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2016 in Television: (2/60): American Crime (ABC)

I, admittedly, missed the boat on the first season of American Crime despite the absolutely stellar cast for a lot of reasons that probably (definitely) point to a bias against network dramas. However, when the overwhelming amount of critical praise started to roll in for season 2, I got over myself and decided to give it a chance. Turns out, I was incredibly wrong! Not something my stubborn ass wants to admit, but here we are. With a cast list including Felicity Huffman, Timothy Hutton, Regina Hall, and Lili Taylor, the amount of talent on display here is almost an embarrassment of riches. What’s even more shocking is that the two most revelatory performances are the ones from unknowns Connor Jessup and Joey Pollari. The story spins out from their actions and without their nuanced, empathy demanding presence the show doesn’t work at all.

That One Thing™: I’ve talked about the actually genuinely perfect cast, but what elevates this show to cable caliber is the direction. The camera is patient at the right moment, frantic at others. It shows you how the show is special and important instead of telling you which is something that is almost impossibly rare in network television.


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