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In 1932, an English bank moved into its new headquarters at 219–229 Baker Street, London. Does that sound familiar? Their new location was thought to include 221B Baker Street, the fictional home of Sherlock Holmes! He received visitors and mail, just like a real-life person.

So for many years the bank employed a secretary who answered the mail sent to Holmes!


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So I still haven’t got round to drawing the actual protagonists but I can promise that when I do, they will look just as anime-boy as this Mycroft 😂

Accompanying headcanons (+ extra doodle) under the cut!

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Think about: slightly chubby John

Sherlock takes John’s clothes off and he’s got a soft stomach with a bit of a tum. John is a bit insecure about it because he used to be so sportsy and fit, but Sherlock loves it. John is so cuddly. Sherlock himself doesn’t have an ounce of excess fat, and he can’t get enough of John’s soft tummy and plush arse and smooth inner thighs. Sherlock likes to wrap an arm around John’s middle as often as he can get away with it. John is so small and fits so perfectly in his arms.