and overtook the frozen castle. Odin “The Bear” Valkyrie is the man responsible for putting his family in a place of power, and his predecessor Thor “The Barbarian King” Valkyrie is the one keeping things tight and strict so they don’t slip from their place of power. It is said that in the North, there isn’t a truer family worthy of the throne.

Their house motto is taken so religiously that if a member breaks their word they are severely (and more often physically) punished. Ugly scars along the face or a broken hand that was never properly set are tell-tale signs of a Valkyrie that has broken their word. A handicapped hand is one of the worst punishments a Valkyrie can recieve from the family head, as they will not ever be able to hold their sigil in battle. The reason for this comes from their humble background and uprising. Before they took the castle all the family (who were once renowned blacksmiths) had was their word in order to bring their allies to their cause. They intend to stay as true and honest as they have always been known to be, and family members have been exiled under the surname 'Frost’ like bastard children if they continue to tarnish the family name.

They only fight with two handed weapons such as warhammers, longswords, or battleaxes. One handed weapons are considered cheap and weak tools and you will never see a Valkyrie wielding them in a true battle. If they are taking on an opponent whom they believe is below them, they will fight with a one handed weapon to toy with them and further insult them as they strike to victory.

House Nikos “Honesty over All”

Sigil: Javelin piercing through a slain dragon, implying power in their all around skills on the battlefield and in political etiquette.

As their house motto implies, this family has reared up some of the most honest faces in the history of Remnant. Though they do not maim their members for dishonesty in the ways that the Valkyrie do, liars are often outcasted and pointed out for their muddy word in times of speaking truces. The family tends to not involve themselves in the quarry of other houses unless duty calls them to do so, the majority of fighting done amongst family members performed in fighting pits where they are often found sparring for honor for themselves, for their family, or anyone else who hires their services.

They tend to be renowned marksmen who are raised to fight with spears, arrows and javelin to a point of deadly accuracy. This is one of the only families that also teach their women in the full ways of the family (even in war), that way every member has full opportunity to live up to their name and honor their ancestors.

Much like the Xio Long family, the Nikos lineage is one of the only families in history to have been able to domesticate and raise live dragons to adulthood throughout generations. The Nikos used to be the only ones, House Xio Long taking over this gift after the dragons in the west were chased out centuries ago by House Arc and House Winchester. After all of the dragons were expelled from the kingdoms of Remnant, House Nikos changed their sigil from that of a roaring dragon breathing magnificent fire to that of a speared dragon slain by their houses symbolic weapon as a way to insult the Xio Longs for taking a skill they believed was rightfully theirs.

Not all Nikos had the ability to tame dragons, but family members under direct lineage of the former tamers often have a patch of red scales along one of their forearms that forms somewhere along puberty, and it is rumored that if they encounter a dragon, regardless of temperament they can walk away unarmored and unscathed.

House Arc “Strength with Faith”

Sigil: A shield in front of a large bear, implying their physical strength and sense of duty to protect the realm.

This family also originates from the west, infamously known for their alliance with the Winchesters that prompted them to do what they believed was best for the realm and chase all of the dragons through the West, North, South, and mid-earth until they reached the other side of the world and settled where they continue to reside to this day, the East. Houses Xio Long and Lie are the only ones who commend House Arc for their service, as the ability to domesticate and train dragons led them to becoming a nation of daunting military power.

Before the mistake that would forever mark the family from the capitol, the Arcs were known for their loyalty and knighthood. They never once participated in a rebellion against the ruling family of the west and have always been renowned as keepers and protectors of the crown. This history of valor was thrown out the  window after the rise of the East and wars launched against the midgrounds and North as they sought to expand their kingdom. Since then the family has been left to reside in a mostly agricultural life where they can still help provide for the people, but not be meddling with them.