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rwa42 replied to your post: Are you fucking kidding me. I had a migraine for 2…

Have you ever tried the prescription Sumatriptan or Imitrix. My wife suffers with them too. These meds eliminate the pain withing a few hours with her and she seems to have a lot less headaches than in the past.

I had a MAJOR side effect to Imitrix that was not on the listed side effects list. My side effect to Imitrix was so extreme and so bizarre it sent me to the emergency room. I still ended up having to take the pain meds I used to take back then anyway before the migraine got any better. It was a terrible experience.

Usually “preventative take every day” medications don’t work for me, I still get a migraine if I was going to get one and the “take this at an onset because it’s the new wonder drug everyone is raving about” tend to not work either or in the case of Imitrix give me some kind of fucked up new symptom that I do not want.

It is a curse I have had since I was 3 years old. My pre-teen to teen years (when my hormones where all over the place) were the absolute worst. I had so many migraines when I was 13 that I ended up with ulcers from taking loads of Ibuprofen (which I am now allergic to, not that I can take it anyway, once you have ulcers from it they sort of frown upon you taking it).

These days I usually only get them if I find myself under some sort of extreme stress. Which is the cause of this one, the stress has passed (in fact it was really only a few moments of extreme stress) but the way my brain deals with extreme stress is usually with a migraine. I’ll be fine, it’s just the way it goes. I really thought it was gone though *pout*