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Mycroft wank

You know, I think what they did with Mary was foreshadowed with Mycroft.

I mean, when he first appeared, he was clearly coded as a villain. Later in that episode, it became clear that he wasn’t the baddie-baddie in this ep, but still remained a very shady and morally ambiguous figure that could easily be more than he seemed, perhaps even the driving evil force in the background, together with Moriarty. No wonder many of us saw him in cahoots with Moriarty - if as the actual Moriarty or under his thumb.

I mean, he had Moriarty - and he let him go to destroy Sherlock and drive him to suicide. Just - why? Because Eurus wanted him as a Christmas present??? This is all equally stupid and illogical as Mary’s actions in CAM tower - shooting the man who offers her help while letting her enemy live.

What was Mycroft’s motivation in the series? First, we are to believe he’s a controlfreak, meddling with Sherlock’s life, Sherlock’s arch enemy. But suddenly, we are told that he is protecting his little brother? Well, how about show, don’t tell? But I don’t see Mycroft caring… Sherlock has chosen a profession of fighting violent crime. Does Mycroft think he can’t handle the truth as an adult, that he couldn’t come to terms with the fact that he has a sister who killed his best friend? Perhaps Sherlock would now be old enough to work through the trauma, even figure out what happened, could find closure to this festering wound that allegedly - so we are told - shaped his whole life. Doesn’t Mycroft see that his so-called ‘protection’ (that we are told about but that actually seems like emotional manipulation to me), the not talking about the trauma, disguising it as the death of a dog, drives Sherlock into drug addiciton? That his way of telling him that caring is not an advantage prevents Sherlock from truly engaging with other human beings. How is that a good thing?

Mycroft is just as manipulative with Sherlock as Mary was with John, exploiting Sherlock for his own purposes (government business, utility): Mycroft repeatedly humiliates Sherlock (calling him slow and stupid) - like Mary did with John. Mycroft tries to scare off potential other friends of Sherlock - like Mary tried when she shot Sherlock. Mycroft tries to control his brother’s life - like Mary did with John (’you can’t go, I’m pregnant’). And so on.

But suddenly, Mycroft becomes the protective big brother, who only wanted to keep Sherlock from harm, who cared for him? Seriously?

Mycroft’s character turn is just as unbelievable and badly written as Mary’s: set up as a villain or at least a shady, ambiguous figure, he gets his cheesy redemption as he first can’t see the governor killed and then offers himself up for killing in Sherrinford, only to vanish at the showdown. Suddenly, we are told he’s the good big brother, and Sherlock forgives him via telling Greg to look after Mycroft, just like John forgave Mary for shooting Sherlock. There’s never any real talk about what Mycroft did to Sherlock and Eurus, separating them, locking her up, manipulating Sherlock; what Mycroft did to the whole family. Mummy just scolds him like a naughty boy and that’s it - no emotional pay off, no working through their issues, no consequences for his character development, nothing.

We could have been warned. We saw what would happen to Mary in what happened to Mycroft - a great set-up reduced to a farce in a fat suit.

Molly Hooper Appreciation Week Summer 2017 Round

I am on mobile and it is almost 1 AM and my hands are killing me, so please forgive formatting errors.

So yes, we are having a summer round because I like the idea of having one round where the prompts change completely (Summer) and one situated around Valentine’s Day where I just pick new thins for you guys and gals to fill in the blanks to (Winter). As I don’t know when Pridelolly is going on this year (is it still going on?) there is no guarantee these dates are going to overlap but I am tentatively picking August 20th 2017 to August 26th 2017, barring any medical emergencies in my family.

I haven’t picked out the themes yet, so I welcome any input on ones that are not fanfic/fanart exclusive. Just drop me a line in the replies or send me an ask with your suggestions. Remember I only need six for the week since Saturday will be a Free-For-All/Catch-Up day.

Also, I will be starting a collection on AO3 for authors there as of this challenge, with the option to go back and add fic from previous rounds to subcollections. I’m going to try and set that up in the next few weeks and I’ll make a post in the Molly Hooper Appreciation Tags when it’s open.

Let’s Go

Request: One were fem!reader is in a mental hospital and lestrade thinks she has information about a case. Lestrade tells Sherlock to try and figure out the information but when Sherlock gets there he deduces that she’s not insane just trapped in her own head. He breaks her out or something along those lines and I’d like some fluff if possible 

Warnings: None.

