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ever think about how gay and adorable it is that GLaDOS almost has atlas and p-body kill those baby birds until she realizes their mom abandoned them and suddenly develops a soft spot for them and takes them in and nurtures them and like. do you think that the memory that chells mother abandoned her flashed through her mind right before atlas and p-body disposed of the eggs and thats why she stopped them and raised the birds herself……gay……….just think abt it

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It is possibly angst, but what if, as GLaDOS and Chell's bond becomes stronger, the AI starts to feel despair because she wishes Chell to stay by her side forever? GLaDOS doesn't want the woman to grow old and die, but at the same time she doesn't wish to be like Cave Johnson, who forced Caroline into a fate of unwanted immortality. Maybe she could map human's genes and find the one responsible to old age and use idk nanotechnology to stop it.

(( Oooh, very angsty anon! I like. ))

Only a madman would try to defy the passage of time. Something so unknown, yet so profound. Something that no one fully understood, yet everything abided by. From plants, to animals, to the very earth that they lived on. Everything bent to the will of father time.

But if there was someone, a person or an entity confident or foolish enough to try and stand up to such a force, it would no doubt be Aperture Science.

They had tried to meddle with time at least once in the past, but they hadn’t been even remotely close to fully defying it.  The experiments failed, their attempts barely making a dent on the fabric that they so wished to rip.

Those men were driven by curiosity, the need to play with things that were deemed off limits, wanting to control forces they couldn’t even begin to understand.

The second attempt however was much, much different. The forces behind it were no longer mere curiosity and a need to prove one’s abilities, but something much stronger.


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I love thinking with portals.

I decided to play this game yesterday, and then came up with a picture like this. I absolutely love this game.

In other news, I won’t be able to answer any questions today because I’m going to the beach with my parents and I won’t get back until late. Like 11PM PST late. So, sorry guys, but this is all you get today.

(Wait, did I do that correctly? I don’t know, portal orientation is confusing.)


(via The Chapel Passage, Balliol College, Oxford | Scott D. Haddow | Flickr)