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lestrade ships

lestrade is such an unproblematic safe choice for shipping with any character

like, lestrade and molly, i can see that. He’ll be such a kind gentleman towards her and yet still aloof and funny

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lestrade and mycroft? god yes, they’re basically sherlock’s parents look at these two

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lestrade and sherlock? i dig it, always looking out for sherlock and keeping an eye on his addiction and willing to outwardly show affection

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like none of these are my otp, and yet, if someone were to give me a fic of these ships, it’s like yeah i don’t mind reading it actually, lestrade is so unproblematic and good for the world

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Steven Moffat (1:59:23 of source vid): “Okay, I’m going to tell you the God’s honest truth. Here it is: Benedict’s fairly handsome. But if you want every woman, and quite a lot of men, flopping around the place, breathless, forget Benedict. Benedict will disappear. He will fade into the wallpaper if Rupert Graves walks past. Lestrade is, in person, the Sex God of Sherlock, no question. And we all stand there, including Benedict, saying, how can he do that just by smiling?”

I was actually quite shy at school, and I had a stammer so I went to a speech therapist to help me with exams and we did a bit of acting and I thought, ohh, this seems good. I was in Weston Super Mare in a huge school, and I was terrible at school. I left when I was 15 without any O levels. So I had no real options. I did some comic monologues, touring round the West country, and I did alright in those. And then the circus came into town and they’d lost a clown. Very carelessly! So I got on a bus & walked into the tent and said hello! The Government actually paid me 25 quid a week on a youth training scheme, well no - they paid the circus, to train me as a clown. Drama school would have been great, but I just didn’t have any money to get a grant as I had no O levels. I was just so naive and I was just from this small West Country town so I didn’t know how to do it.  So I just joined the circus as my only way.

Rupert Graves questioned onstage at Sherlocked Oct 2017 -

Compere: When you were at school, what made you want to become an actor?