A/N: I’m thinking about a part two, but I’m not completely sure. What do you think? This is so weirdly written, it reminded me of something I would have written a long time ago, I hope it doesn’t suck.


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“Who is it?”

“Y/N Y/L/N. She’s in a mental hospital, but it seems like she had been escaped during the same time the murder was committed. I need you to go and talk to her, see if you can get any information.” Greg replied.

Sherlock nodded his head and put his gloves on, as Greg handed him a card with the name and address of the hospital on it.


“One visitor at a time please.” The woman at the front desk rolled her eyes. John nodded his head and went to sit down.
Sherlock looked around the room. Despite the fact that the people seemed relatively happy, there was a slightly depressed mood haunting the room.

“Name.” The woman said, without even bothering to look up from her computer.

“Sherlock Holmes.”

She looked up for just long enough to confirm his words, before shrugging and turning away again.

“Mr Leives will show you to the room.” She gestured towards a young man with large round glasses and messy blonde hair.

Mr Leives ushered Sherlock to the halfway that was just left of the front desk. They walked until they reached the fourth room to the end of the hall.

“She doesn’t like visitors.” He stated. Just before opening the door for Sherlock.
As soon as he walked in he saw you, sitting on a chair just gazing out of the window.

“Ms Y/L/N,” He greeted you.

You lifted your head slowly, then turned around to meet his eyes.
He reached his hand out to yours, you furrowed our eyebrows and shook his hand reluctantly.

“I’m here to confirm your whereabouts on December third.” He smiled quickly before frowning and staring into you.

You cleared your throat, “I’m not sure I know what you mean.”

He rolled his eyes, then changed the subject completely, “Why are you here?”

“Umm..” You looked around the room anxiously.

“Jesus.” He squinted his eyes shut. “You’re not really mad are you?” He asked, but it seemed more like his was asking himself. “How did you get out of here before?” He looked around the room quickly.

You pointed to the window that was behind your chair. He walked over to it only to see that it was now clamped shut with metal bars.

“I see. So you did escape.” He caught you.

“Well, yes, but it wasn’t to do anything bad.”

“You seem-” He ran his eyes up and down your body, “Useful… How would you like to get out of here?” He looked around the room for any source of escaping.

“Around now is the time mostly the workers go on lunch break,” You told him. “It really wouldn’t be that hard to just walk out of here. Especially because the door is unlocked. And they probably forgot about you already.” You shrugged. “But I don’t have a place to stay anyway.” You looked down.

“I think I can… Help you with that.” He walked to the door slowly.

Sherlock was surprised to see that you were right. You could basically just walk straight out of the building without anyone noticing.

“This is John,” He gestured toward his friend that was sitting on one of the couches.

“Sherlock!” He whisper yelled as he stood up. “Is that…?” He looked at you. Sherlock raised an eyebrow.

“You can’t just… What if she’s completely insane?!” He whispered the last part.

“Then that will make three of us.” Sherlock said out loud. “Let’s go.”



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Sherlock: Lost Episode Found

I watched the surprise secret episode of “Sherlock” just now in a dream. It was pretty much “The Final Problem” except it had extra character-development-rich scenes at the end. My dream even gave me a reason why they waited so long to air the “real” version: they wanted to wait until “Wonder Woman” had dropped in theaters; something about critics and revenue. It was really complicated - too much for mere mortals like us to understand.

Anyway, the missing scene was just John and Sherlock talking. They were both the worse for wear, tired and emotionally exhausted from the season. (Don’t worry; there was no mention of Eurus or that ridiculousness! In fact, I was pleasantly surprised to find that somehow the missing scene redeemed the episode entirely!)

John was talking about missing Mary. Sherlock was a bit angry at himself - he asked John some version of, “But why couldn’t I love her!” John chuckled and said, “Well believe me, it wasn’t always easy to love her. She was a piece of work!”

Then the conversation drifted to the point of things, how to move on from grief. And both men admitted that you pick up your feet and take a step forward not for yourself, but for the people you love. And they both acknowledged that they would have to move forward now, John for Sherlock and Sherlock for John.

So there you go.