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So I’ve been playing Portal…

I’m late to the party, I know.

The first game’s been sitting on my Steam for about half a decade now, but I never managed to finish it (despite loving the writing) due to First Person games giving me some terrible motion sickness (Never played much Metroid Prime for the same reason…).

However, last weekend I just decided “Screw it” and ended up marathoning both Portal games by myself. Even though I already knew the entire plot going in, I wasn’t disappointed. The puzzles were as fun and challenging as I remembered from the bit I’d played before (even if they made me feel like riding a roller coaster with three whole chicken dinners in my stomach), and the writing is just hysterical and endearing. 

Anyway, after I finished both games, I found myself doodling Caroline during a lecture and things kind of…derailed into what you see above. 

Spoilers for a 6 years old game (hah), but to clarify, I’m in the camp which firmly believes that GLaDOS lied about “deleting Caroline”, since it’s pretty explicitely stated in game that she is a “brain map” of Caroline, meaning deleting Caroline would be her equivalent of deleting System 32. In fact, I don’t even see them as separate entities at all, but rather as two “versions” of the same science-crazed, sarcastic, eccentric woman, with the (poorly programmed) mainframe of GLaDOS’ AI dulling any sense of restraint to the point that she lost herself in it. 

That was the idea behind this picture. I just wanted to draw three “sides” of Caroline in the three “situations” we’ve experienced her in, for whatever short time. Now, usually when I see people draw humanoid fanart of GLaDOS I see them usually giving her short, white hair, but I felt that was a waste, given how easily braids could be equated to chains or wires (Generally when I design my own characters, I like to put in braids to symbolize stuff like that.) So I gave the “GLaDOS” Caroline and the “PoTaTOS” Caroline both braids, with the laters looking frazzled and ripped, like bed-hair, because, well, she *was* violently ripped out of her mainframe. 

Blah Blah Blah, I’m rambling again, anyway, hope it’s enjoyable to look at.

anonymous asked:

Ok but what if glados was like a puppy rather than a cat? Like whenever Chell was away exploring in old aperture or something glados would be super sad and lonely but when chell returned she was instantly happy be affectionate

(( Very cute idea Anon! Hope you enjoy. ))

GLaDOS didn’t miss that lunatic.  She didn’t miss anyone.  She was perfectly happy on her own, and she didn’t need anybody else in her life. In fact, no one else was good enough to be in her life. They didn’t deserve her company.

The AI held her head up high at this thought, letting out a haughty sounding huff.

Yes, she was fine without Chell around.

…Completely fine.

Slowly, the core lowered her head and body to the ground, her chassis hanging limp and almost brushing the ground in the process.  Her optic shrunk slightly, and she found herself staring at the floor and avoiding watching any of the many cameras showing Orange and Blue’s testing.

It hadn’t been THAT long, had it?

GLaDOS checked her internal clock, something she had been trying to avoid doing.

Chell had been gone for 3 hours, 23 minutes, and 19 seconds.

That was exactly 1 hour, 15 minutes, and 4 seconds longer than she normally took to return from her little exploration in the older parts of Aperture.  She was taking too long.

Perhaps it was human nature to be curious, but Chell had been enamored with the old facility. Crumbling, rotting bits of a past that GLaDOS would much rather forget.  Besides, she couldn’t even go down there herself. It was an area beyond her control and cameras, and being attached to the ceiling made traveling a little difficult.

Chell however could come and go as she pleased.  And she did.  She would just walk right out and abandon GLaDOS to go shove her nose in old, dusty offices and play around in ancient test chambers.

Maybe GLaDOS should just lock her down there. Block any entrance to the current facility. Then Chell could be with her precious Old Aperture all she wanted, and GLaDOS would be all by herself once more.

That would be perfect, if… she didn’t want Chell back.

She hated the thought, but the longer the girl was gone, the harder it became for her to ignore.

She wanted her human back.  She wanted Chell to come back and pat her on the head for awhile, or maybe rest on top of her chassis.  The core never admitted to liking these things, but she did enjoy them ever so much. She had gotten used to closeness and it wasn’t fair for Chell to just take that away. It just… wasn’t fair.

Slowly, the core’s anger towards the girl melted back, revealing loneliness in its stead.  A low, sad sounding hum escaped her, and she wondered if she ought to just go into sleep mode while she waited.  However, before she could act on this thought, the sound of an elevator caught her attention. Chell had climbed back up to modern Aperture, and was taking the elevator up to GLaDOS’s chamber.  Instantly, the core perked up.  She briefly thought of all the sarcastic and rude things she could say in response to the girl’s lateness, but those thoughts were quickly brushed aside the moment the ex-test subject entered the room.

The giant robot pulled herself up off the ground, leaning forward.  Her golden optic had widened with excitement, and the humming that she let out was upbeat and almost buzzing.

Chell grinned widely, jogging over to GLaDOS to properly greet her, as she knew the core couldn’t move very far while still attached to the ceiling.  

The human was covered in dirt and what looked like oil, but she seemed uninjured, which compared to last time, was quite the improvement.

Chell had just barely gotten within reach of the core when she was practically knocked over, as GLaDOS gave her a strong headbutt which quickly shifted into an aggressive nuzzle. If the AI had feet, she’d be tripping over herself.

Chell let out a silent chuckle, recovering from the attack of affection and running her hands over her metallic companion’s head.  She knew how the core was when she was on her own in here, she got lonely.  And now that she’d learned how to open up about those feelings a little, she tended to be quite… open about what she wanted.  She wasted no time with lecturing Chell on taking too long, she seemed far too preoccupied with trying to rub her whole body against Chell’s in an action that might’ve been a hug if she had arms. Or a humanoid form.

Regardless, Chell acknowledged the attempt, and wrapped her arms around the core as best she could, resting her cheek against the warm metal of her lover’s faceplate.

‘I love you’

She mouthed the words, knowing that GLaDOS could tell. Either from the cameras littered around the room, or just a strong guess, the core knew what she was saying without having to hear a word.

“Mm…I love you too. Just don’t take so long next time, or I will lock you down there.”

Chell smirked.  She’d like to see GLaDOS try.